Rochester, New York
November 2, 2000

With a myriad of questions surrounding his involvement in last November's attack on Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock headed to the ring as SmackDown! kicked off from Rochester, N.Y. The Brahma Bull was just an hour and a half away from his World Wrestling Federation Championship match against Kurt Angle, but he was more concerned with addressing Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rock asked Austin to come to the ring so they could address the issue face-to-face. When Stone Cold didn't come out, Rock ordered him to come down.

That was enough for the Texas Rattlesnake, who walked to the ring with venom. Rock reiterated that he had nothing to do with last year's Survivor Series attack, and said he had no idea why Rikishi would say such things. He speculated that it was because Rikishi was mad that Rock didn't have his back in the cage match on RAW. 

Austin then told Rock that he didn't come out because Rock told him to -- he came out because he wanted to. The Rattlesnake said he would live and die by the words "Don't trust anybody." He said that maybe Rikishi was a liar, and maybe Rock was a bigger liar. He speculated that it was Rock who dressed in black and hit him with a wrench last week on SmackDown! He said the only person he truly trusted was himself.

Rikishi then came out to the stage, and said that one November night last year, he received a phone call from The Rock. Rikishi said that Rock then asked him for a favor -- to take out Stone Cold Steve Austin, saying the Federation wasn't big enough for the both of them. Rikishi said Rock was worried about his merchandise sales. But Rikishi said that after all he'd done for Rock, Rock couldn't even help him in the steel cage match on RAW. Rikishi said that it was Rock who hit Austin with the wrench on SmackDown!, that Rock was scared that Rikishi was becoming a big star like Austin, and that Rock couldn't handle that.

Rock said that Rikishi's story stunk worse than his fat ass! Rock told Austin that although he didn't trust him, he had always done everything face-to-face. Rock then said that he would again become Federation Champion that night.

Federation Champion Kurt Angle came out and said the match shouldn't happen for several reasons. First, his business partner, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, was too ill to be in Rochester for SmackDown! Also, he said he feared for his life after what Rikishi said. He then compared Rock to another celebrity who got off scott-free -- O.J. Simpson! 

Rikishi said he and Angle didn't trust Rock. As Rikishi and Angle left, Austin snuck up behind The Rock and stunned him!

Backstage, brand new Lt. Commissioner Debra entered her office. Since Mick Foley was not in the house, she was in charge for the evening!

In the first match of the night, Crash took on T&A in a Hardcore Handicap Match. Hardcore Champion Steve Blackman watched on, and we would soon find out why. As Test and Albert prepared to throw Crash off a stage, Blackman attacked T&A with his kendo stick, throwing Albert off the stage and leaving Test easy prey for a pinfall victory by Crash!

Debra was talking to Women's Champion Lita in her office when Ivory entered, saying she wanted a title shot, so the Women's Champion would be someone respectable. Ivory scolded Debra for showing off the "puppies!" Trish Stratus and Jacqueline would soon enter into the fray. Debra made a Four Corners Match for the Women's Championship, and further stated that T&A, the Hardy Boyz and the Right to Censor would not be allowed to interfere in the contest! Debra said that she was doing things "Debra style!"

Steven Richards of the Right to Censor talked about how his group has tried to eliminate profanity from Federation programming. He spoke of all the changes the Right to Censor had already made in the Federation. 

Suddenly, out came the Undertaker! Believe it or not, Steven Richards asked the Taker to join the Right to Censor! The Taker grabbed Steven by the tie and said not only would he not join them, he couldn't stand to look at them! The Bad Ass said that censorship sucks, and then gave Steven the Last Ride! 

Footage was then shown of box-office star Adam Sandler meeting with various Federation superstars, including Billy Gunn, Chyna, Crash, Trish Stratus, Edge, Christian and Rock. But the "Little Nicky" star wanted more than anything to meet senior referee Earl Hebner! Sandler said he wanted to take Hebner out for a beer, but said he was out of money and asked if Hebner could pay!

Edge & Christian went into Debra's office and said that the thing they liked best about her was that she wasn't Mick Foley! They asked if they could have a Tag Team Championship match against the Hardy Boyz, since she was giving out title shots. Debra said she wasn't an idiot, and the answer was no. Edge & Christian said she wasn't Foley -- she was worse!

At ringside, Al Snow brought Jerry Lawler a tray of salami in the hopes that Lawler would team up with him against Tazz and Raven!

Lita then put her Women's Championship on the line against Ivory, Jacqueline and Trish Stratus in a Four Corners Match. Lita seemed to have the match won after a moonsault on Ivory, but Edge & Christian attacked her when the referee wasn't looking. Ivory then covered Lita to win the Women's Championship!

Backstage, Jonathan Coachman asked Rikishi if he was ready to face Chris Jericho that night. Rikishi said there was nothing he wasn't ready for. He added that he was just telling the truth earlier in the night, and he didn't blame Stone Cold for stunning The Rock. He warned Austin that Rock had gotten him once, and he could do it again.

After Rikishi cost him a shot at the Federation Championship on RAW, Chris Jericho was pumped up for his one-on-one match-up with the 400-pounder on SmackDown! Ultimately, Jericho knocked Rikishi to the outside, and Kane came down to attack Jericho! Y2J grabbed a steel chair and nailed Kane when the Big Red Machine got to the ring, but it had no effect! Kane then chokeslammed Jericho! After Kane sauntered away, Rikishi dragged Jericho's unconscious body to the corner and squashed him with a banzai drop!

Kevin Kelly tried to get a word with Kane backstage, asking why Kane was so mad about a spilled cup of coffee. Kane simply looked at Kelly and said, "You think this is about a cup of coffee?" 

Val Venis and Eddie Guerrero squared off against Billy Gunn and Chyna in tag team action. As Billy's music hit, Val grabbed the microphone and reminded Gunn that he had lost all rights to the "Mr. Ass" name on RAW, meaning that the Right to Censor was also censoring Billy's music. Luckily, Billy's luck would change, as he and Chyna won the match after Chyna pinned Eddie with a neckbreaker.

Backstage, Stone Cold was talking on his cell phone when a giant trunk fell just inches behind him! Had it fallen just seconds earlier, it would have seriously injured the Rattlesnake! 

Jonathan Coachman then went looking for The Rock, but the People's Champion was not in his locker room and was apparently nowhere to be found!

Prior to Al Snow's match against Tazz, he brought Jerry Lawler another gift -- a personalized toilet seat, fit for a king! Raven's interference in the match would soon backfire, and Al pinned Tazz for the victory! After the match, Tazz and Raven attacked Snow, until Lawler made the save, cleaning house with the toilet seat!

Lilian Garcia interviewed Triple H about what happened on RAW between he and Kurt Angle. The Game said his relationship with his wife was no one's business. He said he didn't give a crap about Kurt Angle. He said that he was on a mission on SmackDown! to finish his business with Chris Benoit.

In that match, Triple H and Benoit were going at it so fast and furious that the referee was soon knocked out. All of a sudden, Dean Malenko ran down to help Benoit, as did Perry Saturn (accompanied by Terri). The Game was able to fight off both men. Triple H then hit the Pedigree on Benoit, and was poised to win until Eddie Guerrero ran down to attack the Game with his Intercontinental Championship! Benoit then pinned Triple H! After the match, the Radicalz celebrated their apparent reunion, until Triple H ran them off with a steel chair!

Kevin Kelly interviewed The Rock, asking about his whereabouts when Stone Cold was nearly hit by the trunk. Rock said it was his own business, and said the only thing that mattered was that he would defeat Kurt Angle and become a six-time Federation Champion. He told Kelly to stay out of his business from now on.

The main event on SmackDown! was the World Wrestling Federation Championship match between Kurt Angle and The Rock. It looked as if the match would have to stop after Angle suffered an apparent knee injury, but Rock refused to let the match end, throwing Angle back into the ring. Rock then locked Angle in the sharpshooter, but Rikishi ran to the ring and attacked Rock, causing a disqualification. Rikishi and Angle attacked Rock after the bell, when suddenly Stone Cold Steve Austin ran to the ring! The Rattlesnake knocked Angle and Rikishi from the ring. 

But it wasn't over yet. Austin then turned around and walked right into a Rock Bottom! The Rock looked down at Austin as SmackDown! went off the air!