WWF Raw is War

Anaheim, California
July 27, 1998

The Undertaker came out. He wanted an apology from Stone Cold Steve Austin from what happened on the pay per view last night. Then Vince McMahon comes out and says he deserves an apology. He says that the main event for tonight is Stone Cold Steve Austin vs the New Age Outlaws for the tag team belts. Steve Austin comes out, and asks for Mr. McMahon to leave the ring. Austin gives the Undertaker the finger for his apology.

D-Lo Brown (WWF European Champion) vs Vader [Non Title Match]
Vader took off D-Lo's chest protector and gave him a big splash outside of the ring. Vader won the match by a count out.

Brawl for All Second Round Match
Steve Williams vs Bart Gunn
Bart won the match with a knock out

Owen Hart talks about his Fully Loaded victory. He challenges anyone to a match because he is the toughest man in the world. Jason Sensation comes out and makes fun of Owen. Then Dan Severn, in a suit, comes out and starts wrestling him. He counters Owen's sharpshooter! Then Ken Shamrock came in and attacked Owen, then Dan attacked Ken. Steve Blackman came down to stop the fight.

Faarooq and Scorpio vs DOA with Paul Ellering. (Bradshaw commentating)
Bradshaw attacked both DOA and Faarooq. All five men attack each other

Triple H with Chyna vs X-Pac vs The Rock (Intercontinental Champion)
Triple Threat Match
Today is Hunter's birthday! The Rock lost his match by a countout, but he retained his belt

Brakus vs Jesus
Brakus won with a Spine Buster in a match that lasted about 30 seconds

Val Venis vs Brian Christopher with Scott Taylor
As the match begins, Kaienti and Yamaguchi-San come out with a sword and salami. Venis won the match with a Fisherman's Suplex. Then Taka came in to attack Too Much. Then Yamaguchi-San cut his salami with his sword and challenges Venis and Mitchinoku to a tag match next week

Mark Henry & The Godfather (with new hair) vs LOD 2000
Something is up with Hawk: he tripped into the ring and fell off the top turnbuckle. The Godfather Death Valley Drivered Animal to win

Jerry Lawler presents an award to the winner of the bikin contest from last night. The winner was. . .Jacki! Mr. McMahon said that body paint was not a bikini, so Sable was disqualified. Vince comes out and says he could easily replace her if she doesn't do what he says. She gives him the finger from behind and shows everyone her new Raw Bikini

New Age Outlaws vs Steve Austin & The Undertaker (WWF Tag Team Champions)
Steve Austin stunned the Road Dog to win. The The Undertaker chockslammed Billy Gunn. Kane and Mankind attack Austin, after the champs drank a Steveweiser.