Raw is War

East Ruthersford, New Jersey
October 4, 1999

RAW kicked off with a bang, as The New Age Outlaws, Kane and X-Pac, the Acolytes and the Hardcore Hollys faced off in a four-way match. The action was fast-paced and hard-hitting, with all four teams giving their all. The Outlaws and the Hollys took the war outside of the ring, with both teams being summarily counted out of the match. This left X-Pac and Kane and the Acolytes, with the degenerate trying to prove that he could run with the big boys. X-Pac refused to tag in The Big Red Machine, a losing strategy, as he eventually found himself staring at the ceiling while the ref counted to three.

RAW then showed a flashback to Rebellion, where the Bulldog accidentally knocked out Stephanie McMahon after blindly throwing a trashcan in a fit of anger. The Bulldog then made his way into the ring in order to offer up an apology of sorts for the incident, but this apology was also accompanied by several insults for the Federation owner. The Manchester native then announced that he would be facing The Rock at No Mercy. The Bulldog then made it known that he was gunning for the Federation title, a turn of events that brought out Chyna, who challenged the Bulldog to a match to take place later in the night.

Mankind was then shown backstage, caught in one of the most difficult moments of his career. The hardcore legend told a (largely disinterested) Rock that their partnership had to end, thus bringing a close to the Rock and Sock connection.

Federation cameras then took us to a Connecticut hospital, where Test revealed that Stephanie McMahon was suffering from post-concussion syndrome. The superstar also stated that his fiancée didn't even recognize him after the incident in England, putting next week's nuptials into doubt!

Round two of the Terri Invitational was next on the plate, with Edge and Christian facing off against the New Brood. The two teams had an incredible match, with the momentum swinging back and forth countless times. After several hard-fought minutes, Edge managed to spear Jeff Hardy, getting the three-count and getting one step closer to winning the Invitational.

Triple H then made his way out to address the capacity crowd, making it clear that he plans to destroy Steve Austin at No Mercy. The Champion then called Jim Ross into the ring, forcing the announcer to watch an interview that he conducted with Austin last week. The Rattlesnake had many harsh words in the segment, mostly directed towards Triple H. The Champion then pressed Ross until the Oklahoman made clear his negative feelings towards the Greenwich native…statements that led to a brutal assault on the announcer.

A rather unusual contest was next on RAW as Jeff Jarrett and Ivory teamed up to face Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah. Jarrett didn't actually compete in the bout, sending in Miss Kitty as a stand-in of sorts. Kitty was no match for the more experienced Young and Moolah, soon losing after a roll-up. Post-match, Jarrett placed Kitty into a figure-four leglock, making clear his displeasure with his valet.

GTV then went on the air, catching Droz throwing up into D'Lo Brown's bag.

Mankind then stepped into the ring, accompanied by Clayton Rohner and Richard Brooks, his costars on this Sunday's episode of GvsE. Foley then made it clear that he didn't like it when Val Venis clamped down on his testicles last week. The hardcore legend then called out The Rock to a huge ovation, with Foley then announcing that he had decided not to break up the Rock and Sock connection! Foley made it clear that he considered this pairing to be the highlight of his storied career, and that he didn't want it to end on this night. This development angered The Rock, and just as emotions were hitting a fevered pitch, Chris Jericho interrupted the proceedings!

Y2J stated that he was completely bored by both members of the Rock and Sock Connection. Jericho then made it known that he thought that there were some… overtones to the relationship between Mankind and The Rock. These statements incensed the People's Champ, declaring that he would face off against Jericho later on in the night!

Backstage, the Dudley Boyz attacked Mick Foley (flanked by Stevie Richards). The beat-down was quick and brutal, with the Dudleys making clear their disdain for Mankind!

The Bulldog was next on RAW, taking on Chyna in singles competition. From the get-go, it was obvious that the Manchester native had underestimated Chyna, with the Ninth Wonder of the World dominating the match until Jeff Jarrett ran in to KO her with a coffee urn. The Bulldog then powerslammed an already unconscious Chyna to send a message to Triple H.

A surprise match then took place, with the Dudley Boyz taking on Dude Love (Stevie Richards) and Mankind. As soon as the match began, Val Venis appeared, joining the fray alongside the Dudleys. In fact, Venis played heavily into the outcome of the match, distracting Foley long enough to allow Richards to receive 3D, followed soon thereafter by a three count.

Vince McMahon then made his way into the ring, demanding that the Bulldog apologize for the accident that befell Stephanie McMahon. This brought out the Bulldog, who flatly refused to do so. McMahon then challenged the Bulldog to a fight, but the Manchester native left the arena in disgust.

The main event of the evening saw The Rock face off against Chris Jericho. As has been the case over the last few weeks, Jericho didn't come alone, with Curtis Hughes attacking The Rock before the opening bell. The contest itself went back and forth, with neither superstar able to take a definite advantage. Jericho managed to catch The Rock in the Walls of Jericho, but The People's Champ was able to reach the ropes for a break. The battle then went outside of the ring, with both superstars doing their best to destroy one another. The arena lights then went out, Jericho capitalized on causing momentary confusion that. Just as quickly, The Rock turned the momentum back in his direction, pinning Jericho after a Rock Bottom on a steel chair. As he was leaving the ringside area, Jericho began yelling at Hughes for his non-save during the match.

After the bout, the Bulldog ran into the ring in order to attack The Rock. As the Bulldog tried to leave the ring, Vince McMahon threw him back in, leading to a continuation of the brawl as RAW went off the air.