Chicago, Illinois
June 15, 2000

SmackDown! opened with Edge taking on Grand Master Sexay in a King of the Ring Qualifying Match. During the match, Shane McMahon came to ringside, and hit Sexay with a chair, allowing Edge to score the pin and to advance in the tournament.

We would soon find out the motivation for Shane's actions, as the McMahon-Helmsley Faction headed down to the ring. Shane announced that Edge would compete again that night, teaming with Edge to take on the Dudley Boyz. After Vince bragged about the Faction's domination on Monday's RAW, Triple H took the microphone and added some fire to the six-man tag-team main event at King of the Ring, which pits him, Vince and Shane against Rock, Kane and Undertaker.

Addressing the No. 1 Contender situation, the Game said that in the unlikely event that his team was to lose at King of the Ring, whoever scored the pinfall would get a title shot in July. Of course, the Game then asked if Rock, Kane and Undertaker could really trust one another with so much on the line. Triple H said that in the likely event that his team is victorious, then he will defend his title in July against the winner of the King of the Ring Tournament.

Mr. McMahon then took back the microphone and declared that he had special surprises that night for Chris Jericho, the Undertaker, Kane and The Rock.

The scene suddenly shifted to New York's Times Square, where Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco and referee Mike Chioda pulled up in a cab. The three were looking for Crash Holly, so Brisco could attempt to regain the Hardcore Championship. As the three bickered, another cab pulled up behind them, and Crash himself got out, staring at a piece of paper and mumbling something about having to find some guy for protection.

T&A, with Trish Stratus, took on the Hardy Boyz. The Boyz seemed set to win, but as Jeff began to climb the ropes to execute the Swanton Bomb, Trish grabbed his leg, causing him to trip and hit his head on the ring steps. After an Avalanche by Albert and a kick by Test, Matt Hardy suffered the loss for his team. After the match, Trish entered the ring and slapped both Hardys, which brought out Lita. Lita was abused by T&A, until the Hardys cleaned house, allowing Lita to climb to the second rope and deliver a legdrop onto Trish!

The Undertaker then arrived at the arena on his motorcycle, and it was time for Mr. McMahon (and Bull Buchanan) to give him his surprise - a warrant for his arrest. The Taker was arrested and charged with felony assault and car jacking after taking a car to follow Bull Buchanan on Monday's RAW. Surprisingly, Taker didn't put up a fight as he was being arrested - that is, until Mr. McMahon said, "You're not such a bad ass after all, are you?" Taker then spat his tobacco in Bull's face, and Bull attacked him! Cops pulled the two men apart and Undertaker was then taken to jail!

With the American Bad Ass out of the way, Vince felt that his work for the night was done, so he left the arena, leaving Shane to assume the reins of the company.

In a match for the final spot in the King of the Ring Tournament, Scotty 2 Hotty defeated D'Lo Brown after a DDT from the second rope.

Back in Times Square, Brisco and Patterson did some window shopping while looking for Crash. At one point, Crash walked right by them, but the Stooges never saw a thing!

The Big Red Machine, Kane, headed to the ring to find out what his surprise was. It turned out to be a match with the Intercontinental Champion, Chris Benoit! Benoit tried reversing the chokeslam into the Crippler Crossface, but Kane was just too powerful for him. Eventually, Benoit snuck out of the ring, grabbed the Intercontinental Title belt, and nailed Kane with it, losing the match by DQ. But Kane got up! After a second shot, Kane was again able to get up! The Crippler then left the ringside area, stunned by Kane's power.

Backstage, Edge told Christian how their match with the Dudleys would put them in the good graces of the McMahon-Helmsley Faction. Christian disagreed, saying it would put them in the good graces of the McMahon-Helmsley Regime. They finally compromised, calling it the "Fac-gime!"

Before their match against the Dudley Boyz, Christian analyzed why Chicago is called the Windy City - "because this town blows!" The two teams were intense, knowing the importance of the match-up. The battling brothers brawled their way up the ramp, where X-Pac, Road Dogg and Tori were lying in wait. DX, Edge & Christian brutally attacked the Dudleys, before locking them in a dumpster and pushing the dumpster 10 feet off the stage, through two tables! The Dudleys had to be stretchered out.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley provided color commentary as Chris Jericho took on his surprise opponent, Bull Buchanan. Jericho showed little regard for the Game's wife, spitting water in her face! But Stephanie would have the last laugh, throwing a whole pitcher of water in Jericho's face, distracting him for a moment and allowing Bull to pull out a win. After the match, Triple H attacked Jericho and gave him the Pedigree.

Back in Times Square, Patterson and Brisco continued their search for Crash, who sought shelter in the WWF New York site-based entertainment complex.

Val Venis was a man on a mission, going to the ring looking for payback from Rikishi after Rikishi splashed him from the stage last week on SmackDown! Rikishi was quick to answer Val's challenge. Val was soon able to knock Rikishi down, before nailing him in the head with a TV monitor and then with a steel chair! Rikishi would need 12 stitches to close up the damage!

At WWF New York, Crash finally found the man he was looking for all along - Shaft! Shaft promised to protect the Hardcore Champion.

In an interview with Kevin Kelly, The Rock promised to eradicate his surprise opponent.

Patterson & Brisco finally found their way to WWF New York, where Shaft - whose new movie opens Friday in theaters everywhere - and his lady friend knocked out Patterson and Brisco with one punch!

The Rock's mystery opponent turned out to be none other than Kurt Angle! Angle was going to tell Rock a story, but The Rock told the former Olympian to "just bring it!" The two young stars went at it fast and furious, and soon Triple H and Stephanie made their way to ringside. With the referee distracted, Stephanie hit The Rock with the championship belt, but the People's Champion just shrugged it off and nailed Angle with a Rock Bottom! Still out of it, The Rock was slow to take advantage. With the Game and his wife watching on, The Rock soon annihilated Angle with a spinebuster and the People's Elbow. As the Brahma Bull went for the pin, Triple H interfered, giving The Rock a DQ win. As the fight continued, Kane came out to assist The Rock, but the entire Faction, Chris Benoit, Bull Buchanan and Angle ripped into the two. With the Undertaker in jail, Rock and Kane were more outnumbered than usual, and the show ended with the Faction and their allies standing over a fallen Brahma Bull and Big Red Machine.