Raw is War

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
October 14, 2002


Since being named the General Manager of RAW, Eric Bischoff promised that he would do everything in his power to provide the most entertaining show possible. In an attempt to keep his promise, Bischoff started the October 14 episode of RAW with a colossal World Tag Team Championship match, pitting the champs Kane and Hurricane against tag team extraordinaire Christian and Chris Jericho.

One week after being accused of murder by Triple H, Kane obviously had a great deal on his mind. It didn't show, however, as Kane and his tag team partner put on an amazing show. Their luck did dry up, though, when Chris Jericho illegally used the ropes for leverage, pinning Hurricane.

Later in the show, a confused Kane decided it was time to set the record straight. In a remorseful voice, Kane admitted that he was somewhat responsible for Katie Vick's death, however, he claimed that it was an accident. According to Kane, he was simply driving her home from a party because she had too much to drink. The weather was bad and visibility became low. It was then that Kane drove off the road. The accident broke Kane's arm, but took Katie's life.

Triple H soon came from the backstage area to interject. According to The Game, Kane's story was only partly true. Kane apparently forgot to mention that he too had been drinking. In addition, Triple H mentioned that at Katie's autopsy, doctors found traces of Kane's semen, leaving Hunter to ask two upsetting questions -- Did Kane force himself on her while she was alive? Or did he wait until she was dead?

At the end of the night, Kane attempted to gain any sort of revenge on Triple H. A crazed Kane hit the ring, but the champ quickly took cover. The big man then targeted his assault on anyone and everyone that was in his sight.

Last week, the beautiful Victoria provided the fans with a vague message regarding her hatred for Trish Stratus. This week, she had an equally disturbing, but less vague message, stating that while she would do anything to get to the top, Trish would do anyone.

In a touching tribute, Eric Bischoff called Pat Patterson to the ring to pay honor to the Intercontinental Championship and the first-ever holder of the title. After a historic video presentation, Bischoff's true colors came crashing through as Rosey and Jamal attacked the retired Patterson. Gerald Brisco attempted to save his good buddy, but he too fell victim to the attack of the monstrous tag team.

Third generation superstar Randy Orton informed the fans that he had bad news for them. Unfortunately, he had suffered a severe shoulder injury that would keep a normal man out nine to 12 months. Luckily for all his fans, Randy said he would be back in a mere three to four months, and during his recovery, fans can e-mail him best wishes at GetWellRandy@WWE.com. While Randy thought he was giving the people of Montreal good news concerning his recovery, the fans did not show their appreciation. In fact, the capacity crowd showed how much they were looking forward to him leaving by chanting "good bye!" Before heading backstage, Randy reminded everybody that Montreal was the place where Bret Hart was screwed. But unlike Bret Hart, Randy said that he would be back.

Match results

Christian & Chris Jericho def. Kane & Hurricane for the World Tag Team Championship

Lance Storm def. Al Snow

Jeff Hardy def. Rico

Jacqueline & Trish def. Molly & Victoria

Christopher Nowinski def. Tommy Dreamer

Big Show def. Booker T in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Triple H def. Rob Van Dam in a Canadian Lumberjack Match