Raw is War

Louisville, Kentucky
July 12, 1999

Stone Cold Steve Austin wanted to get down to business as RAW from Louisville, Ky., got underway. The champion called out Vince McMahon, saying the proper papers had been drawn up and only needed to be signed. Mr. McMahon said he wanted Austin to sign the papers first, but the Rattlesnake wasn't signing anything until Mr. McMahon gave the champion his Smoking Skull Championship. Suddenly the lights went out and Kane's music played, but it was the Undertaker that seemed to come out of no where and clobbered Austin with the Smoking Skull title! Austin was busted wide open, and the Undertaker grabbed Mr. McMahon's pen and filled it with Austin's blood! Mr. McMahon signed the paperwork with Austin's blood!

Backstage, a bloodied Austin insisted on being bandaged up because he had "business to take care of."

Weeks of turmoil in the Brood culminated with Edge taking on Gangrel one on one. Conspicuous by his absence was Christian. The two superstars battled up the entranceway and Gangrel ended up pushing his former friend through the ring of fire!

After the commercial, Road Dogg and X-Pac tarred and feathered Howard Finkel, who ratted them out to police last week. Then they made their way to the ring and challenged Badd Ass Billy Gunn and Chyna to a match at Fully Loaded for the rights to D-Generation X royalties. Out came Kane, and X-Pac said the Big Red Machine needed to make a choice between him and the Undertaker. As Kane stood in silence, Chyna, Mr. Ass and Triple H attacked all three superstars. The Undertaker appeared and fought them off, and then told Kane that, as his brother, he would never ask him to make a choice. The Undertaker walked away, and Kane followed, but then he stopped, standing halfway between the Undertaker and X-Pac.

After the Godfather dropped Jeff Hardy with a Pimp Drop, and Val Venis followed up with a Money Shot, it looked like we had new Tag Team Champions. But as the referee administered the three count, Michael Hayes hit Val with the Tag Team Title right in front of the referee. Val and the pimp won by disqualification, but the Hardy Boyz kept the gold. The Acolytes, who will get their rematch at Fully Loaded, attacked the Hardys and Hayes from behind as they retreated to the locker room, and when Val and Godfather joined in there was an all-out melee that had to be broken up by officials.

Jeff Jarrett is the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, or so he said when he came out to the ring with Debra. But Jarrett's boasting was interrupted by an angry Rattlesnake! Stone Cold Steve Austin sprinted to the ring, stunned Jarrett, and challenged the Undertaker! The Big Show came out and told Austin that it wouldn't be one-on-one because Undertaker had recruited Kane, and since The Big Show wanted a piece of both of the Brothers Grimm, he volunteered to team up with Austin for a gigantic tag team match later on RAW!

Triple H had challenged X-Pac, Road Dogg and Kane to a six-man tag team match with him, Chyna and Mr. Ass. When the Big Red Machine pulled a no show, Triple H said his squad would back down-but only if X-Pac and Road Dogg would give them the rights to DX. X-Pac and Road Dogg "politely" refused, and it looked like a three-on-two Handicap Match was about to unfold. But The Rock, who has a score to settle with Triple H and Mr. Ass as well, evened the odds! As the other four participants battled outside the ring, The Rock finished off Mr. Ass with the People's Elbow!

Backstage, Droz was in a long sexy dress, and he challenged any superstar to an Evening Gown Match! As Prince Albert looked on in disconcertion, Droz told Terry Taylor that he's been dressing the way he has lately because he likes to experiment and try new things. Al Snow offered to accept Droz's challenge, but only if Droz agreed to make it a Hardcore Evening Gown Match! After assaulting each other with assorted plunder, Snow stripped Droz down to his thong panties and got the win! But as Snow put Droz through a table after the match, Prince Albert pierced Head, driving a railroad spike into "them."

The match scheduled between the Acolytes and D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry had to be canceled due to "Sexual Chocolate's" high blood pressure. But the Acolytes still wanted to kick somebody's ass, so they issued an open challenge. For reasons that only Hardcore Holly himself understood, the former Hardcore Champion answered the call-by himself! Of course, the Acolytes put quite a beating on Holly, perhaps the most severe ass whoopin' Holly has received to date. And then, for equally unexplainable reasons, The Big Show came out, floored Bradshaw, and then picked up Hardcore Holly and carried him to safety.

In a match ordered by Shane McMahon, Test was forced to fight through the entire Mean Street Posse one by one in a Gauntlet Match. Test eliminated Pete Gas after an elbow drop off the top rope, and then pinned Rodney after a pumphandle powerslam. Test seemed to be in control of Joey Abs as well, but Shane McMahon attacked him from behind! Once Test got his senses, he took control and pummeled the "Boy Wonder." The McMahon's hired gun, "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman, did his job as he came to the aid of Shane, but Ken Shamrock ran out and battled Blackman through the crowd. It was four-on-one within seconds, and Shane tossed aside several officials that came to the ring as the Mean Street Posse attempted to break Test's ankle. Stephanie McMahon came out and grabbed her brother from behind. Shane didn't see who it was and, thinking it must have been another official, he threw a big elbow and knocked his sister unconscious! When Shane realized what happened, he was hysterical. He carried Stephanie back to the locker room to seek help.

Michael Cole interviewed both the Undertaker and Kane, who were together in the locker room. Undertaker said he and his brother were reunited, but Kane didn't seem so excited about it. The Brothers Grimm headed to the ring together to take on Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Big Show. During the match, Austin's head wrapped came unraveled and the Rattlesnake started bleeding again. But after Undertaker and The Big Show wrestled to the outside, Austin was still able to hit Kane with the stunner and pick up the victory! RAW ended as Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin had a heated staredown!