Raw is War

Nashville, Tennessee
October 21, 2002

Triple H's disgusting game with Kane continued on RAW. Just one week after accusing Kane of having sexual relations with Katie Vick, the Game said he had a tape proving that the action was done after Katie had died. The idea of watching Kane with Katie's corpse freaked out the capacity Tennessee crowd. Luckily for them, the whole thing was a hoax set up by Triple H. As soon as the footage aired, it became painfully clear that the man on the tape was Triple H dressed up as Kane. As Kane, Triple H pretended to have sex with a fake corpse. The act was undoubtedly the most disturbing event ever seen on WWE television.

At the end of the night, Kane, looking for revenge, beat Triple H within an inch of his life. He then put the Champion in the trunk of a car. Talking to the Game from the outside, Kane informed Triple H that he was now going to screw him. The only question is whether he'll do it now or just wait until he's dead.

For a second week in a row, Al Snow was ringside for Christopher Nowinski's match. Again, Snow's unintentional help aided in a Nowinski victory, this time over Jeff Hardy. Later in the show, Nowinski looked to return the favor, however, his actions cost Snow his match with Dreamer, rather than helping him.

Also on RAW, Lance Storm and William Regal looked to set the record straight. According to Storm, the Un-Americans are finished, but Regal and Storm are very much together. The two superstars share a common bond -- a hatred for America. According to the team, America is a deteriorating country, and it will only be a matter of time before the citizens of America realize that Storm and Regal know what they are bloody talking about.

For weeks, Big Show has let Eric Bischoff know exactly how unhappy he has been with his spot on the RAW roster. Never one to take disrespect from anybody, Bischoff used his power to put Show in a Handicap Match against Rosey, Jamal and Rico. Unbelievably, Big Show pulled off the victory. After the match, an angry Bischoff told Big Show he had been traded. Who he was traded for was not revealed.


Christopher Nowinski def. Jeff Hardy

Spike & Bubba Ray Dudley def. Lance Storm & William Regal

Test def. D'Lo Brown

Christian, Chris Jericho & Victoria def. Goldust, Booker T & Trish

Tommy Dreamer def. Al Snow in a Singapore Cane Match

Big Show def. Rosey, Jamal & Rico

Kane & Rob Van Dam def. Triple H & Ric Flair