Raw is War

Anaheim, California
September 13, 1999

RAW kicked off with some of the Federation's biggest stars, all determined to locate Triple H. The Federation Champion has made numerous enemies over the last few weeks, all of whom were looking for some revenge. The Champion did make his way into the arena… surrounded by a phalanx of security.

RAW then took a rather unusual turn, as Linda McMahon (accompanied by the Associates) entered the ring to thunderous applause. The Federation co-owner then declared that a match between Kane, The Undertaker, The Rock, Mankind and Kane . McMahon wasn't finished, stating that Triple H would be defending his gold against Stone Cold Steve Austin later in the night! This announcement brought out the Champion and Chyna, who summarily laid out Patterson & Brisco. Triple H then began to menace McMahon, only to be interrupted by the five challengers, all hungry for his title!

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett put forth an open challenge to any woman brave (or foolhardy) enough to face him in the ring. The Tennessee native then made his way to the ring to see who would accept his challenge, with Luna answering the call! Luna actually had a rather good showing, but was eventually KO'ed by a guitar shot from Ivory! Jarrett was summarily disqualified for the attack. After the bout, Jarrett began to menace ring announcer Lillian Garcia, causing numerous Federation officials to intervene before the Intercontinental Champion could severely injure her!

D-Von Dudley was next on the card, taking on Faarooq in a "Dudleyville Strap Match."Each man was seconded by his respective tag team partner, a fact that would play heavily into the finish of the match. The contest itself was incredibly brutal, with D-Von taking the win after Buh Buh knocked out the Acolyte with a steel chair!

A very special interview segment was up next, with the British Bulldog . The Bulldog explained that he gave Al Snow the Hardcore Championship because he deserved it. The Bulldog also explained that he had returned to the Federation to prove to all of the naysayers that he could still go. He also made it clear that he planned on winning the Federation Championship in the near future. The Big Boss Man then interrupted the Bulldog, but he himself was cut off by Al Snow, who challenged the former corrections officer to a double steel cage match at Unforgiven! The segment then ended with a brawl between the Bulldog and the Boss Man!

The RAW audience was then treated to a shocking sight… Shane McMahon laying backstage, obviously the victim of some sort of assault!

Joey Abs was up next, taking on Test, despite Shane McMahon's mandate that his sister's fiance be left alone. The contest itself was , with the Mean Street Posse interfering whenever Test would take the advantage. Eventually Test took the win, with the Posse jumping him after the decision was announced. Test was then saved by an unlikely ally… Shane McMahon. McMahon wound up spearing the entire Posse, then teaming with Test to drive the Greenwich natives from the arena!

The Federation Championship was on the line, as Stone Cold Steve Austin attempted to regain his gold from Triple H. However, before the match could begin, the Champion announced that he had signed a warrant for Austin's arrest (as a result of the incident on SmackDown!), with numerous law-enforcement officials taking the Rattlesnake into custody.

The Godfather made his return to RAW, taking on Chaz in singles competition. The two young superstars had a back-and-forth battle which was interrupted by the appearance of Marianna, who was sporting a black eye. This development angered the Godfather, causing him to pull out all of the stops, eventually pinning Chaz after a Pimp Drop.

Y2J then hit the Anaheim Pond, as Chris Jericho ordered a steel cage to be lowered around the ring. Jericho then stepped into his "Y2Jail" to face "submissions expert" Gotch Gracie. A farce of a match ensued, with Jericho eventually beating Gracie by submission. Ken Shamrock then appeared, eager to show Jericho a few submissions of his own, only to be attacked by both Jericho and Gracie. As "Scam-Rock" was left laying, Gracie unmasked to reveal Curtis Hughes, making his return to the Federation.

The No. 1 contender match was up next, featuring the Big Show, the Undertaker, Mankind, The Rock and Kane, all of whom were eager to have a shot at Triple H's gold. Soon after the contest began, Mideon and Viscera appeared at ringside, with intentions unknown. The battle soon turned into an all-out war, with all five superstars pulling out all of the stops. Several Federation officials entered into the ring to try and quell the battle, but all were soon laid out. The contest then saw every single superstar that was still in the locker room run into the ring, creating a wild melee the likes of which have never been been seen on RAW!

Val Venis was up next, teaming with D'Lo Brown to take on Steve Blackman and Sexual Chocolate. At least, that was the plan, but Mark Henry never actually appeared to compete. This left Blackman to go at it alone, a bad idea when you're staring down two top-flight superstars. Blackman tried, but was soon defeated by his opponents. As Blackman made his way back to the locker room, GTV went live on the Titantron, showing Mark Henry in the backstage area, being entertained by two of the Godfather's hos.

Triple H and Chyna made their presence felt once again, coming down to the ring and calling out Linda McMahon to "settle some business." The Champion demanded that McMahon declare Austin to be at the bottom of the championship ladder . When McMahon refused, Triple H began to physically accost her. This brought out none other than Vince McMahon, who immediately threw down with the Champion. Steve Austin then appeared, leaping into the ring, beginning an impromptu title match. Utter chaos ensued, with Austin eventually being disqualified for attacking referee Earl Hebner. The two superstars didn't stop there, though, with the battle continuing inside of the suddenly-lowered steel cage. Austin eventually stunned the Champion, celebrating as RAW went off the air!