Raw is War

Lexington, Kentucky
July 19, 1999

With only six days to go until Fully Loaded, Mr. McMahon guaranteed that Stone Cold Steve Austin would lose this Sunday on Pay-Per-View. Mr. McMahon was so confident that he put his own career, as well as the Undertaker's, on the line. But the Lord of Darkness insisted that the arrangement between McMahon and Austin had nothing to do with him. Undertaker said he'd beat Austin at Fully Loaded, but he'd do it for himself, not Mr. McMahon. Triple H tried to convince the owner that Undertaker could not be trusted, and Mr. McMahon should let Triple H face Austin this Sunday instead. Mr. McMahon ordered Triple H to face the Undertaker later on RAW, with the winner going on to face the champion at the Pay-Per-View. Just after that match was ordered, Stone Cold Steve Austin drove into the arena in a blood mobile! He promised that before the night was over, he'd lock Undertaker into the blood mobile and "take a donation from Vince's skull!"

After issuing a challenge on HEAT, the Road Dogg took on Chyna in a Dogg Pound Match! When Chyna refused to strap on the dog collar, Road Dogg floored her with a jab and tried to put it on himself. But Mr. Ass attacked him from behind and then hung him over the top rope! The D-O-double-G went without oxygen until X-Pac made the rescue.

A guilt-ridden Shane McMahon wanted to publicly apologize to his sister Stephanie after inadvertently knocking her unconscious last week on RAW. He called out his sister and said, "I'm sorry, but it wasn't my fault. It was that derelict Test's fault!" Shane said he had a solution-he had a long talk with Joey Abs, who agreed to "forgive her and take her back." Stephanie said she only went on one date with Joey, and it was hell! To emphasize her point, she slapped Joey and told him to keep his hands off her! As she walked away, Shane said he'd have to handle things "Posse style" because, "I will stop at nothing for your happiness."

In a four corners elimination match, the Hardy Boyz defended the tag team titles in a match also involving the Acolytes, Godfather and Val Venis and Prince Albert and Droz. Bradshaw eliminated the team of Prince Albert and Droz after he pinned the Prince with a Clothesline from Hell. The Acolytes were eliminated after the Godfather clobbered Bradshaw with his walking stick. After a little interference by Michael Hayes, Jeff Hardy delivered a huricanrana off the top rope to Val Venis and the Hardy Boyz were able to retain their titles.

In a GTV segment, actor Ben Stiller revealed his love of Debra's puppies!

Speaking of Debra's puppies, the Southern Belle appeared as Jeff Jarrett defended the Intercontinental Championship against Christian! Before the match got underway, Jarrett warned Stone Cold Steve Austin to stay away from the his championship because "I am the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time." Whether or not he is, Jarrett was able to retain his title after a front Russian legsweep. Jarrett became the victim of a blood bath after the match, and while it was unclear who delivered it, Edge came walking out after the lights came back on, and Jarrett went right after him! After the melee was broken up, Jarrett marched back stage and challenged Edge to a title match at Fully Loaded!

Two magnificent athletes went at it as The Rock took on 1999 King of the Ring Mr. Ass. Chyna, who accompanied Mr. Ass to ringside, proved to be the deciding factor as she clobbered The Rock with a steel chair as the three-time former champion went for the People's Elbow. Mr. Ass finished off The Rock with the Fame-Ass-Er.

Al Snow, who is crazier than ever after Head was pierced last week, took on the Big Boss Man. Snow tossed several chairs and other plunder into the ring and then, apparently because he could no longer take the voices in his head, literally begged Boss Man to hit him with the nightstick. Boss Man was more than obliged. He hit him, causing a disqualification, and then handcuffed him to the ropes and hit him some more.

Four superstars with common enemies paired off as Edge and D'Lo Brown teamed up to face Gangrel and Mideon. Edge and D'Lo worked incredibly well together, and in the end, perhaps in a sign of things to come this Sunday, D'Lo finished off Mideon with the 'Lo Down.

Duffel bag in hand, the "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman was sent out to take on Test. When Test tried to finished off Blackman with a pumphandle slam, Shane McMahon, Joey Abs and the Mean Street Posse attacked him! Ken Shamrock finally ran off the Posse, and he and the "Lethal Weapon" had an intense stare down six days before the Iron Circle Match. A few minutes later, duffel bag still in hand, Blackman calmly left the arena.

In tag team action, Hardcore Holly and The Big Show took on X-Pac and Kane. X-Pac didn't think he could trust Kane, and he ordered the Big Red Machine to stand outside the ring. The Big Show went right after Kane, and soon Hardcore Holly joined the fray, leaving X-Pac in the ring. X-Pac wasn't only alone until the Undertaker came out and chokeslammed him! The Lord of Darkness then assaulted both The Big Show and Holly with the ring steps. The Big Red Machine headed back to the ring to check on X-Pacm but the Undertaker chased after Kane, telling him "it's over." Kane turned around just as the replay of Undertaker's chokeslam appeared on the Titan Tron. The Big Red Machine was irate, and he chokeslammed his own brother, and carried X-Pac away! When X-Pac came to and realized what Kane had done, the DX member had tears in his eyes and he embraced the Big Red Machine!

For the right to face Stone Cold Steve Austin for the Federation Championship at Fully Loaded, the Undertaker took on Triple H. Just as the Undertaker had Triple H set up for the Tombstone, Austin interrupted and attacked the Lord of Darkness. The Rock quickly appeared as well and took care of Triple H, batting him through the crowd. Then, as Austin had promised, he brought the Undertaker over to the blood mobile and locked him inside! He went over to Mr. McMahon and nailed him with the Smoking Skull Championship, busting the owner wide open and knocking him unconscious. As Austin celebrated in the ring, Paul Bearer unlocked the blood mobile and the Undertaker escaped. The Lord of Darkness clobbered Austin from behind, busting him open as well! Undertaker dropped Austin outside the ring on top of an unconscious McMahon, and Austin and McMahon lay bleeding and unconscious as RAW came to an end!