Raw is War

Houston, Texas
September 30, 2002

Eric Bischoff came through on his promises of making RAW a must-see show on Monday night. Not only did the RAW General Manager order three title matches to take place on the show, but he also revealed plans for a blockbuster match at No Mercy!

The GM said that at the October pay-per-view, the Intercontinental Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion would meet in a match to decide the one true champion for RAW! 

As of right now, Triple H will meet Kane at No Mercy's main event! One week after teaming with The Hurricane to take the WWE Tag Team Championship, The Machine captured his second title by pinning Chris Jericho to capture the Intercontinental Championship!

Bischoff began the night by addressing Lita, who stood next to the RAW General Manager in the ring. Bischoff took Lita to task for some comments she recently made in an interview with WWE.com. In in, Lita stated that she thinks SmackDown! has been much better than RAW lately in part because of the way talent are used on the shows. Bischoff grew angrier and angrier, until he finally uttered the "three-minutes" code words. Rosey and Jamal leapt into the ring and readied to assault the injured Lita. But before they could lay a finger on her ailing neck, Jeff Hardy raced in and assaulted the two behemoths! Jeff was quickly dispatched, but Booker T and Goldust managed to make the save! Rosey and Jamal got the final word, though, as they defeated Booker T and Goldust in brutal fashion during the first match of the night.

After 12 of years of backbreaking work to establish himself as one of the top Superstars in the business, Bubba Ray Dudley earned a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Before the match, Bubba Ray spray painted "HHH" on a table he set up in the ring, saying that the table was reserved for The Game! But Bubba would have to wait for another time to serve Triple H as the champion managed to defend his title after a competitive match.

Victoria showed that there's plenty of ruthless aggression in the women's division. Not only did she attack Trish Stratus before her title match, but she unleashed a fury on the Women's Champion during the match. On paper, Trish earned the win thanks to a disqualification, but she certainly couldn't have felt like a champ after having a steel chair slammed over her head by the challenger!

Randy Orton was a busy man on Monday night. Just one week after jumping to RAW, the rookie sensation picked up two wins in back-to-back matches! After Orton defeated Lance Storm with a slick rollup, Christian took to the stage and berated his tag team partner for losing to an American. Christian then challenged Orton to a match right there! Orton again got the 1-2-3 after executing an incredible finishing move on the Un-American!

The Un-Americans' strife continued as all four members of the faction argued bitterly and came to blows following Test and William Regal's loss to RVD and Tommy Dreamer later in the night!

Match results

Rosey & Jamal def. Booker T & Goldust

Randy Orton def. Lance Storm

Randy Orton def. Christian

Triple H def. Bubba Ray Dudley

Trish Stratus def. Victoria by disqualification

Tommy Dreamer & RVD def. Test & William Regal

Kane def. Chris Jericho