Raw is War

Cleveland, Ohio
July 26, 1999

First Kane sided with X-Pac, then X-Pac interfered during the First Blood Match at Fully Loaded. So the Undertaker was irate as RAW got underway live from the sold-out Gund Arena in Cleveland. He brutalized the comparably small X-Pac, nearly knocking both he and the Road Dogg unconscious in the backstage area before dragging X-Pac out to ringside and beating on him some more. Moving more rapidly than we've ever seen him, Kane hit the ring and overpowered his brother, but The Big Show arrived and worked with the Undertaker to double team Kane. Once Kane had been left lying, Undertaker and the Show shook hands and walked away together! Kane crawled over to attend to his fallen friend X-Pac, who later was taken away by ambulance.

Meanwhile, outside the Gund Arena a limousine pulled up with Mr. McMahon sitting inside!

When the Tag Team Titles are on the line, the ring announcer needs to be a real "Big Shot." So when the Acolytes defended against Christian and Edge, Hardcore Holly did the honors. Holly punched regular ring announcer Tony Chimel right in the face and then introduced the participants in his own special way. Midway through the match, Gangrel came out, pulled Christian from the ring, and dragged him away to the backstage area. Faarooq and Bradshaw were then easily able to pin Edge after a tandem powerbomb. Special announcer Holly, however, announced himself as the winner, and then feebly attempted to attack both Faarooq and Bradshaw. As the Acolytes pulverized Holly, Kane came out and chokeslammed both Acolytes, Hardcore Holly and Edge. Then he asked for the microphone and promised that after The Big Show and Undertaker hurt X-Pac, Kane was going to hurt them!

During the tag team match, Ken Shamrock was hit by a car-later revealed to be driven by Steve Blackman-as the "World's Most Dangerous Man" arrived at the arena. Blackman calmly drove away and Shamrock refused medical attention.

Ben Stiller was sitting in the crowd as Mr. McMahon inexplicably walked out to the ring (as Stiller shook his head in disgust like all the other Cleveland fans). Mr. McMahon said he didn't want the fans to remember him as he looked at Fully Loaded. He wanted them to remember what a handsome and affluent entrepreneur he is. As he prepared to walk away, Stone Cold Steve Austin hit the ring. Mr. McMahon attempted to prove once and for all that he was the better man, by offering his hand for Austin to shake. But the Rattlesnake said he had other ideas, and he invited Jim Ross to the ring. Austin said he wasn't one for singing, so he asked Ross to sing "Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Oh Hell Yeah, Goodbye" to Mr. McMahon. As the crowd and Ross sang Mr. McMahon away, Vince retreated to the backstage area, but not before flipping the champion the bird one last time. Austin celebrated Mr. McMahon's departure with a few beers.

As Mr. McMahon got in his limousine to leave the arena, Howard Finkel approached him, tears in his eyes, and told Vince thanks for everything and "I love you." Vince got right in Finkel's face and growled, "get the hell away from me."

In a tag team street fight, Val Venis and the Godfather (with hos) took on Prince Albert and Droz. Once Droz was knocked out of the ring, the pimp and the playa were able to double team the tattoo artist, culminating in a Money Shot for the win.

After Michael Cole interviewed The Rock backstage, Triple H and Chyna hit the ring. Hunter reiterated that he's focused on winning the Federation Championship, and he's been studying Stone Cold Steve Austin for months. Chyna dared The Rock to come out and repeat what he said backstage to her face. The Rock did come out, and "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn attacked him from behind with club in hand. Mr. Ass and Chyna double teamed The Rock, but the "Great One" eventually got up and challenged them to a Handicap Match later on RAW!

But first it was time for another Handicap Match. In this one, The Big Show and the Undertaker teamed up to face Kane. As would be expected, the Big Red Machine could not handle his two huge opponents. The match ended when Undertaker practically decapitated his brother with a steel chair right in front of the referee. But the brutality was merely just beginning. The Road Dogg tried to come to the aid of Kane, but he was promptly chokeslammed by The Big Show. The Show turned his attention back to Kane, and together with the Undertaker they hurt the Big Red Machine badly.

Just in case fans didn't know it already, five-time Intercontinental Champion Jeff Jarrett reminded them once again that he's the greatest champion of all time. He even brought Ben Stiller in the ring, who agreed that Jarrett was great. However, when the champion asked Stiller about his favorite superstar, Stiller said he had two-the puppies! Jarrett snapped and attacked Stiller, stomping away on the "Mystery Men" star and putting him in the figure four leglock! Debra tried to pull the champion off Stiller, but Jarrett continued to assault him until D'Lo Brown came to the rescue. The new European Champion delivered a Sky High and then the 'Lo Down and Jarrett retreated.

Ivory enjoyed beating up that fan on RAW a few weeks ago so much that she wanted a repeat performance. So she found another female volunteer in the crowd, and when the fan went into the ring, Ivory clobbered her with the Federation Women's Championship and then gave her a bulldog! Tori hit the ring and attacked the Women's Champ, and the two ladies broke into a catfight and had to be separated by officials.

Triple H was supposed to meet Ken Shamrock in singles competition, but the "World's Most Dangerous Man" had been hit by a car earlier. After HHH called Shamrock a "puss," the San Diego native made his way to the ring, although he was limping and was bandaged around the waist and arms. Triple H took advantage of Shamrock's condition by repeatedly attacking his weak spots. Eventually, Shamrock began bleeding from the mouth, and the referee ended the match due to Shamrock's condition.

The Rock wanted a piece of both Mr. Ass and Chyna so he met them both in a Handicap Match. Jim Ross and Jerry "The King" Lawler had a little trouble concentrating on the match, as Triple H joined them for commentary and he only wanted to talk about himself and his title shot at SummerSlam. HHH got frustrated with Ross, who apparently wasn't giving Triple H sufficient respect, and the No. 1 contender knocked him flat with a right hand to the face. Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was watching from backstage, sprinted out to ringside and went after Triple H. While The Rock took care of business inside the ring, Austin and Triple broke through the Spanish announcers' table on the outside as RAW came to an end.