Raw is War

Staples Arena, Los Angeles, California
November 29, 1999

RAW started off with a bang from the Staples Center in Los Angeles as the World Wrestling Federation Champion, the Big Show, headed to the ring. He teamed up with Kane in a tag team contest against the Big Boss Man and Big Vis. Viscera quickly tagged in, but Kane hit him with a clothesline from the top rope. Suddenly, X-Pac ran to the ring an attacked Kane with a chair, allowing Viscera to score the pin after a splash. When Tori attempted to confront Kane's former friend, the degenerate kicked her in the head and then spat on her.

D-Generation X came to the ring to speak about Vince McMahon. Triple H explained how Vince made this situation personal, threatening to beat McMahon within an inch of his life at Armageddon. Hunter then shocked the world by saying that there would be no wedding that night! That brought out Vince, who said there was nothing he wouldn't do to protect his family. He promised that he would have Triple H's blood on his hands at Armageddon. As a gift, Vince gave Test a match with Triple H. He then said that no one would be involved in the wedding but family, and that he would fire anyone who interfered.

Edge and Matt Hardy went one-on-one in a quick-paced battle. Counters and double-counters were abundant in the back-and-forth match. After Hardy delivered a superplex to Edge, the Toronto native drop kicked his opponent off the
top rope. Soon after, both Jeff Hardy and Christian also got involved, until Edge defeated Matt with a spear.

A scene from the previous night's Las Vegas bachelorette party for Stephanie McMahon was shown, with all her friends, including Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah, wishing the bride well.

Next up, Chyna explained that she wanted to punish Chris Jericho for what he did to her. Y2J told Chyna that he couldn't fight her because of a concussion he sustained at her hands on SmackDown! Instead, he offered to take her on at Armageddon. The Intercontinental Champ warned Jericho to cool off, and then Miss Kitty helped him do so by blasting him with a fire extinguisher.

In singles competition, the Godfather took on Steve Blackman. The "Lethal Weapon" opened up with a flurry of martial arts offense, and then finished off the Godfather quickly after a Guillotine.

Footage of the Acolytes and the Dudley Boyz playing cards was shown, as was a dancing Mae Young at Stephanie's party. Al Snow petitioned Mankind to be his tag partner later in the night, and Al voiced his hatred for The Rock.

In tag action, Too Cool, with Rakishi, challenged the Hollys. Hardcore grabbed a mic to ridicule the ass of Rakishi. The huge Samoan nailed both cousins and then tossed Crash into the ring. Too Cool went to work with a flurry of offense, scoring the pinfall after a top-rope legdrop from Grandmaster Sexy. After the match, Rakishi took care of Hardcore Holly.

At the bachelorette party, "Carlos the Electrician" entertained the ladies with an erotic dance before Mae and Moolah took him away.

Triple H vs. Test was next, with a referee wearing a Vince McMahon mask calling the action. "The Game" controlled Test for a good deal of the bout, concentrating on his opponent's injured nose. The ref seemed to be firmly behind Test, even helping the groom-to-be out of a sleeperhold. Test finally countered with a gut-wrench powerbomb and a sidewalk slam. Hunter then lured Test to the outside, bashing him on the announce table. Once back inside the ring, Triple H attempted to whack Test with a steel chair, but he was stopped by the ref. "The Game" had Test pinned, but the ref would not count. When Hunter attempted to unveil the mystery man, Shane McMahon rushed to the ring to pound "The Game" with a chair, allowing Test to secure the win.

More of the party was shown, as Moolah and Mae returned and Stephanie had one last shot at Mae's request. Backstage, Hunter demanded that Vince be arrested as he felt that the disguised ref was the Federation owner, who would have violated his restraining order if that were true.

Michael Cole introduced Barbara Bush, whose friends call her "B.B.", the EMT who Ivory stripped down on SmackDown! She challenged the Women's Champ to an Evening Gown Match. Ivory came to the ring to run down the registered nurse, as Ivory accused her of just trying to win friends with the "perverts" in the audience. The two went at it, with Ivory tearing off B.B.'s shirt.

As the cops questioned Vince McMahon, he denied having been the disguised referee earlier in the evening. Meanwhile, the bridesmaids prepared for the wedding.

Val Venis and Kurt Angle hooked up in singles competition. Angle was booed mightily by the crowd, so he claimed that Los Angeles lacked integrity and moral value, cheering a porn star over an Olympian. Val attacked quickly, but the enraged Angle countered. Both superstars showed tremendous resilience in the match, but Kurt Angle gained the win after the British Bulldog came to ringside to attack Val with a chair. Kurt's undefeated streak continued after his pinfall win.

As Al Snow insulted The Rock in the locker room, Mankind revealed that The Rock was listening the whole time. The Great One, who had finally returned to Los Angeles, incidentally, was informed by Mick that Snow wanted to team with them. The Rock, who only referred to Snow as "Al," because he did not know who Snow was, to do something painful with a hockey stick and his ass. Mick told Al that he was out as the partner, but that Disney tomorrow was still on!

At Vince McMahon's decree, the Outlaws and X-Pac engaged in a six-man battle against The Rock, Mankind and their mystery partner, who turned out to be Kane! Quick tags were in order for both teams early on. The crowd highly anticipated The Rock's entry into the action while Mankind was getting beaten by DX. Al Snow, seeing Mick was in trouble, headed to the ring. Meanwhile, DX continued their attack until mankind applied the Mandible Claw to X-Pac. Finally, The Rock tagged in, and was a house of fire in the ring. All six men got involved until The Rock isolated Billy Gunn, drilling him with a Rock Bottom. Suddenly, Al Snow leapt into the ring and attacked DX, giving them the victory via disqualification. An angry Rock hammered Snow, dusting him off with the People's Elbow.

The Acolytes and the Dudleys brawled backstage after Buh Buh Ray cheated in the card game. Meanwhile, DX was plotting something…

The time had come - the wedding was about to take place. The bridesmaids and their escorts made their way to the ring. Matron of Honor Linda McMahon was escorted by Shane. Then, Test walked to ringside. Vince escorted the bride to the ring to give her away. A beautiful song was sung for the couple. When the minister asked if anyone objected, guess who made his way down the ramp - Triple H. "The Game" showed something on the video wall.

He was driving in a car in Las Vegas, driving into a wedding chapel on the Vegas Strip. As he drove up to a window to get married, we saw his bride to be - a sedated Stephanie McMahon! Triple H said the vows for both him and Stephanie, put a ring on her finger, and said "I do." They were married! Stephanie had been knocked out by the drink she was offered earlier at her party! Triple H and Steph drove away in the wedding vehicle! Back in the ring, Stephanie cried and Test ran after Hunter as Vince