Dallas, Texas
November 9, 2000

SmackDown! kicked off with Triple H coming to the ring, asking the fans in Dallas, Texas, where the cheers were now. He said it was apparent that the fans now hated him, but he said the feeling was mutual. He said every time the fans cheered his name, it made him sick to his stomach. The Game then introduced the man who ran down the Rattlesnake at last year’s Survivor Series – Rikishi. Rikishi said that he got his big break by running Stone Cold down. He also said that Rock was no longer his family, because Triple H was now his family. 

The Game then grabbed the microphone and said that he had gained the most in Austin’s absence – titles, power and prestige. He said that a child could have seen that he was the accomplice, but Austin’s fans weren’t smart enough to see it. The Game took credit for nearly dropping a trunk on the Rattlesnake’s head last week on SmackDown!, in addition to all the other attacks in recent weeks. Triple H then said that this was a new game, one which Austin will not want to be a part of.

Commissioner Mick Foley came out and said that he had actually started to take a liking to Triple H, until these recent developments. Foley announced two matches for Survivor Series – Rikishi will take on The Rock, and Triple H will battle the Rattlesnake himself! Foley then made a tag team match for SmackDown! pitting Triple H and Rikishi against Stone Cold and the Brahma Bull! 

In the first match of the night, “The One” Billy Gunn (accompanied by Chyna) challenged Eddie Guerrero (accompanied by Perry Saturn and Terri) for the Intercontinental Championship. Billy was in control until Saturn ran in to give Billy the disqualification win. At that point, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko ran to help their Radical partners. Malenko attacked Billy, while Benoit put Chyna in the Crossface!

Chris Jericho headed to the ring next to talk about Kane. Y2J said he was a little disturbed that a 7-foot, 350-pound man thought he was pretty. He said he thought Kane was selling himself short. Jericho then pointed to the OvalTron and showed pictures of Britney Spears, Al Gore, George W. Bush and others, all wearing Kane’s mask! He said the look was sweeping the nation! Y2J promised that Kane would never, ever, be the same after they met later in the night in the Four Corners Elimination Match.

Lilian Garcia was waiting in the parking lot for The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin to arrive. Instead, she got Kurt Angle! The World Wrestling Federation Champion was angered that Lilian was looking for Rock and Austin, and he told Lilian off before finally walking away!

Next up, Edge & Christian took on the Hardy Boyz, in a match made by Commissioner Foley after Edge & Christian cost the Hardyz their Tag Team Championship on RAW. The Hardyz picked up the win after Lita gave Edge a hurricanrana outside the ring, and Christian suffered the Twist of Fate and a Swanton Bomb.

It was then time for the Four Corners Match for the No.1 contender spot at Survivor Series. The Undertaker, Kane, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho put it all on the line for a shot at Angle’s title. During the match, Taker chokeslammed his brother, putting him out of commission. Jericho was then easy prey for the Last Ride, earning the win for the Undertaker! The Bad Ass will now face Kurt Angle for the World Wrestling Federation Championship at Survivor Series!

Backstage, The Rock pulled up in a stretch limo. Lilian tried to interview him, but the People’s Champion just walked away, his mind obviously on other things. 

The Right to Censor then put their Tag Team Championship on the line against the Dudley Boyz. Thanks to interference from Steven Richards, Val Venis and Ivory, they were able to retain their titles when Goodfather pinned Buh Buh Ray.

Backstage, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrived at the Reunion Arena.

World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle then came to the ring and told the fans that everyone owes him an apology. He said he tried to tell everyone that Triple H was a bad guy, but they didn’t believe him. He told the fans that with Triple H out of the picture, they would need someone to cheer for, and he suggested himself. At that point, the Undertaker came out and said he had just one question for Kurt. The American Bad Ass asked the American Hero where he was standing. Angle said he was standing in the ring, of course.

The Undertaker said that was the wrong answer – Angle was actually standing in his yard, and Taker said that he was the big dog. The Undertaker said that at Survivor Series, Angle would be the first victim of Deadman Inc.
Prior to the next match, Crash introduced fans to his cousin Molly Holly, the young lady who attacked Trish Stratus on RAW! As Molly watched on, Crash teamed with Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman against T&A, the new proprieters of the T&APA! Trish tried to get involved in the match, but Molly soon took her out. Molly then hit a top-rope hurricanrana on Test! She then gave Crash a kendo stick. Crash nailed Test with a top-rope shot to the head, and pinned him for the win!

Kevin Kelly interviewed The Rock next. Rock said that Triple H thought he was so smart, but it didn’t take any brains to attack someone from behind. Rock said he was related to Rikishi – not genetically, but only because The Rock was the Brahma Bull, and Rikishi was full of bull#$%!

The main event of the show pitted Stone Cold and Rock against Triple H and Rikishi. But the match had barely gotten underway when the Radicals came down to attack Austin and Rock! Triple H and Rikishi slithered out of the ring as Malenko, Benoit, Saturn and Guerrero took it to the Rattlesnake and the Brahma Bull. Finally, Rock and Austin were able to fight off the Radicals, but the foursome formed a human wall so as not to allow the two men to get to Triple H and Rikishi! 

The Game and the 400-pounder stared down Rock and Austin as SmackDown! went off the air.