Raw is War

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
August 22, 1999

With SummerSlam still fresh in their minds, the fans at Iowa State University had jam packed the Hilton Coliseum for RAW IS WAR! Jim Ross was in the ring to introduce new World Wrestling Federation Champion Mankind! But Triple H came out instead and insisted there would be no celebration tonight. He grabbed JR's arm and threatened to break it unless Mankind granted Triple H a title shot on RAW! The new champion appeared and said Triple H needn't take JR hostage to get a title shot, but Mankind said he wouldn't grant one until JR was released. But Triple H twisted JR's arm and a snap could be heard throughout the arena. Mankind said that since Triple H broke his promise, the match was off. But Shane McMahon came out and ordered that the match would happen. Meanwhile, JR had to be taken away in an ambulance.

Road Dogg had challenged the winner of the Hardcore Title Match at SummerSlam. It turned out to be Al Snow, and the contest was set for RAW. As the match got underway, Chris Jericho, who had ridiculed Road Dogg at SummerSlam, appeared and he and the D-O-double-G battled to the back. Al Snow, who had just been put through a table, was left behind, and the Big Boss Man came out and hammered him with the nightstick. Then Boss Man grabbed Snow's Chihuahua, Pepper, got in a car and drove away!

One day after winning the Tag Team Championship, Undertaker and the Big Show defended against the Acolytes. Faarooq spilled to the outside and went after Kane and X-Pac, who had joined Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler for commentary. Within seconds, it was an all-out brawl at ringside, and the match was declared a no contest.

Test promised that he had a little announcement for Stephanie McMahon, and he made his way to the ring. He said that there comes a time in every man's life that he needs to "pop the question," and with that he invited out Stephanie. Sensing what was about to happen, Shane McMahon sprinted to the ring and said that Test and Stephanie's relationship would continue "over my dead body." Stephanie scolded Shane, asking how he could try and take something away from her that made her so happy. Test got on one knee and asked Stephanie to marry him! Stephanie gave a quick look over to Shane, told Test that she loved him, but said she just needed some time. Stephanie trotted away beaming, and Test and a smirking Shane stared at each other.

Six-time Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett, accompanied by "Sexual Chocolate" Mark Henry and Debra, came to the ring for a little celebration. To thank Mark Henry for joining "Jarrett Enterprises," Jeff gave "Sexual Chocolate" the European Title! And to be an assistant to Debra and her puppies, Jarrett introduced a new blonde bombshell-Miss Kitty! Jarrett said he has proved that he's the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, and he was offering an open contract to any Federation Superstar.

Henry was scheduled to take on Meat, but backstage, a furious D'Lo Brown put a beating on PMS' manservant. D'Lo made his way out to the ring and an impromptu match got underway. D'Lo had it won after he delivered the 'Lo Down, but Jarrett interrupted and caused a disqualification.

Backstage, Badd Ass Billy Gunn frantically searched for a pen to sign Jarrett's open contract. Chyna walked by but claimed she didn't have a writing utensil, so Mr. Ass told Chyna to stand and guard the contract until he returned. After Billy walked away, Chyna pulled out a pen and signed the contract!

The Rock was up next for a singles match against Gangrel, who was accompanied by Jeff and Matt Hardy. The Hardy Boyz repeatedly interfered in the match until Christian and Edge ran them back to the locker room. Without the assistance of the "New Brood," Gangrel was finished off after a Rock Bottom/People's Elbow combination. The Rock grabbed the microphone and complained that while Triple H and Mankind battled over the Federation Title, officials had been signing The Rock to matches with "jabronis," and The Rock promised to take matters into his own hands.

Backstage, Tori challenged Ivory to an Evening Gown Women's Title Match this Thursday on SmackDown!

Howard Finkel, who seems to have been brainwashed by Chris Jericho, came to the ring and called out the Road Dogg! The D-O-double-G was in complete disbelief that he had been called out by a ring announcer, but the Road Dogg's emotions turned quickly to anger when Finkel shoved him twice. The Dogg grabbed Finkel, but Jericho attacked him from behind! The entire thing was a setup, and Jericho left the Road Dogg lying!

Hardcore Holly challenged his cousin Crash to a "battle of the super heavyweights." As the two superstars battled outside the arena, Kevin Kelly reported that Stone Cold Steve Austin suffered severe ligament damage in both knees as a result of a viscous attack by Triple H at SummerSlam.

The Big Show and the Undertaker, with Paul Bearer, came down to the ring and booted Michael Cole from the broadcast table. They provided commentary during the Kane and X-Pac vs. Viscera and Mideon match. The Acolytes also came down to take in the action, and they ended up double teaming Kane outside the ring. Meanwhile, X-Pac got squashed in the cover and then splashed by Viscera, and covered for the three count.

Mr. Ass couldn't find Chyna backstage, so he went to the ring and called her out. Billy said that if Chyna would give him the Intercontinental Title shot, he would take it. The two superstars met face to face, until Jarrett came from behind and smashed a guitar over Chyna's head! Standing at ringside, Miss Kitty had another guitar, but Mr. Ass grabbed it and clobbered Jarrett!

The Rock was a guest commentator and Shane McMahon was a guest referee as Mankind defended the Federation Championship against Triple H. Minutes after the match got underway, Mankind pulled out Mr. Socko, but turned and put the Mandible Claw on Shane! With no referee, Chyna came down, even though she was hobbling after a guitar shot minutes before. Chyna too swallow Mr. Socko until she fell outside the ring. Mankind turned and dropped Triple H with a double-arm DDT, but there was no referee until Earl Hebner ran from the back. But Triple H had been given enough time to recover and he kicked out at two. The action spilled outside the ring, where Shane came from behind and clobbered Mankind with a chair. Mankind confronted Shane, and Triple H came from the other side and nailed Mankind over the skull with another chair. Triple H turned and bashed The Rock with the chair as well. Shane picked up Mankind, rolled him back into the ring, and he clocked Earl Hebner. Inside the ring, Triple H delivered the Pedigree and referee Shane made the count! Triple H finally realized his goal and became World Wrestling Federation Champion!