Raw is War

Worcester Centrum Centre, Worcester, Massachusetts
December 6, 1999

The Tag Team Championship was on the line as RAW IS WAR kicked off live from Worcester, Mass. Just six days before their scheduled title defense at Armageddon, the New Age Outlaws put the championship on the line against Too Cool on RAW. Rikishi "Phatu" accompanied Grandmaster Sexy and Scottie 2 Hotty. After a Tennessee Jam, it seemed that Too Cool had the match won; however, Crash and Hardcore Holly entered the ring, and Rikishi soon followed. The match was thrown out, and Hardcore Holly dropped the 400-plus-pound Rikishi with a DDT on a chair. Meanwhile, the Outlaws retained the titles, which they will defend against the Rock 'n' Sock Connection at Armageddon. "Super heavyweight" Hardcore Holly challenged super heavyweight Rikishi to a match later on the show.

Back from commercial, Mankind came to the ring in the same city in which he first won the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Mankind's purpose was to address the problem between his two friends, Al Snow and The Rock. The New York Times No. 1 best-selling author called out Snow, who immediately took exception to the crowd's chant of "Rocky! Rocky!" An angry Snow questioned Mankind decision to team with The Rock. Mankind calmly explained that he is part of the Rock 'n' Sock Connection for three reasons - he likes it, The Rock likes it and the fans like it. Mankind added that teaming up with Al Snow "sucked." That comment infuriated Al, who said he would go backstage and find a tag team partner and take on the Connection later on RAW. Al then admitted that because of all the anti-Al Snow jokes in "Have a Nice Day!" he was responsible for throwing Mankind's book into the trash a few weeks ago. He even called Mankind's book garbage. The two longtime friends got into a fistfight thathad to be broken up by Federation officials.

In tag team action, the Hardy Boyz, accompanied by Terri, battled Olympic hero Kurt Angle and Steve Blackman. Ironically, Blackman and Angle will be opponents this Sunday at Armageddon. With the referee's back turned, Blackman nailed Jeff Hardy with a martial arts club. Angle promptly made the cover and was ecstatic about "his" victory.

Stephanie McMahon had worked up the nerve to go straight to Triple H. She had annulment papers, and she pleaded with him to sign. But Triple H rejected with a few lewd comments.

Val Venis took on D'Lo Brown to determine the No. 1 contender for the European Championship - the winner would meet the British Bulldog for the title at Armageddon. The match came to an abrupt conclusion when the Mean Street Posse and the Bulldog attacked both superstars. Apparently Val, who was originally scheduled to face the Bulldog this Sunday, will retain his title shot. But of course that could all change this Thursday on SmackDown!

Several of Worcester's finest hos were at ringside as the Godfather battled Prince Albert. The Prince dominated most of the match, but the Godfather came back and picked up the victory after a Ho Train.

Next up in the ring, Triple H said that if Stephanie McMahon would join him, he would sign the annulment papers. But once he got a glimpse of her, he said he changed his mind. Stephanie responded by saying she hopes her father cripples him at Armageddon. That gave Triple H an idea. He said that if Vince could manage to beat him at Armageddon, the marriage would be annulled. However, if Triple H won, Vince would have to grant him a shot at the World Wrestling Federation Championship. Vince came out to officially agree to the new stipulations and promised to have it all in writing by this Thursday's SmackDown! for Triple H to sign. Triple H said he was a bit old school and didn't need a contract - instead, he'd seal the deal with a kiss. With that, he grabbed Vince's daughter and kissed her against her will. Because of a restraining order, Vince was forced to stand 50 feet away and watch in disgust.

In a challenge from earlier in the night, Hardcore Holly battled a true super heavyweight, Rikishi. Too Cool joined Jerry "The King" Lawler and Jim Ross for commentary - but the duo could barely get two words out. Rikishi splashed Holly off the second rope for the win, and the post-match dancing by Too Cool and Rikishi lasted longer than the match itself.

Michael Cole was scheduled to interview B.B., the trained nurse who will be part of the Fourway Evening Gown Match this Sunday at Armageddon. But Ivory interrupted the proceedings. Ivory lampooned the buxom blonde, saying what she lacked for brains she made up for in bra size. The Women's Champion said she couldn't wait to strip B.B. down to her bra and panties at Armageddon. The third participant in the match, Jacqueline, appeared and said she beat Ivory in the Gravy Bowl Match on Thanksgiving night, and she'd do it again at Armageddon. Ivory wondered who the fourth participant was, and out came Chyna. The Ninth Wonder of the World said she was already booked, but she signed up Miss Kitty. Kitty was a bit disturbed about the prospect of being stripped to her bra and panties because she said she doesn't wear any panties!

Backstage, the Big Show and the man who would challenge him for the Federation Championship later on RAW - Big Vis - were already going at it. The challenger drove the Big Show through a table.

In a tag team war, Test and Kane teamed up against X-Pac and Triple H. X-Pac went after Tori, and then Kane went after X-Pac. Inside the ring, Triple H and Test traded moves and countermoves until "The Game" delivered a low blow, followed up with a Pedigree and pinned Test for the victory.

The Federation Championship was up for grabs as Viscera challenged the Big Show. Viscera overpowered the champion with a Samoan drop and threw him outside the ring. That merely frustrated the Show, who amazingly bodyslammed the monstrous Viscera. The champion followed up with a missile dropkick off the top rope, and pinned Vis to retain his title.

As the Big Show celebrated his victory, an image appeared on the Titan Tron of the Boss Man at a kitchen table. When the camera panned over, it was revealed that the Big Show's mom was also at the table. The former corrections officer had somehow obtained information on the Big Show's past. A sobbing Mrs. Wight came out with the news - the Big Show is illegitimate. Boss Man then revealed to her that there was a camera recording the entire incident, and he ridiculed the fact that the Show is a bastard. Backstage, a disconcerted Big Show called his mother on a cellular phone as he searched for answers.

In an emotional tag team match, the Rock 'n' Sock Connection faced Al Snow and a partner of his choice - who turned out to be Chris Jericho! Y2J grabbed a microphone and began spouting off about his two opponents. Chyna, who will face Jericho this Sunday for the Intercontinental Title, had apparently heard enough and she nailed Y2J from behind. Jericho rolled into The Rock and the match got underway. Jericho and Snow took the initial offensive advantage, but Rock 'n' Sock fought back and appeared to have things thoroughly in hand. While Mankind had Snow in the Mandible Claw inside the ring, The Rock delivered a Rock Bottom to Jericho on the steel entrance ramp! But the New Age Outlaws appeared and went after both The Rock and Mankind. When the Connection fought off the Tag Team Champions, Snow came from behind and floored Mankind with a shot of Head to the face. As Mankind lay writhing in pain, The Rock stared down his opponents at this Sunday's Pay-Per-View.