Austin, Texas
February 10, 2000

Kurt Angle kicked off SmackDown! this week by relieving everyone’s worries that he no longer served as a role model. Explaining that he mistook Mae Young for Sexual Chocolate last Monday night, Angle assured the world that he was still a man who children and the elderly could look up to. After the Austin, Texas crowd overwhelmingly disagreed, the Olympic champion took on Val Venis. These two young superstars matched technical ability in this European Championship match until Angle was able to gain the upperhand by knocking Val off the top ropes, sending him back down to the soprano ranks. With the cover, Kurt Angle added European Championship to his already stellar resume.

The plan of the night for D-Generation X and their new buddies was “divide and conquer.” First up, Perry Saturn took on Grand Master Sexay. The stylin’ & profilin’ Grand Master showcased the athletic ability that makes him the envy of all on the dance floor and in the ring. Saturn was able to counter with his sheer power. Strategically, Perry tried to destroy Sexay’s arm. Backed by the crowd, Grand Master battled back and nearly had the victory after a Hip-Hop Drop. Referee Tim White was knocked out and unable to make the count though. Soon after, Saturn regained control to lock his opponent in the Rings of Saturn. Although Grand Master Sexay had his foot on the ropes, he tapped out.

Edge and Christian then took on the Dudley Boyz. Using their unparalleled teamwork, the young brothers were able to earn the victory, getting them a tiny bit of revenge on Buh Buh and D-Von for possibly costing them the Tag Team Titles last Monday night. After the match, Buh Buh appeared to be injured, bringing out the EMTs. It was all a set-up to get at B.B. though! With the blonde beauty tending to the “fallen” superstar, he sprang to life unharmed and promptly powerbombed her through a table!

The “divide and conquer” plan continued as Scotty 2 Hotty took on Dean Malenko. Both of these men posses an enormous quickness and technical ability and each showcased it throughout the match. Soon after the opening bell, Eddy Guerrero made his way ringside. After hitting with the Worm, Scotty went for the victory, but thanks to Eddy’s interference, Dean was able to turn the tide and lock his opponent in the Texas Cloverleaf for the win.

In a non-title match, The Rock and Cactus Jack teamed up to take on the New Age Outlaws. Using every underhanded they could think of, Road Dogg and Badd Ass took the early the advantage. It appeared the Outlaws would have the win after Mr. Ass walloped The Rock across the head with the belt. The Great One kicked out though, and Cactus Jack was quickly tagged in. The Hardcore Legend punished Road Dogg for quite some time before electing to finish him off with a piledriver.

Luna and Gangrel earned a quick win over Jacqueline and Prince Albert in a mixed Tag match.

Chris Benoit had an enorm-“ass” task ahead of him in Rikishi Phatu. Despite Phatu’s tremendous power, Benoit was able to take advantage of his technical prowess and nearly come out on top. Rikishi was able to get out of the way before Benoit connected with a Flying Headbutt though. Dragging his opponent into the corner, Rikishi was ready to finish him off, but the cavalry arrived. Malenko, Saturn and Guerrero hit the ring, forcing a disqualification.

The dysfunctional combination of Al Snow and Steve Blackman went up against the Hardy Boyz. The “Head Cheeses” continued their amazing win streak - but give a big assist to the Dudley Boyz who felt the need to get involved.
With one hand tied behind his back, Y2J took on Crash and Hardcore Holly in a no disqualification, handicap match. The contest barely got underway before the Acolytes hit the ring and completely decimated the Holly cousins. Thanks to the no-DQ stipulation, Jericho was able to cover Crash Holly for the win after Bradshaw and Faarooq did their thing.

Accompanied by their ladies, Triple H and X-Pac made their way to the ring to take on Kane in a handicap contest. The battle quickly moved to the outside, as X-Pac and Kane went at it in the crowd. Back in the squared circle, Triple H took control. The D-Generates did everything possible, but could not slow down the Big Red Machine. A chair shot from Triple H couldn’t even keep Kane down, but it did earn him a disqualification. Turning the tables after the bell, the seven-footer slammed the WWF Champion with the same chair and was about to do the same to X-Pac when Tori intervened. At first, Kane snatched her neck as if he were going to send her up for the chokeslam. He soon let her go, only to grab her again and delivered Tombstone Piledriver! Blind with passion, Kane is unstoppable!