Raw is War

Sacremento, California
March 24, 2003


An evening with The Rock 

Not even the long arm of the law could keep Stone Cold from getting his hands on The Rock during RAW. A restraining order was put in place to keep Stone Cold out of the Arco Arena in Sacramento, but the Rattlesnake used a clever ploy to slither back into the ring with less than a week before WrestleManai XIX explodes from SAFECO Field!

Austin plotted from the cab of his pickup truck, parked right outside the arena, all night. The Rock theorized that Stone Cold simply wanted to hear his concert that evening and implored Eric Bischoff to set up speakers outside so Stone Cold wouldn't be deprived. But Austin clearly wanted a better seat for The Rock's performance. In the middle of the set, Stone Cold's truck accelerated into the arena and straight to the ring! The nervous People's Champion urged Sacramento police to arrest Stone Cold, but it was actually The Hurricane that merged from the driver's seat! Once the police carted Hurricane away, a figure emerged from the bed of the truck. Stone Cold jumped from truck's bed and ambushed The Rock without warning! The Great One escape, but Stone Cold smashed his guitar to splinters and sent a clear message that there will be nowhere for The Rock to run to this Sunday at WrestleMania!

Kane and Rob Van Damn defeated the Dudley Boyz to earn a shot at the World Tag Team Championship at WrestleMania XIX. Chief Morley had earlier decalared that Lance Storm and William Regal were being stripped of their titles due to Regal's illness. Morley then declared himself and Storm the new champions!

Judging by his effort on RAW, Booker T may very well be declared a champion at WrestleMania this Sunday. Booker T, teaming with Goldust, pinned Triple H (who teamed with Ric Flair) after a Scissors kick. Afterward, a blood Triple H expressed some worry that his World Heavyweight Championship just might be in jeopardy this Sunday.

Chris Jericho told Shawn Michaels that HBK was the reason he got into sports entertainment in the first place. Jericho showed footage from his days as a young wrestler when he imitated HBK's moves and persona. Now, Jericho said, he wants to beat HBK at WrestleMania to prove that he has surpassed his one-time idol's abilities. Both men exchanged searing slaps to the face before deciding to settle their hatred at WrestleMania!

Match Results

Trish Stratus & Jeff Hardy def. Victoria & Steven Richards

Scott Steiner def. Christian

Goldust & Booker T def. Triple H & Ric Flair

Kane & Rob Van Dam def. The Dudley Boyz