Sacremento, California
September 21, 1998

The Rock comes out to the ring to meet with Ken Shamrock, Mankind, and Vince McMahon. The Undertaker and Kane come out on the walkway to watch. Mr. McMahon announces that tonight Kane and the Undertaker will wrestle Steve Austin and someone else, although it could be no one with him. Also, Vince makes a match to determine the number one contender after Breakdown: Rock vs Shamrock vs Mankind.

Billy Gunn with X-Pac and Road Dog vs Jeff Jarrett with Southern Justice
At the beginning of the match, the referee makes everyone but the two in the ring leave ringside. Billy Gunn manages to do a Neckbreaker to get the pin right after the ref stopped Jeff Jarrett from hitting Billy with his guitar.

Steve Austin comes out. He doesn't care who he will be wrestling if. He doesn't even care if he has to do it himself.

The Headbangers vs Two Members of the Oddities
The Oddities come out second with Luna. They all get in the ring and dance. The Headbangers spray silly string in the air. Then they spray some type of liquid into the eyes of the two tallest oddities and the rip up Golga's Cartman doll.

Sable vs Jacqueline with Marc Mero for the WWF Women's Championship
Jacki won the match to become the WWF Women's Champion after Marc Mero held Sable's leg as she tried to do a suplex.

The Undertaker and Kane vs Steve Austin and ???
Steve Austin's partner was Billy Gunn! Austin stuns Kane, but the referee gets knocked out. The Undertaker manages to Chokeslam Billy for the pin. Austin then comes down and uses a chair on his two opponents at Breakdown.

DOA with Paul Ellering vs Southern Justice
The match ends up a no contest after Jeff Jarrett hits Paul Ellering with his guitar.

Al Snow with Head vs Comissioner Slaugher (If Al Snow wins, he is reinstated to wrestle in the WWF) Boot Camp Match
Al Snow gives Slaughter Head and pins him. Then Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco come in and attack Snow. Scorpio comes in to save Al from his beating.

Val Venis vs Owen Hart
Dustin Runnels comes out to do some commentating. Dustin comes up from the table to attack Val in the ring. Val then ties Dustin in the ropes and slaps him. He shows us his new video "Something About Terry"

X-Pac vs D'Lo Brown (European Champion)
X-Pac gets the win to become the new European Champion

Mankind vs Ken Shamrock vs The Rock
Vince McMahon, the Undertaker and Mankind come out during the match. They first attack Mankind, then they attack Ken, and finally they attack Rocky. Then Steve Austin comes out and attacks Mr. McMahon.