Raw is War

Columbus, Ohio
August 2, 1999

After an inconclusive battle on HEAT, the Acolytes still wanted a piece of the Undertaker and The Big Show. Apparently the two big men had not yet arrived at the arena, however, so Hardcore Holly showed up instead as the "leader of the super heavyweights." He decided he'd take both the Undertaker and The Big Show's place, so he went to the ring to battle both Acolytes. Of course, Faarooq and Bradshaw annihilated him with dominators and tandem powerbombs. Backstage, The Big Show and the Undertaker arrived.

In the first-ever "Blood Bath Match," Edge took on Gangrel, with the winner being the first to take the vat at ringside and give his opponent a bloodbath. When Edge went for a spear, Gangrel blocked him with a steel chair. Gangrel subsequently knocked him cold with the Impaler, and then grabbed the vat. Victory seemed to be imminent, but the arena went black. When the lights came back on, Gangrel had been given a blood bath by Christian. Edge was declared the winner, and he embraced his brother for an apparent reunion.

Shane McMahon appeared for the first time since his father was forced to leave Federation television forever. The "Boy Wonder" couldn't believe that the fans did not give his father the send off he deserved. After all, the reason they were at the arena, the reason the Federation is successful as it is, and the reason there is a Stone Cold Steve Austin at all, is because of Vincent K. McMahon. Shane said that he was letting the Corporate Ministry members go their separate ways because he was focusing his attention on one person only: Test. Shane warned Test to stay away from Stephanie. But Test himself came out and promised that after taking out "Fat Ass" Pete Gas already, he was going to go through Rodney and Joey Abs until there was only Shane. Test said he would take care of Shane so Stephanie would be an only child!

With X-Pac injured, the Road Dogg teamed up with Kane to take on the Undertaker and The Big Show. Kane was able to chokeslam the Undertaker, but as he was setting him up for a Tombstone, he saw The Big Show with a steel chair. Kane went over to confront the Show, who knocked the wind out of him by dropping his neck over the top rope. Kane went sprawling backwards into the Undertaker, who Tombstoned and pinned his brother.

Mr. Ass and Chyna hit the ring, and the 1999 King of the Ring told the fans that for his match with The Rock at SummerSlam, it was a choice between his royal ass and the People's Ass. To prove that his ass is superior, Billy Gunn said he had some video footage of The Rock. Up on the Titan Tron, a picture of a gigantic fat backside appeared. The Rock was not happy, and he popped up on the Titan Tron and gave Mr. Ass his plans for SummerSlam (it involved turning things sideways and sticking them straight up his candy ass).

It was title vs. title as European Champion D'Lo Brown took on Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett. When a Jarrett clothesline inadvertently knocked out the referee, Debra entered the ring carrying both titles. She revealed her puppies to D'Lo, who paused for a minute and then picked up the Intercontinental Title and whacked Jarrett with it. D'Lo made the cover and the referee came to and administered the three count! D'Lo became a double champion! After the match, Jarrett blamed Debra for the loss and he challenged D'Lo to a rematch at SummerSlam!

Stone Cold Steve Austin came out next and told Triple H that the challenger could watch all the films and study up all he wanted, but at SummerSlam Austin was still going to win! Just then the Undertaker and The Big Show hit the ring. The Lord of Darkness demanded a rematch from the Rattlesnake, and then he and the Show beat down the champion and left him out cold!

Less than an hour after Shane McMahon dissolved the Corporate Ministry, two former members collided for the Hardcore Championship as the Big Boss Man took on Viscera. The challenger set up the Boss Man on a table, but the champion moved out of the way. Boss Man took control and pummeled Viscera with a metal nightstick, eventually knocking the big man down and getting the victory!

The second member of the Mean Street Posse on Test's list was Rodney, and the two men met on RAW in singles competition. Test was more vicious than ever, and he isolated Rodney's right arm. After dropping two elbows on it off the top rope, Test picked up Rodney for a chicken wing arm lock. Rodney submitted, but Test was not finished. He grabbed a steel chair and sandwiched Rodney's arm between it, and then dropped off the top rope on to the chair! Rodney's arm was assuredly broken. Joey Abs came down to ringside, but he reconsidered and retreated after observing the fury in Test's eyes.

Next up, Steve Blackman took on Val Venis. Before the match got underway, the "Lethal Weapon" insisted that he hit Ken Shamrock with a car on accident-he said he only needed his hands and feet to take out the "World's Most Dangerous Man." During the match, Ken Shamrock sprinted from the back with a chain around his fist and went after the "Silent Assassin." He finally caught Blackman after chasing him through the crowd and knocked him cold after several jabs to the skull. Finally Blackman escaped while officials held back Shamrock.

Austin had officially accepted the Undertaker's challenge, but Triple H insisted that it was his time and the Undertaker would not get the title shot. Triple H, Austin, Undertaker and The Big Show came to blows. Within seconds, the Acolytes, Kane, The Rock, Hardcore Holly, the Road Dogg and Mr. Ass had joined in, and there was an out-of-control brawl at ringside. Inside the ring, Triple H hit the Road Dogg with the Pedigree while Austin simultaneously hit the stunner on Mr. Ass as RAW went off the air!