Raw is War

Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio
October 18, 1999

RAW kicked off live from the campus of Ohio State University with an appearance by The Rock. The People's Champ made it clear that he was still angry at Triple H for the sledgehammer attack perpetrated by the Greenwich native at No Mercy, and that he was looking for a measure of revenge at the Survivor Series. Before The Rock could finish the promo, Stone Cold Steve Austin made an appearance of his own, making it known that he also considered himself to be the No. 1 contender for the gold. Before the two superstars could come to blows, Vince McMahon materialized from the backstage area, calling out Triple H to get the Champion's take on the situation. Triple H then appeared on the rampway, but before he was able to name the true No.1 contender, McMahon interrupted, stating that the Champion would square off against both The Rock and Austin at the Survivor Series.

X-Pac and Kane then took on the Dudley Boyz in tag team competition, with the former team working as a cohesive unit, even after their battle the previous night at No Mercy. The action was fast and furious, with Kane chokeslamming Buh Buh Ray for the win after the Headbangers distracted the stuttering Dudley.

Backstage, The Acolytes were shown beating Curtis Hughes in a game of poker. Hughes continued to lose hand after hand until he actually lost Howard Finkel to Faarooq.

The Hollys were then shown petitioning Vince McMahon for a title shot against The Rock 'N' Sock Connection, a request that was granted by the Federation owner.

The Big Boss Man was next on RAW, calling out the Big Show for a bout to determine the Hardcore Championship later in the night, a challenge that was whole-heartedly accepted.

Michael Cole then interviewed The Fabulous Moolah, who was challenged to a Women's Championship match by Mae Young!

RAW then presented Mark Henry's fourth sex addiction therapy session, but the session ended suddenly when the therapist tried to jump Sexual Chocolate right there in the office!

The Godfather brought out his ho train for a match against Viscera. Although the Godfather looked to have the match won, he allowed himself to be distracted by Mideon, leaving an opening for Viscera to take the win!

Mick Foley was then shown walking around backstage, looking for The Rock. Eventually, Foley found the People's Champ, and gave him a copy of "Have a Nice Day," Foley's book. Mick also tried to return Mr. Rocko back to The Rock, but the offer was refused due to the horrendous condition of the worn sweatsock.

The new Intercontinental Champion then made her way to the ring, seconded by Miss Kitty, who was garbed exactly like the Ninth Wonder of the World. Chyna made it clear that she would face anybody that wanted to try and take the title, with the open call being answered by none other than Chris Jericho. Y2J called Chyna's win an "embarrassment," proof that the Federation is stuck in a downward spiral. Jericho then ran down Chyna for several minutes, quieted only after she hit him across the head with the belt itself.

The Bulldog and Test then faced off in a match that was destined to happen after Stephanie McMahon was KO'ed several weeks ago by the Manchester native. The two superstars pulled out all of the stops, with Test getting a win via disqualification after the Mean Street Posse ran into the ring to interfere. After the match, the Bulldog continued to assault Test with a garbage can in a show of incredible brutality.

Federation cameras then picked up Al Snow backstage, with the Prince of Hardcore finding The Rock's copy of Mick Foley's book sitting in a trashcan. When Snow told Mick about the discarded tome, Foley looked visibly hurt.

Snow then faced off against Val Venis in singles competition. The two superstars put on a phenomenal match, intermixing technical wrestling maneuvers with hardcore brawling. The momentum of the contest swung back and forth at a dizzying pace, with Venis eventually taking the win after a money shot.

Mick Foley then confronted The Rock backstage, calling him a self-righteous son of a ***** for tossing away the book. Although The Rock denied the action, Foley didn't care, declaring that the Rock 'N' Sock Connection was done for after that night.

The Hardcore Championship was supposed to be on the line, but before the Big Show was able to come out for the match, he was told that his father had died. This news prevented the Show from competing, and the match was awarded to the Boss Man via forfeit.

The New Age Outlaws then faced off against the Acolytes, who were seconded by Howard Finkel for the contest. The action between these two teams was so intense that the top rope actually broke during the bout! Billy Gunn didn't fare much better, as he was busted wide open after several bruising shots to the forehead. Finkel tried to assist the Acolytes by introducing a chair into the ring, but the Outlaws, who wound up taking the win, used the weapon instead. After the match, Finkel received a "superheavyweight wedgie" as punishment for his screw-up.

The Brood, still sporting their injuries from their ladder match, then came into the ring for an interview. Matt Hardy then made it clear that they were no longer part of the Brood, and that he and his brother Jeff wanted to be known by their real names. Edge and Christian then came into the ring to shake the Hardys' hands in a show of respect. Terri Runnels then came from the backstage area, accompanied by Gangrel. The fanged one then made it clear that he had "scored" with Terri the previous night, causing the other four superstars to attack him.

GTV then went on the air, catching the Boss Man with the police officer who broke the bad news to the Big Show, revealing that the entire incident was a setup.

The Rock 'N' Sock Connection then defended their gold against the Hollys in the main event of RAW. The tension between Mankind and The Rock was palpable, with Mick Foley not even bothering to wear his title belt or his leather mask to ringside. This People's Champ was left to take on both Hollys by himself, and he definitely showed that he was suffering the effects of the sledgehammer attack from the previous night. The volatile cousins dominated The Rock for the majority of the contest, but just as the Brahma Bull looked like he was about to make a comeback, Triple H ran into the ring and pedigreed him, allowing the Hollys to win the gold. Triple H would pay for this attack, as Stone Cold appeared and tossed the Champion back into the ring, laying him out with a stunner as RAW went off the air!