Raw is War

Houston, Texas
September 20, 1999

RAW kicked off live from Houston, Texas, with the new Federation Champion, Mr. McMahon, coming to ringside to make a huge announcement. The Federation owner reiterated that he was prohibited from taking part in the company's day-to-day business (as per the stipulations from Fully Loaded), and that he was relinquishing the gold. This brought out Stone Cold Steve Austin, who made it known that he wanted to take McMahon's place in the Six-Pack match at Unforgiven. Triple H then appeared, laying his own claim to the vacant spot. The former Champion went so far as to threaten that a member of the McMahon family would be stretchered out of the arena if he didn't get the slot. This brought out Shane McMahon, who stated that a match would take place later in the night, between Triple H and Chyna and Shane and Vince McMahon.

Stone Cold then interjected, stating that he would go so far as to reinstate McMahon into the Federation, so long as the Rattlesnake got a shot at the title. McMahon agreed, telling Austin that he would face the winner of the Six-Pack match. He then gave the vacant slot to Triple H, explaining that the other five superstars would enjoy tearing apart the former Champion!

Backstage, Mideon was shown entering into a boiler room, looking for Mankind. He was successful, and a brawl soon ensued. Viscera then joined the fray, followed by the Big Show. Were it not for the timely intervention of The Rock, there's no question that the beating that Mankind had the potential to end the career of the Boiler Room Dweller!

Y2J then hit Houston with full force, as Chris Jericho took on Billy Gunn in singles competition. The bout itself was very evenly fought, with Jericho using underhanded tactics to counteract Gunn's strength advantage. When Gunn let down his guard near the end of the bout, Mr. Hughes KOed him with a DDT on exposed concrete! This allowed Jericho to steal another win, leading up to his bout against Ken Shamrock at Unforgiven.

RAW then went backstage, where The Rock and Mankind challenged the Big Show and the Undertaker to a title match later in the program… a challenge that was accepted, with the added stipulation that the match take place under "Darkside Rules!"

The Federation Women's Champion then came down to ringside, running down the city of Houston. She then likened Luna to a cockroach, setting the stage for their title match at Unforgiven. Ivory then challenged a fan out of the stands, a fan that immediately revealed herself to be Luna! An impromptu match followed, with Luna taking a quick victory!

In an interview with Michael Cole, D'Lo Brown made it clear that he was ready to get revenge on Mark Henry, but before he could finish, Sexual Chocolate laid him out with a vicious chairshot!

The Dudley Boyz were up next, taking on the New Brood in tag team competition. Before the bout could commence, the Acolytes came to ringside, adding an air of intimidation to the proceedings. The match then took a bizarre turn, as Stevie Richards appeared, dressed like on of the Dudley Boyz! The contest itself was very back and forth, with Matt Hardy finally succumbing to 3D! The Acolytes then bum rushed the show, leading to a pier six brawl between all of the superstars!

Mixed Tag Team action was next on the card, as the team of Jeff Jarrett and Debra took on Test and Stephanie McMahon! Jarrett immediately found himself in quite a quandary, as Debra refused to tag into the match. This lack of teamwork proved costly, as Jarrett found himself demolished by Test, and then pinned by Stephanie! Post-match, Jarrett snapped, putting Debra into a figure-four leglock!

The Tag Team Championship was then on the line, as The Rock and Mankind sought to regain the gold from the Undertaker and the Big Show. The Lord of Darkness didn't actually start off the match, instead being replaced by followers Mideon and Viscera. With the odds against them, the challengers pulled out all of the stops in the match, a show of courage that appeared to be for naught when Kane suddenly appeared, ostensibly to side with his brother! Kane then attacked the Big Show, opening the door for the Rock to mount an attack of his own against Mideon, with new Tag Champions being crowned soon thereafter!

Backstage, Terry Taylor interviewed Marianna, with the blonde sporting several new facial bruises. When Chaz appeared to confront her, local law enforcement took him into custody!

The next match saw Shawn Stasiak taking on Steve Blackman. Before the match could kick off, Val Venis appeared, holding Blackman's duffel bag of weapons. The Big Valbowski then made his way to the announce table, where he ran down Blackman all throughout the contest. Blackman eventually reclaimed his bag, but was distracted when he found a rather… unusual… implement packed inside. This distraction allowed Stasiak to roll up the Lethal Weapon for an unexpected win!

The Undertaker then called out Kane, in order to gain a measure of revenge for the Big Red Machine's interference in the Tag Team Title bout. Before confronting his brother, Kane found himself attacked by the Undertaker's minions, with only the intervention of The Rock and Mankind saving the seven-footer from being burned alive!

The Big Boss Man then made his presence felt on RAW, but his promo was soon cut short by an appearance by the Hardcore Hollys! Hardcore Holly challenged the former corrections officer to a hardcore match. The ensuing bout was incredibly fierce, with Hardcore Holly taking the victory after some intervention from cousin Crash!

Federation cameras then went to a local "gentlemen's club," showing Sexual Chocolate as one of the clientele! D'Lo Brown then appeared, with the ensuing brawl destroying much of the establishment.

The main event of the evening saw Triple H and Chyna taking on Vince and Shane McMahon. Shane initially came to ringside by himself, as it was revealed that Mr. McMahon had been blockaded in his own locker room. Shane didn't come alone, however… his future brother-in-law, Test, seconded him. The two teams soon entered into an all-out war, with neither team holding anything back. During the bout, Jeff Jarrett made an unexpected appearance, causing Chyna to leave the ringside area. Triple H then went on a rampage, laying out Test, Shane and referee Tom Pritchard. The former degenerate then took a steel chair to the bodies of his opponents! As Triple H attempted to leave the ringside area, he suddenly found himself knocked out by a steel chair, wielded by none other than Vince McMahon!