Gund Arena, Cleveland, Ohio
June 29, 1998

Vince McMahon comes out with Comissioner Slaughter and Gerry Brisco. The WWF Championship belt was in a case in the ring with a red carpet. He told everyone that Kane is the champion of the world. Then Kane came out with his manager Paul Bearer. Paul Bearer talked about Kane winning and about his childhood. As Mr. McMahon was putting on the belt, Steve Austin came out and demanded a rematch if Vince agrees. Vince said OK if Paul Bearer agrees. Paul Bearer let Kane decide, and he shook his head yes.

Darren Drosdov vs Sable (???)
Sable came out to announce the newest employee of Mr. McMahon, Steven Regal. The two wrestled each other with Steven Regal winning by submission.

Ken Shamrock came out to talk to Michael Cole about winning the King of the Ring. Owen Hart then came out and said that he was a better king and challenged him to a match. Then Triple H came out and said he was a better king than the two of them. They agreed on a triple threat match to decide the King of Kings

Brawl for All
Marc Mero vs Steve Blackman
This is a mix between a boxing match and a wrestling match. Steve Blackman won by getting more punches and takedowns.

Val Venis vs Dick Togo of Kaienti with Yamaguchi Son
Val Venis won. He then went to Yamaguchi Son's wife and showed off, so Son and all of Kaienti attacked, but Venis retaliated with a chair.

Triple H with Chyna vs Owen Hart vs Ken Shamrock
Triple Threat Match
The Rock came down and hit Triple H with his belt. Then Shamrock knocked Owen into the railings. Shamrock then went for the pin and won. DX then attacked the Rock, and The Nation came out. Everyone was brawling!

An Interview with The Undertaker
He said that he did what he had to do at the King of the Ring. Then Vince McMahon came out and said that if he interferes in the main event tonight, he will heed the consequences.

Brawl For All
Bradshaw vs Mark Cantebury (Formerly known as Henry Godwin)
Bradshaw won with punches.

LOD 2000 came out to announce the return of their manager, Precious Paul Ellering. 8-Ball and Skull came out and Ellering welcomed in his new tag team, 8-Ball and Skull. The three then attacked LOD 2000.

Steve Austin vs Kane with Paul Bearer (WWF Champion)
The Undertaker came out to watch. Steve Austin stunned Kane for the pin. Then he got The Undertaker in a Stunner in the ring. As Kane left, the two brothers got up simultaneously.