Raw is War

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Febuary 24, 2003

Booker T heading to WrestleMania to face The Game!

Booker T outlasted 19 men, including The Rock, to win an over the top rope Battle Royal and earn a trip to WrestleMania to face Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Booker tossed The Rock over the top rope for the final elimination of the night. The Rock showed up at RAW  and explained that he couldn't wait to come back to Toronto where the fans first turned against him at WrestleManiaX-8. The Great One berated the fans for choosing Stone Cold Steve Austin as the Superstar of the Decade. Rock promised to win the Battle Royal and go on to defeat Triple H at 'Mania, but Booker derailed his plans. Judging by the grin on Rock's face as RAW left the air, however, we haven't seen the last of the People's Champion on RAW!

Fans will have to wait until next week's RAW to see Stone Cold Steve Austin as a badly beaten Eric Bischoff banned him from the building. 

Two weeks ago on RAW, Stacy Keibler informed Test that he would be working with an organization that she only knew as GGW. Turns out that GGW is none other than Girls Gone Wild! GGW host Joe Francis gave Test a sample of what to expect when he takes part in next month's hot Girls Gone Wild pay-per-view! Stacy and Test found themselves in some action on RAW together as Eric Bischoff sent Chief Morley to inform them they would have a match against Christian and Chris Jericho! Jericho and Christian lost the match by disqualification, but clearly sent a message to the two by beating them mercilessly after the bell.

Morley bore a smug grin upon delivering the news to Stacy and Test, but his face was contorted in pain following his match against Jerry "The King" Lawler. The Dudley Boyz burst into this no-disqualification match and nailed Morley with a 3-D, allowing Lawler to finish him off with a fist delivered from the second rope.

Goldust appeared for the first time since nearly being electrocuted to death three weeks ago. In his interview with Jim Ross, Goldust revealed that doctors weren't quite sure what was wrong with him. But judging from his uncontrollable flinching and spasms, Goldust definitely has some issues to deal with.

Match Results

Jazz def. Jacqueline

Kane def. Lance Storm

Scott Steiner & Booker T def. Batista & Randy Orton

Test & Stacy Keibler def. Christian & Chris Jericho by disqualification

Christopher Nowinski def. Jeff Hardy

Jerry "The King" Lawler def. Chief Morley

Booker T won a 20-man Battle Royal