WWF Raw is War

Birmingham, Alabama
February 15, 1999

Commissioner Shawn Michaels appeared as RAW from the sold out Jefferson County Civic Center Coliseum in Birmingham, Alabama, began. The Heartbreak Kid introduced Stone Cold Steve Austin and World Wrestling Federation Champion Mankind. After both superstars arrived, Mr. McMahon--in a neckbrace and with a large bandage covering his forehead--came out. First he said he wanted to bury the hatchet, and all he wanted is for Austin to say "I'm sorry". But the Rattlesnake "politely" declined. Then Mr. McMahon and The Rock, who came out a few minutes later, asked Michaels to "give the people what they want" and make a rematch between Mankind and The Rock for later on RAW! HBK agreed and ordered a ladder match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship on RAW! Finally, Mr. McMahon introduced the special referee for the Federation Title Match at WrestleMania--Paul Wight!

In a mixed tag team match, Jeff Jarrett teamed up with Debra to take on D'Lo Brown and Ivory! Jarrett slapped on the figure four leglock, but Ivory came in and raked his eyes to get him to release the hold. Later, D'Lo hit the 'Lo Down on Jarrett, but Debra came in to break up the pin. All four participants entered the ring and a brawl ensued between the two men and the two women. The referee could not keep control and he called for the bell. After the match, Debra grabbed Jarrett's guitar and clocked Ivory with it!

Triple H and X-Pac came out next saying they had a bad taste in their mouths after last night and they challenged Kane and Chyna to a rematch. Kane, Chyna and Shane McMahon appeared, and Shane said that since Chyna did so well last night, he was giving her the night off. X-Pac suggested that Shane take her place, and Shane agreed after he convinced X-Pac to put his European Championship on the line in the match.

The special guest referee at St. Valentine's Day Massacre, Billy Gunn, got his shot at the Intercontinental Championship as he took on the new titleholder, Val Venis. Ryan Shamrock, who accompanied Val to the ring, walked up to the ring apron during the match, but was quickly knocked down after Billy Gunn was thrown off the ropes. As Gunn was checking to make sure she was okay, Val came from behind and hit him with a belly-to-back suplex into a bridge and got the win! After the match, Ryan, who appeared to hurt her ankle, limped back into the ring and told Val that "we" won the match. Venis told her that the Intercontinental Championship was only big enough for one waist, and then he dumped her!

Backstage, Billy Gunn tried to console Ryan Shamrock, but Ken Shamrock attacked him from behind.

Out in the ring, the Ministry of Darkness arrived! The Lord of Darkness said he was answering to a higher power and promised Mr. McMahon that he would soon take over and be the owner of the World Wrestling Federation! The Big Boss Man came out and challenged the Ministry to a six man tag team match--any three members of the Ministry versus Boss Man and two other Corporate members!

The European Championship was on the line in a tag team match as Kane and Shane McMahon teamed up to face Triple H and X-Pac. The European Champion set up Shane for the Bronco Buster, but Kane caught him and threw him down with a chokeslam. Triple H came over and battled with Kane outside the ring. Chyna grabbed the European Title and handed it to Shane, who clocked X-Pac, knocking him cold. Shane made the cover and became the new European Champion!

The new Hardcore Champion, Bob Holly, put his title on the line one day after winning it against "Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman. The two superstars didn't even bother entering the ring and ended up battling outside the arena. After Blackman dumped Holly in a trash bin, the "Lethal Weapon" was attacked from behind by Droz and knocked unconscious. Holly covered him and retained the title. After the match, Holly made his way back to the ring and announced that the days of horrible gimmicks and "weak ass" tag team partners were over, and he made an open challenged to any Federation Superstar. Bart Gunn, who hasn't been seen in months since he won the Brawl for All, came out and took exception to Holly's "weak ass" comment. Holly reminded his former tag team partner that he was the only competitor Gunn faced in the Brawl for All that he didn't knock out. Gunn challenged Holly to a Hardcore Title match next week on RAW, and Holly promised to give him an "Alabama ass whoopin'".

World Wrestling Federation Champion Sable made her way out to the ring next for a special interview with Kevin Kelly. Sable displayed cockiness and arrogance like never before. She listed all her upcoming appearances--including on the cover of Playboy Magazine and on Regis and Kathie Lee--and said she never gets a moment of peace. The female fan that has seemed to be obsessed with the femme fatale in recent weeks once again ran out to the ring and was held back by security. However, Sable told the security guard to let her go, and the Women's Champion told the obsessed fan that she would never be like Sable, and she was a wannabe just like everyone else.

In a match set up earlier on RAW, the Big Boss Man, Ken Shamrock and Test of the Corporation took on three members of the Ministry of Darkness: the Acolytes and Midian. As all six superstars battled in the ring, the lights went out and the Undertaker and other members of the Ministry appeared--and they had abducted Shane McMahon! While the Ministry members held off Shamrock, Boss Man and Test, Undertaker took a frightened Shane and gave him an envelope with instructions to give it to his father.

Stone Cold Steve Austin joined Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler for commentary during the ladder match for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. The Rock went right after Mankind's already injured left leg, slamming it repeatedly against a steel chair. Later, after dropping the steel steps on The Rock, Mankind set up the challenger for a piledriver on the Spanish announce table. But The Rock countered with a low blow and then hit him with a Rock Bottom through the table! But Mankind recovered and as The Rock scaled the ladder he gave the challenger a lowblow of his own, and followed up with a double arm DDT. Mankind reached down and pulled out Mr. Socko, but The Rock hit a DDT. Both superstars started climbing up the ladder, but Paul Wight appeared and grabbed Mankind and chokeslammed him off the ladder! Wight looked over at the announcers table and said "You're next" to the Rattlesnake! Meanwhile, Mick Foley was knocked out, and The Rock grabbed the title to become the new champion! He will face Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania XV, with Paul Wight as the special referee!