Raw is War

Greensboro, North Carolina
December 27, 1999

The last RAW of the Millennium kicked off live from Greensboro with a bang, as DX and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came to ringside. Triple H made it clear that the fivesome was the "be all and end all," and that he would be challenging the Big Show for the Federation Championship later in the night. The group then singled out Mick Foley for his efforts to unify the rest of the Federation, causing the Hardcore Legend to appear from the backstage area. Foley then ran down DX, causing the degenerates to attack him! This brought The Rock out from the back to make the save, enraging Triple H! The head degenerate then announced that The Rock and Foley would fight later in the night in a "Pink Slip on a Pole" match, where the loser would be fired from the company.

Chyna and The Kat were next up on RAW, with the Ninth Wonder of the World facing off against Crash Holly in singles competition. The superheavyweight took an early advantage in the bout with some underhanded tactics, but it didn't last long, as Chyna took a quick victory!

Tori then arrived at the arena, delivering the shocking news that her weekend with X-Pac went very well. Kane didn't take this news very well, even after Tori reassured him that she was happy to be back with him. This led to an usual incident where Tori went crazy after seeing Test in the backstage area. She later revealed that Test had taken some liberties with her in the recent past. Kane then demanded a match against Test, a request that was granted by Triple H!

A Four Corners match was next on RAW between D'Lo & The Godfather, The Dudley Boyz, Edge & Christian and the Acolytes. The Mean Street Posse served as special guest referee (Joey Abs), ring announcer (Rodney) and timekeepeer (Pete Gas) for the bout. As would be expected with so many superstars, the action was fast and furious. The Posse took the opportunity to attack the Acolytes, opening the door for Buh Buh Ray Dudley to score a surprise pinfall over Faarooq. After the match, the Acolytes laid a serious beating on the Greenwich natives.

Kurt Angle was next on the card, taking on both Headbangers in a handicap match. The bout had barely begun when Steve Blackman appeared from the backstage, laying out Mosh with a cane shot, opening the door for Angle to continue his ongoing undefeated streak. Post-match, the 'Bangers tried to attack Angle, but Blackman once again made the save.

Al Snow then came to the ring to make clear his discontent with the fans, stating that he hated every single person at home and in the arena. His interview was interrupted by Chris Jericho, which led to a match between the two superstars. The ensuing action was wickedly fast but short-lived, as Chyna appeared to KO Snow, disqualifying Jericho in the process.

Federation cameras then went backstage, where Mark Henry, who was looking for a double for himself and Mae Young, coerced Harvey Whippelman into a date with the Fabulous Moolah.

The "Pink Slip on a Pole" match was next, with Mick Foley and The Rock putting aside their friendship in the name of gainful employment. Both superstars made countless attempts at getting the pink slip (thereby causing the termination of their opponent). At one point in the match, Al Snow ran in to lay out Rock, but Mick refused to win the match that way. The contest then continued on, with The People's Champ taking the win, apparently ending the career of Mankind in the World Wrestling Federation. After the match, Foley addressed the crowd, giving a heartfelt retirement speech to his millions and millions of fans.

An Intergender Four-Corner tag team match followed, featuring The Kat & Gangrel, Jacqueline & Viscera, Ivory & Prince Albert and Luna & Gangrel. The match ended quickly, with Prince Albert taking the win for his team, pinning Val after a scissors kick to the chest!

X-Pac made his way to the ring to face Jeff Hardy, who was accompanied by Terri and his brother, Matt, who is still recovering from an injury sustained last week. These two young high-flying superstars exchanged high-risk moves at a dizzying pace. X-Pac, after taking control in the bout, turned his attention towards Terri, a move which was nearly disastrous for the D-Generation X member. Jeff capitalized on the situation, scoring a near fall with a senton bomb. The degenerate turned the tide in his favor, however, following a low blow with an X-Factor for the win.

Federation cameras picked up on Sexual Chocolate's date, where the two legendary female superstars took control of a potential situation in the diner. They put the boots to a patron who had some unkind words for Sexual Chocolate.

The lights in the arena went down and Kane made his way to the ring to take on Test, who he believed had wronged his girlfriend, Tori, earlier in the evening. Tori accompanied the Big Red Machine to the ring for this bout with the young superstar. Upon making his way to the ring, Test stressed the fact that he had never touched Tori in any way, but Kane wouldn't hear a word of it, starting the match before the bell was rung. Kane immediately took control of the match and dominated. The bout ended when Kane threw the referee to the mat in order to continue his assault on Test, earning him a DQ in the process. After the match, Tori slapped an unconscious Test, causing all to wonder what the complete story was between the two.

The New Age Outlaws, who made their way out along with their fellow degenerate, X-Pac, put the tag titles on the line on RAW. They faced Too Cool in an intense match, which saw Rikishi accompany the challengers to the ring. The Outlaws dominated the match, but Grandmaster Sexy Brian Christopher was able to gain momentum with a reverse russian legsweep on the Road Dogg. Unfortunately for the Master, X-Pac was able to take advantage of a distracted referee and hit Christopher with the X-factor, allowing the Outlaws to get the win and retain their titles. Rikishi was able to get a measure of revenge for his homies, laying out the three members of DX. Too Cool and Rikishi then celebrated their moral victory with a dance in the center of the ring.

Federation cameras then caught up with the newly fired Mick Foley who was being ejected from the building by Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and a group of police officers.

The Federation title was on the line in the main event as Triple H challenged the Big Show for his belt. Triple H made his way to the ring with his usual entourage, his wife Stephanie and the members of D-Generation X. Before coming to the ring, Triple H announced the match would be fought under no DQ rules, and encouraged his friends and wife to stay at the top of the entrance ramp. Show dominated the earlier part of the match, using his superior strength to throw the degenerate around. Triple H countered with some underhanded tactics, but the Show was able to regain his momentum. Just when it appeared the Big Show was going to retain his title, referee Tim White was knocked out, allowing the rest of DX to gang up on the Show. Amazingly, Big Show was able to kick out after this assault. Stephanie attempted to help her husband by handing him a steel chair, but the deciding factor in the match was Mick Foley - he caught Triple H by surprise with a steel chair shot to Triple H's back, securing the win for the Big Show.