Raw is War

Pennsylvania State University, State College, Pennsylvania
November 8, 1999

RAW started off with a bang from the campus of Penn State University in State College, Penn. The incomparable Stone Cold Steve Austin made his way to the ring with a lot of questions on his mind. Austin called out Vince McMahon in an attempt to get an answer from the owner concerning his hitting the Rattlesnake with the championship belt on SmackDown! Vince responded that everyone makes mistakes, before an enraged Austin tossed a $10,000 microphone into the crowd. McMahon claimed his actions were accidental last week, but Austin wasn't buying it. To "prove" himself, the owner appointed himself guest referee at the Triple Threat Match at Survivor Series.

This announcement raised the ire of The Rock, and he made his way to the ring. The People's Champ said Vince's declaration was the "biggest pile of monkey crap he had ever seen." The Rock said that he and Austin knew that neither should ever trust the owner. An outraged McMahon asked The Rock whether his hitting Austin with a sledgehammer at No Mercy was an accident, just to show that accidents can happen. When McMahon called Triple H's holding of the Federation gold an accident, the champ emerged from the backstage area. Hunter said his reign was no accident, and warned McMahon to stay out of his way.

Al Snow and Mankind took on the challenging New Age Outlaws in a Tag Team Championship bout. The action was fast and furious, with Snow gaining an advantage on his opponents. With Al battling Road Dogg in the ring, Val Venis appeared to distract Mankind. Meanwhile, Snow nailed the D-O-Double-G with the Snow Plow. With Mankind and the referee distracted, Mr. Ass grabbed a steel chair and clobbered Al from behind, allowing Road Dogg to secure a pinfall victory and another Tag Team Title run for the Outlaws.

Following the match, D-Generation X celebrated, perhaps feeling more confident than ever. The DX of old shined through as Triple H lowered his pants for the camera.

Al Snow and Mankind spoke with Kevin Kelly in the back, visibly distraught. Though Mick Foley tried to take the blame for the loss, Al assumed all responsibility, claiming that the furor over his action figure has made him lose his focus.

The Godfather, with the Ho Train, took on Val Venis in singles competition. The pimp offered Val some special "freaky" hos, but Val would have none of it, attacking his opponent before the bell. As Val went for a Money Shot, Mankind tripped up the adult film star and the two battled into the crowd.

Michael Hayes spoke with Stephanie, Shane and Linda McMahon and Test backstage. Shane assured Test that the wedding had his 100 percent blessing.

In the ring, Lilian Garcia led the crowd in a tolling of the bell to honor the Big Show's father, who lost his valiant battle with cancer a day earlier. The Big Boss Man interrupted the tolls, reading a "sympathy card." The card was anything but sympathetic, as the Boss Man unleashed a heinous verbal assault on Show and his deceased father.

The third Kurt Angle vignette was shown, as the "real" athlete reminded us once again why he is so successful.

Entering through the crowd, Edge and Christian prepared to team with the Headbangers in a match against the British Bulldog and the Mean Street Posse. The Posse, clad in the gear of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, took an early advantage until Rodney missed a moonsault. The match erupted into a brawl, but the Bangers, Edge and Christian were able to isolate Pete Gas and earn the pinfall win after a Downward Spiral from Edge and a splash from Christian. After the bell, both teams pounded on each other. Backstage, Vince McMahon warned DX once again to keep themselves in line.

Footage from earlier in the day, featuring Chris Jericho, was shown. Y2J stood on the grass of Beaver Stadium, insulting Chyna and declaring that he will win the Intercontinental Title at Survivor Series.

In one-on-one competition, X-Pac took on The Rock. The "Great One" threatened to stick X-Pac's can of energy drink straight up the degenerate's candy ass! X-Pac unleashed a quick offensive strike, but The Rock countered with a powerslam. With Vince McMahon watching from a backstage monitor, X-Pac sent The Rock for a ride into the steel stairs. Once the match returned to the ring, both men exchanged a series of offensive maneuvers. X-Pac was dumped to the outside, but when his opponent pursued him, the referee was knocked silly! The DX member took full advantage of the situation, nailing The Rock with a steel chair and a Bronco Buster. When X-Pac went for the X-Factor, the People's Champ countered with a Rock Bottom for the 1-2-3 victory.

DX ran to the ring to obliterate The Rock. After a Pedigree from Triple H, Vince McMahon appeared. Hunter remained in the ring as the Outlaws and X-Pac returned to the locker room. The Federation owner announced that Triple H would defend against Test later in the evening, with special guest referee Shane McMahon and guest timekeeper Vince McMahon presiding over the match. Vince said that if any DX member got within 50 feet of the ring during the match, he would stop the bout and award the belt to Test. Suddenly, The Rock rose to his feet, planting Triple H to the mat with a Rock Bottom before scoring a People's Elbow.

Chyna and Miss Kitty headed to the ring to share their feelings on Chris Jericho. They were rudely interrupted by Stevie Richards, dressed as Elvis Presley. Declaring himself a lover and not a fighter, Stevie sang a flattering song for the Ninth Wonder of the World. This brought out Y2J, who attacked Richards and then brawled wildly with the Intercontinental Champ!

The Acolytes were shown watching RAW in a bar, complaining about Y2J's treatment of women. An attractive lady then approached the duo, and they said they'd show her the proper way to treat a woman. Meanwhile, Mankind presented Al Snow with a new Head, among other gifts, as Snow continued to profess that he is not a murderer.

Kane and the Boss Man battled in one heck of a slobberknocker. Jerry 'The King' Lawler questioned whether Kane was a Big Red Virgin, now that Kane and Tori are a couple. Boss Man went to work on his taller opponent, undaunted by the negative reaction from the crowd. Kane gained control, delivering a top-rope clothesline. Prince Albert immediately appeared in the ring, but he became the recipient of a chokeslam. Boss Man then beat Kane mercilessly with his nightstick, gaining some measure of victory after suffering a defeat via disqualification.

The Acolytes continued watching RAW at the bar. The young lady's boyfriend showed up, and he was quite upset that Bradshaw and Faarooq were talking to his girl. No punches were exchanged, however

After the break, Too Cool hit the ring. Grand Master Sexy freestyled a little on the mic. Scottie Too Hottie said that the Hollys weren't the only superheavyweights in the Federation. The Hollys made their way to the ring to battle Too Cool in tag competition. The would-be mack daddies dominated early, using frequent tags and flashy moves to their advantage. When Crash Holly distracted Too Cool by grabbing his scale, Hardcore Holly capitalized, scoring a pinfall victory after a suplex slam.

Back in the bar, a group of locals insulted the Acolytes, calling them "fake wrestlers." Bradshaw looked ready to rumble. Then, the Acolytes struck, destroying the bar and anyone in their way. The duo left the area after upholding their pride once again.

The main event was set to go, as the McMahons, Test and Triple H came to ringside. Triple H quickly became upset with the McMahons, as Shane quick-counted several times and Vince even shoved the champ back into the ring after he had fallen to the floor. Test rammed Triple H's head into the steel stairs, but then missed an elbow from the ring apron, with his ribs hitting the barricade at full force. Hunter wisely concentrated on his foe's injured ribs and then locked Test in an abdominal stretch. Test countered, but Triple H regained the upper hand. The champ then planted Test right on the announcer's table! After returning to the ring, the challenger began to build momentum with a big boot and a powerbomb. Test made a fatal error, though, and Hunter caught the youngster with a Pedigree. When Shane refused to make the count, the champ attacked both McMahons. Vince clubbed Triple H with the title belt, but Hunter kicked out. The champ was in a vulnerable state, but then the Road Dogg appeared on the Titan Tron! DX was shown assaulting Stephanie backstage, causing Test and the McMahons to run to her aide, and leaving Triple H as the winner via countout. RAW left the air with Vince searching for his daughter.