Raw is War

Las Vegas , Nevada
October 7, 2002

Undoubtedly, Eric Bischoff's roulette wheel of stipulations made Monday night's RAW the most unpredictable show in the long and storied history of WWE's flagship program. There were surprises right from the start. After Booker T defeated Big Show in an epic steel cage encounter at the top of the show, Chris Jericho attacked the victor, leaving him a bloody mess on the arena floor. All the while, Y2J asked Booker "who's the sucka now?"

Trish Stratus defended her WWE Women's Championship against the leggy Stacy Keibler. This match was not only a Bra and Panties Match, but it was also a Paddle on a Pole Match. The bout ended with Stacy being disrobed in the middle of the ring, thus declaring Trish (and the fans) the winner. After the match, Victoria showed up at ringside and attacked Trish from behind. The newcomer put a beating on Trish that has yet to be seen in the Women's Division. Later in the show, we learned that Victoria made her attack on Trish because of something the Women's Champion did to her in the past. The message was quite cryptic, as Victoria did not expand on what was done to her.

In a WWE first, Jerry Lawler went up against Steven Richards in an It's Legal in Nevada Match. The stipulations stated that the winner of the match would get to go home with some of the Godfather's finest ladies. Looking forward to a long night with some puppies, Jerry Lawler fought like he never fought before, eventually coming out on top.

Eight men put their careers on the line when Kane and Hurricane put the Tag Team Championship up against Christian & Chris Jericho, Bubba Ray & Spike and Jeff Hardy & Rob Van Dam in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. Prior to the match, Triple H and Ric Flair destroyed Hurricane backstage, leaving Kane to defend by himself. The action was off the page and when it was all said and done, it was Kane successfully defending the gold by himself.

In a turn of events that words can barely describe, Triple H came out from the back with something to say. He told Kane that he knew all about Katie Fick. He then accused the big man off killing her. As RAW went off the air, The Game spoke these ugly words -- "Kane, you are a murderer!"

Match results

Booker T def. Big Show in a Steel Cage Match

Triple H de. D'Lo Brown in a Blindfold Match

William Regal def. Goldust in a Las Vegas Showgirls Match

Trish def. Stacy in a Bra and Panties/Paddle on a Pole Match

Al Snow def. Test in a Las Vegas Street Fight

Jerry Lawler def. Steven Richards in an It's Legal in Nevada Match

Kane def. Bubba Ray & Spike, RVD & Jeff Hardy and Christian & Jericho in a Tables, ladder and Chairs Match