Cleveland, Ohio
Ocober 19, 2000

The top seven contenders to the Hardy Boyz’ Tag Team Championship – Too Cool, T&A, the Acolytes, Right to Censor, the Dudley Boyz, Lo Down and Los Conquistadors – stood in the ring as SmackDown! kicked off from Cleveland. Commissioner Mick Foley announced that the teams would compete in a battle royal to determine which team would get a shot at the titles at No Mercy. The Dudleys and Conquistadors were the final two teams in the ring. One of the Conquistadors was soon thrown out, but the referees were distracted by a fight in the entranceway and didn’t see it. The referees did turn around in time to see one of the Conquistadors eliminate Buh Buh Ray Dudley, earning the Latin American team a shot at the Tag Team Championship on Pay-Per-View.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley then arrived at the arena and immediately sought out senior official Earl Hebner. The Game was irate at being put in a Four Corners Match with The Rock, Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle just days before facing off with Chris Benoit at No Mercy. Hebner informed Triple H that he hadn’t made the match – Commissioner Foley had. The Game then left to find Foley.

Kevin Kelly attempted to interview Los Conquistadors about their victory in the tag team battle royal when Edge & Christian came by to congratulate the golden tandem. Oddly, Edge & Christian were very out of breath.

In a match-up for the Hardcore Championship, Steve Blackman was able to retain his title over Tazz, pinning the Human Wrecking Machine after hitting him with a kendo stick from the top rope.

The Game and his wife were complaining about the Four Corners Match to Commissioner Foley when Kurt Angle came in, also to complain about being in such a high-impact match so close to No Mercy. Foley informed all three that Rock and Benoit weren’t happy with the match either – but it was what the fans wanted to see, so he had no choice but to go through with it!

Intercontinental Champion Eddie Guerrero hobbled to the ring on crutches, still hurting from his awkward fall on Monday night. Eddie reiterated some of his sentiments about Chyna from RAW – that he was sick of his Mamacita’s crying and whining! Eddie then accused Chyna of having a relationship with Mr. Ass. That brought out the Ninth Wonder of the World, who said she had been trying to think of the right thing to say to Eddie, but would instead show him how she felt. She then slapped the Intercontinental Champion right across his face

Surprisingly, the Right to Censor then headed to the ring. Steven Richards informed Chyna that his group hadn’t forgotten about her immoral Playboy spread, and said that she had forced the Right to Censor to take action. As Eddie watched on, Mr. Richards floored Chyna with a Stevenkick! Mr. Ass came out to save his longtime friend, but he was roughed up for his troubles. In fact, as the Right to Censor beat down Mr. Ass, Eddie choked Chyna out with his crutch! Finally, Eddie and the Right to Censor left Chyna and Mr. Ass behind.

In the parking area, Stone Cold Steve Austin arrived at the arena, driving his Stone Cold truck!

Next up, William Regal defended his newly won European Championship against former champions Al Snow and Perry Saturn in a Triple Threat Match. Snow seemed to have the title won after nailing Saturn with Head. But Regal grabbed Snow and locked him in the Regal Stretch to earn a submission victory, keeping his title!

Jim Ross then tried to interview Stone Cold Steve Austin in his locker room, and the Rattlesnake was so full of venom that he couldn’t even stand still! During the interview, Rikishi was shown in the parking lot smashing the Rattlesnake’s truck with a sledgehammer – but Stone Cold had no idea what was going on! Finally, Jonathan Coachman came to tell Austin. Austin and J.R. ran to the parking lot to find his truck smashed to pieces, with Rikishi nowhere to be found. Suddenly, a car sped out of the parking lot.

Stone Cold, assuming that Rikishi was in the car, jumped into his battered truck and followed. But Rikishi was not the one driving the car – he was still in the parking lot! He snuck up behind Ross and punched him out. Rikishi was then about to attack Ross with the sledgehammer when Commissioner Foley approached him and said he would cancel the No Holds Barred Match at No Mercy if Rikishi continued with his attack. The 400-pounder reluctantly relented, but promised that he’d take out his rage on Stone Cold this Sunday!

Next up, the Road Dogg pinned Raven following a pump-handle slam.

Backstage, Kurt Angle told Stephanie that he was concerned for her safety during the Four Corners Match. Stephanie told him not to worry. Kurt then asked Stephanie what would happen if the match came down to him and her husband, Triple H. Stephanie said that she would do the right thing. Kurt seemed happy with the answer at first, but then seemed perplexed by the response.

Prior to their six-man tag match against the Hardy Boyz and Chris Jericho, Edge, Christian and X-Pac were interviewed by Lilian Garcia. The three men didn’t seem at all concerned with their match – all they could talk about was what Rikishi had just done to Stone Cold Steve Austin! The three men made fun of the Texas Rattlesnake, saying they hadn’t seen a redneck drive that fast since the Dukes of Hazzard went off the air! The six superstars would battle back and forth until Austin arrived back at the arena.

Stone Cold ran down to the ring and obliterated all six competitors with a steel chair! The crowd went nuts as the Rattlesnake left nothing but carnage in the ring.

Kevin Kelly then interviewed The Rock about his Federation Championship Match against Kurt Angle at No Mercy. The Rock said that he appreciated that Angle had given him something to think about other than the recent events involving Rikishi. The People’s Champion then did some impressions – first of Chris Benoit (“Prove me wrong”), then of Kane (“I am a monster”), and finally of Kurt Angle (“Drink your milk!”). The Rock then said he would tell Kurt Angle what would happen at No Mercy in a voice that Angle could understand. Then, using a voice reminiscent of Opie or Beaver Cleaver, The Rock proceeded to tell Angle he would shove his boot directly up his candy ass! 

Prior to her Women’s Championship match against Lita, Trish Stratus did some reading out of a dictionary. First, she read the definition of “champion,” which were qualities she said she possessed. Then she read the definition of “Lita,” which she said was someone who shows disgusting tattoos, someone who wears her pants too low and someone who is a low-class cheap bimbo! That did nothing but fire up the Women’s Champion, who took it right to Stratus! But the match wouldn’t last long, as Trish’s team of T&A interfered in the match-up. Test and Albert helped Trish to pound on Lita, until the Acolytes ran down to save the redheaded diva!

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Triple H told his wife that he didn’t want her at ringside for the Four Corners Match. Stephanie told the Game that it wasn’t about what he wanted. Triple H told Stephanie to remember who she was going home with after the match. Stephanie repeated to Triple H what she had told Kurt Angle earlier -–that she would do the right thing. And like Angle did earlier, the Game seemed confused by what exactly that meant.

The main event of SmackDown! was the highly anticipated Four Corners Match, featuring Triple H, The Rock, Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit. If the match was any indication, then No Mercy is going to be one of the most intense Pay-Per-Views of all time. The men battled both inside and outside the ring, and there were clearly no friends during the war. Ultimately, The Rock hit the People’s Elbow on Triple H. But when he went for the pinfall, Stephanie pulled him out of the ring. As Stephanie tried to get away from the Great One, Angle snuck into the ring and scored the pin on Triple H! After the match, Benoit locked the Game in the Crossface, while The Rock put Angle in the sharpshooter! Stephanie entered the ring and looked confused as to who she should help, her husband or her business partner. Finally, Federation officials got The Rock and Benoit to relent – but then Benoit put The Rock in the crossface!

Chris Benoit was the last man standing at the end of the fray, a scene which has no doubt turned up the intensity with No Mercy just three days away on Pay-Per-View!