Raw is War

Tampa, Florida
December 13, 1999

RAW started off with a bang from Tampa, Fla. in the form of Y2J, Chris Jericho. The new Intercontinental Champion said that he proved that RAW IS JERICHO, and that he is deserving. Suddenly, X-Pac appeared, telling Y2J that the degenerate is sick of Jericho's banter, and demanded a title shot. As X-Pac headed to the ring, Chyna and Miss Kitty headed to the entranceway.

The match was underway for the Intercontinental Title. Jericho and X-Pac exchanged high-flying maneuvers in an intense and fast-paced bout. When X-Pac missed a kick from the second rope, Y2J executed a powerbomb as well as the Walls of Jericho. It was then that Chyna headed to the ring and punched the referee, who awarded the bout to the Intercontinental Champion.

Outside the arena, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon met up with Shane McMahon, who told his sister that she messed up their family life badly.

In singles competition, the Godfather battled "Sexual Chocolate." Prior to the match, a GTV segment featuring Mark Henry was shown. Mark was in bed with Mae Young, expressing his amazement at her sexual prowess. As the two superstars fought, Mae headed to the ring! She distracted the Godfather before he could execute a 'Ho Train, allowing Mark to get the win with a rollup.

Outside, Vince McMahon arrived with a sledgehammer in hand. He ignored pleas of sensibility from Shane. The owner bashed in D-Generation X's locker room door, but no one was inside. Vince came to the ring and called out Triple H, saying Hunter was a coward and a rapist. Instead, Stephanie headed down the ramp. She dared her father to bash her brains in, saying that it was the only way he would get to her husband. Steph further explained that she wasn't ready to get married to Test, and that she's not "daddy's little girl" anymore. Further, Vince's daughter said that he was the best at making business personal, citing her abduction at the hands of the Undertaker as an example. Marrying Triple H, she said, was the best way to get back at Vince. Lastly, Steph said that Hunter really "turns her on." Triple H made his way out, making Vince watch him kiss Stephanie.

Backstage, Vince and Shane sped away in their limo, leaving Triple H and Stephanie to "take things over" for the night, as Triple H said.

Next up, The Rock, who had finally come back to Tampa, came to the ring. He pointed out Rock fan Wade Boggs in the crowd, asking him to shine up a nice chicken for Rock's opponents' candy asses. The Great One teamed with Mankind to take on the Dudley Boyz. D-Von tried to spit out the Three Commandments, but The Rock would have none of it. The match ended when the referee disqualified the Dudleys for using a chair. Then, the Helmsleys appeared again, informing the Rock 'n' Sock Connection that the match was no disqualification. The Rock wasn't interested, challenging Triple H before the Dudleys attacked again. Chairshots were now the order of the day until the Helmsleys returned, ushering out a ref in a Vince mask to replace the fallen in-ring official. The Dudleys pinned Mankind, and afterwards, the referee was revealed to be Al Snow. However, once Snow left, the original official counted a pinfall win for the Connection.

Backstage, X-Pac humored the Helmsleys with some scuba gear. Triple H ordered a chocolate pudding Women's Title Match later on. Then, the Mean Street Posse came to Stephanie's dressing room to try to make friends with Triple H and Steph. It didn't work, as the couple ordered the Posse to fight the Acolytes later.

Miss Kitty, who now wants to be called "The Cat," then defended her title against Tori. Tori attempted to squeeze the life out of The Cat until X-Pac headed to the pool in scuba gear. The degenerate fell on Tori, allowing The Cat to retain her title. After the match, the New Age Outlaws attacked Kane, who had emerged to defend his girlfriend.

The Mean Street Posse then faced off against the Acolytes. Bradshaw and Faarooq obliterated the trio quickly and then left the ring.

In a cage match ordered by the Helmsleys, the Hardy Boyz battled Christian and Edge. High risk and offensive innovation made this match a great one. Matt Hardy executed a side-Russian Leg Sweep from the top rope, and Jeff tried a Centon Bomb from the top of the cage. The match apparently ended when both Matt and Christian fell off the cage, but the referee ordered the match to continue since both men landed at the same time. While Christian restrained Jeff, Edge managed to climb out the ring door and to the floor first.

While Kane and Tori tried to leave the arena, the Helmsleys ordered Kane to participate in a Triple Threat Match against the New Age Outlaws. Kane held his own against two competitors, showing amazing resiliency. In the end, the Outlaws won with a spike piledriver on the Big Red Machine.

In a Handicap Federation Championship Match ordered by the Helmsleys, the Big Boss Man and Prince Albert challenged the Big Show. The champ quickly manhandled Albert and the Boss Man, chokeslamming both before getting the pinfall win on the Boss Man.

Backstage, the Helmsleys ordered the Outlaws to defend the Tag Titles against Triple H and Test. Steph's former fiance was a house of fire, but the Outlaws battled back valiantly. Test, however, kept unleashing power maneuvers. Stephanie kept rooting for Test, an action which seemed to be upsetting Triple H. When Triple H tagged in, he and the Outlaws put the boots to Test as Stephanie looked on happily. Then, she slapped Test in the face several times before Hunter laid Test out with a chair. RAW went off the air with DX and Stephanie all doing the DX chop in the ring.