Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
September 28, 2000
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Interview with Commissioner Foley
Mick Foley kicked off Smackdown, reliving his 1998 "Hell in the Cell" match, which took place in Pittsburgh (taping location for Smackdown.) Foley said he thought he had done a good job as commissioner so far, but he only had one problem: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. He told Austin that he could not give random people stunners anymore. Chris Benoit came out, and told Foley he was an awful commissioner. Benoit said Foley had lost control. He also made a main event match: Benoit vs Rock. The match would have a stipulation: One-on-one with no interference.

Kurt Angle came out and told Foley he was doing a great job as commish. Kurt suggested the main event should be Angle vs Triple H. He said Benoit should be fined and suspended for head butting Stephanie McMahon on RAW. Foley took command and said he would make the main event, and it would be Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle vs Triple H and the Rock. Foley left the ring, leaving Benoit and Angle to brawl.

Backstage, Steve Austin arrived to the building and asked where X-Pac and Road Dogg were. He found their locker room, and went inside to ask questions. Of course, X-Pac and Road Dogg helped lock Austin in the parking garage at Survivor Series '99. Austin asked the duo if they had any knowledge about who hit him, and they didn't know anything.

Women's Title
Lita vs Jacqueline
Before the match, Lita introduced the new Tag team champions, the Hardys. Jacquline came out, accompanied by Edge and Christian. Jacky took over early, but made her mistake by going to the top and missing a splash. Lita hit her moonsault, while E&C and the Hardys brawled outside the ring. Lita had the pin, but the referee was distracted with the four men brawling outside the ring. The match continued with Lita hitting the Twist of Fate on Jacqueline to retain.

Hardcore Title
Steve Blackman vs Road Dogg
Road Dogg attacked Blackman as he entered the ring. Blackman fought back, hitting Road Dogg with plunder from under the ring. Dogg pulled out a single kendo stick, and Blackman pulled out two. Both had a duel, and Blackman came out on top. The fight went into the crowd, and backstage, where Steve Austin was using a telephone. Disturbed by the brawling, Austin grabbed a chair and hit Road Dogg, allowing Blackman to get a clean pin.

Backstage, Trish Stratus asked Kane to tag with T&A. Kane was reluctant, but agreed to do the job after he found out their opponents would be Too Cool and Rikishi.

Tazz came to the ring and said he felt bad that his announce partner, good 'ole MC, had to announce with Jerry Lawler. He said Lawler was part of the "B Team" while he was the "A Team." Tazz said he didn't have very many friends, but called Raven out. Raven complained about having to live in a box when he was young and said it was something that middle class people like Lawler never had to worry about. Chris Jericho interrupted Raven's whining, telling them all to shut the hell up. Jericho suggested that King and he would take on Raven and Tazz. Tazz and Raven jumped the gun, double-teaming Lawler. Jericho ran to the King's rescue, and the match was made for later in the evening.

Backstage, Triple H said he didn't trust the Rock, he didn't like the Rock, but tonight, Rock better play along and be a faithful tag team partner.

Rikishi and Too Cool vs Kane and T&A
Kane and T&A had a stare down before the match started. Too Cool used double teaming moves on Albert, and he tagged out to Test. T&A took over, until the two big men were in. Rikishi hit a Samoan drop on Kane, causing Test to unwillingly tag Kane. Kane got pissed at Test's unkind tag and left, setting up Rikishi to sit on Test for the pin. Afterwards, Too Cool and Rikishi danced to new music.

Jerry Lawler and Chris Jericho vs Tazz and Raven
Tazz was double teamed by Jericho and Lawler. He tagged in Raven, and he beat up King. King fought back and hit his piledriver, and Jericho was brought in. Jericho put Raven in the "Walls of Jericho," but the referee wasn't looking. X-Pac ran in and attacked Jericho, hitting him with a spinning heel kick. Raven hit an Evenflow DDT on Jericho for the win. Afterwards, X-Pac attacked Jericho again and the Dudley Boys made the save.

Backstage, Rock said the same thing Triple H said earlier: He didn't trust Triple H, didn't like him, but he better prove himself later in the evening in their tag match.

Chyna vs Steven Richards
Eddie Guerrero accompanied Chyna, and Steven came with Val Venis. Chyna dominated early, but Richards fought back, taking her down in the corner. Richards screamed at her, saying he was only trying to help her by trying to get her to reform. This enraged Guerrero, who jumped up on the ring apron. Chyna hit a low blow on Richards, and stripped to her bra and panties while he looked on. Venis tried to get in the ring and "censor" Chyna with a robe, but Eddie took him out. Chyna hit a DDT to win.

Backstage, Steven William Regal asked Commissioner Foley if he had seen what Austin did to him on RAW. Foley said he deserved it since he was trying to read Shakespeare, and not Hamlet. Steven said Foley was a joke, but Foley said he would do something about Austin.

Mick Foley took a seat on the entrance ramp, waiting for Steve Austin to interfere in a match.

European Title
Al Snow vs X-Pac
This time, Snow represented France by throwing French bread to the crowd and bringing a poodle. Snow attacked X-Pac outside the ring, and the two had a brief match inside. Stone Cold's music hits, and Foley prepares to bash him with a chair if he comes out. Austin snuck through the crowd and hit a stunner on Snow, X-Pac and the referee. As Austin left, he started Foley down, and ignored what the Commissioner was trying to tell him.

The Rock and Triple H vs Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit
Triple H ran to the ring and started to brawl with Benoit right away. Angle came in and attacked HHH, providing an unfair advantage. The two worked over Triple H and his injured ribs before Rock finally came out and made things even. Rock and HHH took command, but the pace switched evenly throughout. Benoit hit his flying head butt on Triple H, landing it right on his ribs. Rock made the save. All four men fought outside, where Rock and HHH had a competition of sorts: slamming Angle and Benoit's head into the announce table as many times as possible. Rock got a chair and tossed Angle in the ring, ready to clock him with it, but Stephanie ran in and pulled the chair out of Rock's hand. This distracted rock, and Angle hit an Olympic slam for the clean win over Rocky. Afterwards, Triple H and Rock stared down Angle and Benoit while Stephanie was behind them both, secretly clapping for Angle!