Uniondale, New York
Ocober 26, 2000

Stone Cold Steve Austin brought the sold-out crowd at the Nassau Coliseum on Long Island, N.Y., to its feet as SmackDown! went on the air. After being arrested at the No Mercy Pay-Per-View only to show up on RAW the following night, the Rattlesnake had some explaining to do. Stone Cold said that he didn't try to run down Rikishi on Sunday - that he just gave Rikishi a ride out to the parking lot and hit the wrong pedal on his car as he was trying to back up! Austin also said that the cops had fined him for littering, since he had dumped 400 pounds of crap in Albany! Stone Cold then said that Commissioner Mick Foley had promised him a cage match against Rikishi on RAW. He then promised Foley that he wouldn't touch Rikishi on SmackDown! - unless he was provoked. Rikishi watched Austin's interview on a backstage monitor and seemed amused by the Rattlesnake's words.

Too Cool then tried talking some sense into Rikishi, saying he shouldn't incite the Rattlesnake. Rikishi took offense to their words and got in their faces, saying he is the one who made them "too cool."

The first match of the evening pitted the Hardy Boyz against the Dudley Boyz for the Tag Team Championship. The Dudleys were in control and seemed poised to win the gold until Edge & Christian ran down and attacked with steel chairs. Edge & Christian left all four men lying as they left the ring.

Backstage, Kurt Angle told Lilian Garcia that it wasn't fair for him to have to defend his World Wrestling Federation Championship again on SmackDown! Kurt's business partner, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley, even went so far as to say that Commissioner Foley should be impeached for making such a ruling! Kurt and Stephanie then left the interview area, but Chris Benoit came over to Lilian. Benoit was angry that Lilian had called him "Chris Jericho" on RAW, and said he wanted her at ringside to make the correct announcement that night when he and Dean Malenko defeated Triple H and Road Dogg.

The Right to Censor headed to the ring next, accompanied by their newest member - Miss Ivory. Steven Richards and Ivory talked about what a moral cesspool the World Wrestling Federation was, and Ivory said that she was very offended by The Rock's use of the term "poontang pie." Ivory's comments apparently offended The Rock, who said he liked pie. Rock then asked Ivory if she liked pie also! Chyna then came out and said that as a woman, she didn't want Ivory speaking for her. She then echoed The Rock's question and asked Ivory if she liked pie! But before Ivory could answer, Mr. Ass came out - eating a pie! Steven said if they wouldn't listen, then maybe they should make it physical. A match was made for later in the evening pitting Rock, Mr. Ass and Chyna against the Right to Censor

Backstage, Federation officials had to break up a brawl among Too Cool and Rikishi. Commissioner Foley made a Handicap Match for later in the night pitting Rikishi against his former running buddies.

Triple H and Road Dogg met Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko next in tag team action. As the Game and the Wolverine battled to the outside, Road Dogg seemed to have the match won. But out of nowhere, Perry Saturn ran down to interfere, distracting Road Dogg and allowing Malenko to lock on the Texas Cloverleaf for a submission victory.

In the locker room area, Kurt Angle and Stephanie talked about how Commissioner Foley was being unfair. Stephanie told Kurt that he had the potential to be the best Federation Champion of all time.

T&A and Trish Stratus were sitting in the APA's office when Crash barged in, saying that he was mad about T&A throwing him out of the office on RAW. Crash said he was only doing what Faarooq and Bradshaw told him to do. That prompted Test and Albert to laugh hysterically. It also prompted Crash to challenge a member of the team to a Hardcore Match later in the evening

Kurt Angle and Stephanie then headed to the ring for his title defense. Angle grabbed the microphone and said he would defend his championship against the Brooklyn Brawler! Realizing what the former Olympian was trying to pull, Commissioner Foley came out and presented Angle's real challenger - Chris Jericho! Y2J was in firm control of the match, and eventually locked Angle in the Walls of Jericho. But before Angle could tap out, Kane ran out and interfered in the match, giving Y2J a disqualification win, but not the title. After the match, Kane chokeslammed Y2J.

In a Hardcore Match, Albert soundly defeated Crash with a double-arm underhook suplex.

Jonathan Coachman then interviewed Rikishi, and the Samoan monster said that he would destroy Austin in the cage on Monday's RAW. He repeated that he made Too Cool, and claimed that he could break them. He said that if Austin had any guts, he would come out and face him tonight.

The Rock, Chyna and Mr. Ass took on the Right to Censor next, and the match quickly got out of hand. With competitors battling everywhere, The Rock was able to lock Bull Buchanan in a sharpshooter in the middle of the ring to earn a submission victory.

Tazz joined Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler on commentary for the next match, as his friend Raven took on Al Snow. During the match, Tazz was arguing with Lawler, prompting Snow to blindside Tazz. But when Snow reentered the ring, Raven hit a DDT for the win. After the match, Lawler and Snow cleaned house, taking out both Tazz and Raven.

The main event on SmackDown! pitted Too Cool against Rikishi in a Handicap Match. During the match, Rikishi hit Banzai Drops on both Scotty 2 Hotty and Grand Master Sexay, pinning Scotty. After the match, with both members of Too Cool nearly unconscious, Rikishi called out Stone Cold Steve Austin. It didn't take much provoking to convince the Rattlesnake. But when Austin opened his locker room door to head to the ring, someone cracked him over the head with a wrench, busting him wide open! A bloody and groggy Rattlesnake struggled to get to the ring, and when he finally did, Rikishi took advantage of his weakened state. Rikishi knocked him down with a thrust kick, and then crushed Austin with a Banzai Drop. A bloody Austin was left lying in the ring as SmackDown! went off the air, with the question remaining - Who hit Austin with the wrench?