Raw is War

Hartfod Civic Center, Hartford, Connecticut
September 6, 1999

RAW kicked off with a match for the Tag Team Championship, as The Rock and Mankind defended their gold against Kane and X-Pac. At least, that was the original plan, but the Big Red Machine came to the ring alone, without the degenerate at his side. Kane didn't have to go at it alone, however, as Triple H appeared, volunteering to take X-Pac's place… an offer that was not accepted. Triple H then took a sledgehammer and used it on Kane, allowing The Rock to make the pin and retain the titles. After the match, Triple H continued to assault Kane with the hammer, and was only stopped due to an appearance by the Undertaker and The Big Show.

Jeff Jarrett was up next, taking on an unlikely opponent... the lovely Jacqueline. Jarrett set up the match in order to send a message to Chyna, his opponent at Unforgiven. Conspicuous by her absence was Debra, who reportedly "wouldn't be caught dead in Hartford." The match ended quickly, with Jarrett taking the win with his figure-four leglock. Post-match, the Tennessee native broke his ever-present guitar over Jackie's head .

Edge and Christian were in action next, taking on the Acolytes in a battle to determine the number one contenders for the Tag Team Championship. The Acolytes dominated early, using their incredible strength to work over their smaller opponents. It looked as if the Acolytes were about to take the match, when Edge and Christian used some timely double-team tactics to turn the tables and steal the win.

After the contest ended, the Dudley Boyz attacked the Acolytes backstage, using garbage cans to KO the former Tag Team Champions.

GTV continued to embarrass the superstars of the Federation, showing footage from a bathroom occupied by Val Venis and The Big Show. The Big Valbowski began to ridicule The Show, a course of action which saw the Undertaker's partner throw Venis into a wall.

Meat was then interviewed backstage, announcing that wanted to be known by his real name of Sean Stasiak. Before Stasiak could finish his interview, he was attacked by the Mean Street Posse.

Val Venis then came down to the ring, calling out The Big Show. To Venis' credit, he was not intimidated by The Show, bringing the fight to him throughout the match. However, The Show's superior strength won out in the end, with Venis falling to a Show Stopper chokeslam. After the match, Steve Blackman ran into the ring, further injuring the Las Vegas native.

Backstage, The Dudley Boyz made it clear that they were ready to take on all comers in the World Wrestling Federation. However, before D-Von could deliver his personal commandments, the Boyz were attacked by the revenge-hungry Acolytes

Ring announcer Lillian Garcia then attempted to introduce the next contest, but found herself interrupted by Howard Finkel. The Fink then took over the announcing duties, but was dismayed to find out that the bout was scheduled to feature Ken Shamrock! Just as the UFC vet was about to crush The Fink, Chris Jericho appeared on the Titantron, promising a face-to-face conversation on Thursday's episode of SmackDown!

Triple H and Chyna then reappeared, with the Federation's Champion reminding everybody that he is "The Game." The interview was interrupted by Mr. Ass, who made it clear that he knew Triple H better than anybody else in the Federation. Triple H was so incensed that he granted Ass a shot at the gold later in the night!

Six-man competition was next on the card, as the Mean Street Posse (accompanied by Terri Runnels) took on Test, Pat Patterson and Gerry Brisco. Although the Greenwich natives did their best, they were no match for Test, and soon attempted to leave the ringside area. Before Rodney was able to make good on his escape, Sean Stasiak confronted him, sending back into the contest, where he was soon pinned by Stephanie McMahon's fiancÚ!

The Hardcore Hollys were up next, taking on the New Brood in tag team competition. Before the match could begin, the Hollys made it clear that their opponents didn't qualify as superheavyweights, going so far as asking the Brood weigh in on a scale to prove the point. The entire process distracted the Hollys enough to allow the Brood to launch a sneak attack! The ensuing match was fast-paced, with the "superheavyweights" taking the win. The New Brood did gain a measure of immediate revenge, giving Crash a bloodbath! This lead to a pull-apart brawl between the two hot-tempered cousins.

Backstage, the Undertaker and The Big Show challenged The Rock and Mankind to a Buried Alive Tag Team Title match on SmackDown! Later in the night, the Champions accepted the challenge, guaranteeing the match would take place this Thursday night!

Al Snow then made his presence felt, coming to ringside in his old Avatar ring garb. Still suffering from the loss of Pepper, Snow then offered up one of his most bizarre interviews ever, culminating in him running around the ring, barking like a dog.

GTV then made its second appearance of the night, catching Marianna talking on a telephone while in a state of obvious distress.

The next contest featured D'Lo Brown in singles competition against Steve Blackman. Before the bout could begin, Sexual Chocolate made his way to ringside to provide color commentary. The battle between Blackman and Brown went back and forth, but was ended when Val Venis attacked the Lethal Weapon during a momentary break in the action. Venis then took Blackman's bag of weapons, while D'Lo took the victory. Henry then attacked Brown, making it clear that he still despised the Chicago native.

Ivory and Tori then squared off for the Federation Women's Championship. This bout was fought under hardcore rules, and both women pulled out all the stops! The wild brawl went all over the backstage area, from a shower stall to the men's locker room. Eventually, Ivory broke a mirror over Tori's head, allowing the Champion to retain her gold. This victory wasn't enough for Ivory, who then used a red-hot iron to burn Tori's back!

The Federation Championship was on the line in the main event of the evening, as Triple H faced off against Mr. Ass. Senior referee Earl Hebner started off the contest by sending Chyna away from the ringside area in an attempt to guarantee a fair contest. Mr. Ass did everything within his power to take the gold, coming close with several near-falls on the Champion. The contest was then interrupted by Shane McMahon, who tried to provide a distraction for Triple H, a gambit that backfired, with Mr. Ass almost stealing a win after clocking the Champion with his own belt. Hebner was then KO'ed accidentally, once again missing a pinfall attempt by Mr. Ass. Eventually, Mr. Ass fell victim to Triple H's pedigree, allowing the Greenwich native to retain his title! Triple H's celebration was short-lived, as Kane then hit the ring, eager for revenge. Chyna, Triple H and Shane McMahon then all felt the power of Kane's chokeslam as RAW went off the air.