Raw is War

Austin, Texas
November 8, 2004


NOV. 8, 2004
Triple H already had plenty to worry about as we close in on Survivor Series on Nov. 14.

Now this.

The Game received some disconcerting news from future partners Edge and Gene Snitsky Monday night.

While both Superstars will be on Triple H's side come their Classic Survivor Series Elimination tag team match, neither Edge nor Snitsky is lacking in ambition.

In fact, both men informed Triple H that should their team defeat Randy Orton's team in Cleveland, they have very specific plans for when they get their chance to run RAW when Eric Bischoff goes on vacation.

Snitsky and Edge made their intentions quite clear: They want a shot at Triple H's World Heavyweight Championship.

With tensions between friends and foes already sky high, there was an explosion of disdain during the main event.

Edge and Chris Benoit had just begun to settle into their match when Randy Orton, Maven, a ticked off Chris Jericho, Triple H, Batista and Snitsky all worked their way down to the ring.

Triple H seemingly found enemies all around him. Clearly, Orton's buddies have it in for the champ. But even Snitsky and Edge made it known that their loyalty only runs as deep as their opportunity.

Meanwhile, Christian's plan to see Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin roughed up by Tyson Tomko before their showdown at Survivor Series backfired.

Benjamin not only defeated Tomko, he caught Christian with a kick to the face during the match for good measure.

The dastardly Snitsky continued to terrorize Lita.

After Lita and Trish Stratus exchanged words on Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel, Snitsky came out with a baby doll, eventually punting the doll into the crowd, mocking Lita throughout.

He then punished Y2J after the host came to Lita's defense. He also crushed Tajiri before Triple H could ever start his match with last week's comedian.

Earlier in the night, Randy Orton survived Batista in a marathon opening match.

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