Raw is War

Hartford, Connecticut
April 26, 1999

Before RAW got underway, the World Wrestling Federation held a special moment of silence for those that lost their lives in the senseless massacre at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado.

The Rock came out as RAW began live at the sold-out Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut. The "Great One" said he only had one problem and "that is a piece of 200 pound steaming, stinking piece of monkey crap, Shane McMahon!" Shane and the Corporation emerged from the back, and Shane promptly fired The Rock from the Corporation! Not only that, but Triple H, Chyna, Big Boss Man, Test and Shane himself ganged up and The Rock and assaulted him! The Rock got back up and challenged Shane to a match later on RAW, and Shane accepted!

Backstage, Vince McMahon told Mr. Brisco and Mr. Patterson that his only objective was getting back Stephanie, and Vince had brought everything to the arena that the Undertaker had asked him to bring.

In tag team action, Edge and Gangrel took on Tag Team Champions X-Pac and Kane. X-Pac delivered a spinning heel kick to the back of Edge's head, which sent Edge flying right into Kane, who dropped him with a chokeslam for the win. After the match, the Brood gave Kane a blood bath. After the lights came back on, X-Pac was the only one standing around the ring area. Kane may have thought that X-Pac had given him the blood bath, as the Big Red Machine picked up his tag team partner and chokeslammed him over the ring rail and into the crowd.

During the commercial, the Undertaker called and told Vince that he would get Stephanie back once the Undertaker had the papers McMahon had brought to the ring--but the Undertaker didn't want Vince to deliver them, he wanted Stone Cold Steve Austin to do it! Vince went out to the ring and asked the Texas Rattlesnake to help him, telling him, "Vince McMahon needs Stone Cold Steve Austin." The Federation Champion responded, "Stone Cold Steve Austin needs Vince McMahon…to kiss his ass!"

Next up, Val Venis took on D'Lo Brown, accompanied by Ivory. Nicole Bass interrupted the match when she came out and told Val, "You owe me, and you know what I want." The adult film star completely forgot about the match for a moment, which gave D'Lo the opportunity to nail him with the Sky High for the win! After the match, Bass went into the ring, and Ivory jumped on her back and tried to get revenge for the chokeslam Bass gave her on HEAT. Bass just threw Ivory down to the canvas and then turned her attention to Val. Val recovered quickly and escaped to the backstage area, a terrified look in his eye.

For the second straight night, former members of D-Generation X collided as Triple H (with Chyna) took on "Badd Ass" Billy Gunn. With a large assist from Chyna, HHH was able to finish off Mr. Ass with the Pedigree.

Two superstars that annihilated each other at Backlash-Mankind and The Big Show Paul Wight-were forced by Shane McMahon to team up and take on Big Boss Man and Test. The Corporation members didn't work well at all as a team, and Test was finished off by Mr. Socko and the Mandible Claw. After the match, Test and Boss Man exchanged words, and Boss Man attacked Test from behind with the nightstick!

Backstage, as X-Pac angrily searched the backstage area for Kane, Hardcore Holly and Al Snow had an impromptu brawl. Holly assaulted the new Hardcore Champion, and stole Head! He said Snow could have Head back once he got a rematch for the Hardcore Title!

Originally the Intercontinental Championship was not on the line, but Jeff Jarrett said non-title matches piss him off. The Godfather said he would grant Jarrett a title shot, but if the champion won Debra would become one of the pimp's finest hos. Val Venis came down to ringside to get a better view of Debra, but when Nicole Bass followed, Val quickly retreated. Jarrett turned his attention to Debra, and the Godfather rolled up and challenger and got the three count. Debra didn't seem too disappointed to be a ho, but Owen Hart grabbed her and dragged her back to the locker room.

Seeking revenge from Backlash, Ken Shamrock came out with a baseball bat to take on Bradshaw in one on one competition. However, Faarooq attacked Shamrock from behind. When the Acolytes double-teamed the "World's Most Dangerous Man," Test ran out to aid Shamrock! The duo was able to stave off the Acolytes.

The match that was made earlier on RAW was up next, as Shane McMahon took on The Rock. The three-time champion took care of Shane and even the Mean Street Posse when they ran out to help him. After hitting Shane with the Rock Bottom and setting him up for the People's Elbow, Triple H came out from the crowd and attacked The Rock from behind. In the blink of an eye, it was Chyna, HHH, Shane, Rodney and Pete Gas ganging up on the "Great One."

X-Pac came out next, demanding answers from Kane. But the degenerate was attacked by Owen Hart and Jeff Jarrett! Kane finally came out from the back and ran off Owen and Jeff, but when X-Pac confronted him, the Big Red Machine chokeslammed his own tag team partner! But Kane turned around and picked up X-Pac, carrying him back to the locker room.

Suddenly the lights went out and the Ministry emerged with Stephanie McMahon tied to the Undertaker symbol. The members of the Ministry dragged her out to the ring and Paul Bearer began performing a "black wedding"-apparently they wanted to "marry" Stephanie to the Lord of Darkness. Ken Shamrock came out, and was gang attacked and fought off by the Ministry. The Big Show also came out, but Undertaker clobbered him with a baseball bat. Just as the "ceremony" was coming to an end, and the Undertaker was about to kiss his "bride," Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and fought off the entire Ministry, nailing the members left and right with a chair, and then he untied Stephanie. Stephanie ran over to the Rattlesnake and hugged him, and then Vince and his daughter were reunited. Although Vince thanked Austin, Jim Ross pointed out that Austin didn't do what he did for Vince. He did it because it was the right thing to do.