Hartford, Connecticut
June 29, 2000

Triple H and Stephanie made their way to Commissioner Mick Foley's office as SmackDown! kicked off from Hartford, Conn. Triple H demanded retribution after being screwed out of his title at King of the Ring, and Foley promised him that he would do the right thing.

After their respective European and Intercontinental Title matches ended controversially on RAW, Eddie Guerrero and Rikishi took on Val Venis and Chris Benoit on RAW. Trish Stratus seconded Val to the ring, and soon her other charges, T&A, came to ringside to beat up Chyna. Too Cool entered the fray to clean house, saving Chyna but costing Guerrero and Rikishi a DQ loss. After the fracas ended, Too Cool, Rikishi, Chyna and Guerrero danced a celebratory dance.

Kurt Angle tried explaining to Kaientai what his King of the Ring title meant when Hardcore Holly mouthed off to "King Kurt." Holly then kicked Angle's crown into the wall, setting up a match between the two. After a low blow and an Olympic Slam, the American Hero was victorious over the Big Shot.

Edge & Christian stopped Commissioner Foley next, saying they were still sore from battling Kane and Undertaker on RAW and asking that they not have to defend their Tag Team Championship against the Acolytes that night. Foley said OK - but only because Edge would take on Undertaker and Christian would take on Kane in singles action later that night!

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley walked to the ring with purpose. Saying she was setting the record straight, Stephanie declared that Triple H never lost his title, and that it was instead her own father who lost it. She then demanded that Commissioner Foley make a match that night between her husband and Chris Jericho, the man who cost Triple H the No. 1 Contendership on Mondays RAW. Foley said that Triple H and Jericho would face each other that night - in six-man tag-team action, as Triple H, X-Pac and Road Dogg would take on Jericho and the Dudley Boyz. After the commish made their wish come true, Foley declared that he loved the commissionary position!

The Godfather was about to do his pre-match shpiel when horns and buzzers sounded throughout the arena. That "prohibited" gimmick flashed on the OvalTron as Stevie Richards came out. "Steven," as he now wishes to be called, proclaimed that he had just saved millions of viewers from the vile, profane and unacceptable actions of the Godfather. He then told the Pimp Daddy that he better clean up his act. Godfather tried to run Steven down, but Bull Buchanan attacked Godfather from behind. Moments later, Bull nailed the Godfather with a scissor kick and scored the fall.

In a battle of David vs. Goliath, Christian took on Kane. The Big Red Machine destroyed the co-holder of the Tag Team Championship, until the ref was accidentally knocked out. Edge's interference backfired, as Kane set both brothers up for a double chokeslam. But Tazz made an appearance, flattening Kane with a chair. Edge & Christian then sandwiched Kanes head between two steel chairs, and Christian covered the Machine for the upset!

Edge was not as successful in his match-up with the Undertaker, however. The term "total domination" applies nicely, as the American Bad Ass destroyed Edge. After the Taker won with a chokeslam, Christian entered the ring, and the Tag Champions double-teamed the Bad Ass. But Kane returned to the ring to save his brother. Kane then chokeslammed Christian as the Undertaker powerbombed Edge to put the emphatic exclamation point on his win.

As Al Snow walked in the back, he bumped into his old friend Mick Foley. Mick said he would give Al a title shot, and when Al asked if it would be against The Rock, Mick couldn't help but spit his soda out in laughter! The commish said that Al's title shot would be against Crash, the Hardcore Champion. Al seemed poised to take Crash's title, until Als tag team partner, Steve Blackman, attacked Crash at ringside with a pair of nunchucks to secure the title! As Blackman left the arena, he was blindsided by the Mean Street Posse. Blackman walloped all three with the weapon, and drove off, stoic and dangerous as always.

Y2J and the Dudleys talked strategy for the match, and Buh Buh Ray seemed to get a glassy look in his eye as Jericho suggested the notion of putting Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley through a table. Indeed, early in the main event, D-Von set up a table at ringside. DX tried to isolate Buh Buh Ray, but he was able to recover. Eventually, though, Triple H was able to secure the Pedigree on D-Von for the win.

But that wasnt the end. Stephanie slapped Buh Buh Ray in the face - not a good idea. The Dudley Boy then picked up the Women's Champion and prepared to throw her through the ringside table! The crowd went nuts in anticipation, but X-Pac broke up the festivities with a low blow on Buh Buh Ray. Triple H tried getting back in the ring to help his wife, but Jericho scored with a second-rope dropkick, knocking the Game backwards through the table! Jericho fixated on the fallen Triple H as SmackDown! went off the air!