Raw is War

Greensboro, North Carolina
September 27, 1999

RAW kicked off with the announcement that the referees' strike was ended after some timely intervention by Federation owner Mr. McMahon.

Triple H, the new Federation Champion, wasted no time in making his presence felt in the program, immediately coming down to ringside, accompanied as always by Chyna. The Champion made it clear that he considered himself to be the "best damn game in the business," and that no other superstar could rival him. These boasts brought out the Bulldog, who revealed that the two superstars had an agreement at Unforgiven, which would guarantee that whichever man didn't win the gold the previous night would get the shot on RAW. Triple H then revealed that he lied to the Manchester native, leading to a viscous assault by the Champ and his Chyna.

This development brought out Vince McMahon. The Federation owner made it known that Triple H would indeed defend the gold on RAW… against none other than The Rock!

Test and Stephanie McMahon were then shown, shopping for wedding garb for their October 11 nuptials.

Jeff Jarrett and Miss Kitty were up next, accompanied by Dr.Tom Prichard! Jarrett then called out Debra and Chyna, challenging them to a battle of the sexes later in the night.

The Big Show then came to ringside to take on Chris Jericho in a chokeslam match. Commentary for the bout was provided by Prince Albert, who made it known that he too was gunning for the Show. Y2J was outmatched early on in the contest, with the Show using his superior strength to toss Jericho around the ring. Before Jericho could be slammed, Albert interfered, laying out the Show with a missile drop kick! Post-match, as Jericho was making his way to the backstage area, he was assaulted by the Road Dogg, eager for revenge!

Backstage, Stevie Richards approached Mick Foley. Richards asked Foley if he could borrow the Dude Love gimmick for a night, a request that Foley happily granted.

The Texas Rattlesnake finally appeared on RAW, as Stone Cold Steve Austin came out to express his displeasure at not getting a shot at the title. He called out Mr. McMahon, who explained that Austin would get his title shot… at No Mercy!

GTV then went on the air, showing footage of the Mean Street Posse kicking Terri Runnels to the curb!

The European title was on the line, as Steve Blackman took on D'Lo Brown. The bout didn't last very long, as Blackman snapped, using his kendo stick to destroy Brown, then Jim Dotson. D'Lo woes weren't over yet, as Droz assaulted Brown… with Mark Henry appearing as Brown's unlikely savior!

Mankind then came to ringside, attempting to make up with The Rock after attacking him the previous night at Unforgiven. The People's Champ entered the ring to see what the whole spectacle was about; soon discovering that Foley had prepared to present an episode of "This is the Rock's Life!" Foley brought out The Rock's 6th grade Home Economics teacher, who was soon sent packing by the People's Champ. The Rock's high school football coach was next, and he too was sent on his way in short order. Enter The Rock's high school sweetheart, who lasted even less time than the Home Ec teacher. Mankind brought out another surprise, pulling out matching jackets that read "Rock 'N' Sock Connection" across the back. Finally, Mankind revealed one last surprise, the clown who was present during the "birth" of Socko. The Rock then blew her off, raising the ire of Mankind. Just as the party was about to end, Triple H ran into the ring with a sledgehammer, narrowly missing the People's Champ.

The New Age Outlaws were up next, offering up an open challenge to any two superstars that dared oppose them. Kane and X-Pac then took up the challenge, but before the bout could really get started, the Hardcore Hollys came to ringside, claiming that they were entitled to the title shot. The match itself was brutal, but no decisive winner could be found, as the Hollys ran into the ring. Unfortunately for the Super Heavyweights, they soon found themselves beaten down by the four superstars who were actually scheduled for the bout.

One of the most bizarre matches in RAW history was up next, a handicap Evening Gown match with Ivory against Mae Young and the Fabulous Moolah. The two seniors held their own, using double team tactics to attack the Women's Champion. Ivory managed to eventually strip off Young's gown, but found herself similarly stripped by Moolah.

GTV went on the air once again, showing Val Venis stuffing his pants with one of Mick Foley's customized Mr. Sockos.

The Battle of the Sexes was next, with Chyna adding a special stipulation… that she be granted an Intercontinental title rematch should she prove able to pin Jarrett. Debra also accepted the challenge, coming to ringside to use her feminine wiles to distract Tom Prichard. Prichard attempted to use Jarrett's guitar to turn the tide of the bout, but when he KO'ed Chyna, she fell on top of the Intercontinental Champion, scoring a pinfall while unconscious!

The Federation Championship was on the line as The Rock challenged for Triple H's gold. None other than Stone Cold Steve Austin provided commentary for the bout. The battle soon turned into a war, with both The Rock and Triple H taking the contest all over the arena. The Champ eventually tried to bring a folding chair into the ring, and when Earl Hebner tried to interfere, the official found himself KO'ed by Triple H! This brought in Stone Cold, who stunned the Champ, but since the official had been attacked, his count was slow. This opened the door for the Bulldog to run in and attack The Rock, with the People's Champion being left lying as RAW went off the air.