Raw is War

Detroit, Michigan
October 28, 2002


Triple H's disrespect for Kane and Katie Vick continued on RAW. After simulating sex last week with a mannequin, which was supposed to be Katie's dead body, the Game brought the same mannequin to the show and into the ring. The Game then interviewed "Katie Vick." Kane wasn't going to take any of it. The Big Red Monster soon hit the ring. The two superstars went at it for several minutes. Not even the numerous superstars from backstage could keep them off each other. Finally, Eric Bischoff demanded that the action stop. He then let Kane and Triple H know that they would be fighting in a Casket Match later in the evening.

As in past Casket Matches, the action was hot. On several different occasions, it appeared that both superstars was going to put their foe away. The end did not come, however, until Shawn Michaels snuck out of the casket and attacked Triple H. The sneak attack proved to be enough for Kane to get the win.

A hidden camera spotted Trish Stratus in her locker room getting changed. In addition to losing her clothes, Trish was also overheard on the phone. She was thanking the person on the other line for taking care of her after her match last week. She finished the conversation by telling that person that she loved him or her. The segment left fans with many questions. Who does Trish love? What kind of care did this person give Trish. And who is mysteriously taping Trish?

Later in the show, the same camera caught Triple H on his cell phone in his locker room. Not long after, Eric Bischoff took full credit for the hidden camera he calls F-View. It is just one of many elements of sports entertainment exclusive to RAW.

Also exclusive to RAW is the innovative Elimination Chamber. Bischoff told the fans in Detroit that the Elimination Chamber will feature elements of Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and War Games. It will also be for the World Heavyweight Championship, and will include Triple H, Y2J, Booker T, RVD, Kane and Shawn Michaels.

Randy Orton interrupted a Shawn Michaels highlight segment to alert all his fans, especially the ladies, that they should still e-mail him their get well wishes


William Regal & Lance Storm def. Rob Van Dam & Tommy Dreamer

Test def. Goldust

Christian & Chris Jericho def. Jeff Hardy & Bubba Ray Dudley

Christopher Nowinski def. Al Snow via DQ

Trish def. Molly & Jackie

Kane def. Triple H in a Casket Match