Raw is War

State College, Pennsylvania
March 25, 2002

RAW opened with World Wrestling Federation Chief Executive Officer Linda McMahon addressing superstars from Federation studios in Stamford, CT. Linda explained that during the night, Vince McMahon and Ric Flair would have 10 draft choices each. Following the broadcast, each side would have 20 lottery picks that would be made live on WWF.com! Click here for updated results of the draft!

However, Linda continued, there were some stipulations. Due to the Tripe Threat match later that evening for the Federation Championship, neither Triple H, Chris Jericho nor Stephanie McMahon is eligible for the draft. Also, because of a clause in his contract, Stone Cold Steve Austin could not be drafted. The Rattlesnake is therefore deemed a free agent who is eligible to side with either Flair's RAW or Vince's SmackDown!.

Following the amazing opening fireworks, Tazz arrived at the ring to face Mr. Perfect in singles action. Before the match began, Mr. Perfect addressed the crowd and said that they would see the perfect pick. He suddenly dropped the mic and assaulted Tazz.

Perfect nailed the PerfectPlex, but Tazz got his foot on the rope to avoid the pinfall. Tazz then mounted some offense in a hurry by latching on the Tazzmission and forcing Mr. Perfect to tap out! Tazz then took the mic and said that the perfect pick has become just another victim!

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson were shown in their war room discussing their strategy. Flair seemed confident that he could handle the draft. In Mr. McMahon's war room, Vince set down a file he was studying and confidently set out to make the first pick in the extension draft!

Mr. McMahon came to a podium set up onstage in front of the TitanTron at Penn State University. With a roomful of anxious superstars watching backstage on the monitor, Mr. McMahon chose the first individual in the history of the Federation to be drafted: "I Vince McMahon choose … The Rock!" Vince said.

Cameras caught a ticked-off Rock spring from his backstage seat and stomp out to face Mr. McMahon. The Brahma Bull arrived on stage to a thunderous ovation. Mr. McMahon said that there would be some new rules for SmackDown!. He said that on SmackDown, The Rock could never touch him, he could never talk about putting things up people's candy asses and he could never use the phrase, "It doesn't matter." This elicited angry boos and chants from the crowd. But Mr. McMahon continued.

Mr. McMahon reminded The Rock that he had brought the People's Champion into this world, and he could take him out of it.

Vince turned to leave, but The Rock stopped him. The Great One said that seeing as how this would be his very last RAW, he wanted to go out with a bang. The Rock reminded Vince of the history that he had made on RAW. On that show, he had won the Federation title and teamed with Mick Foley to form the Rock and Sock connection. The Rock asked if Mr. McMahon really wanted to take him away from this. Mr. McMahon began to answer, but The Rock said it doesn't matter what he things.

The Rock said that Vince didn't make The Rock. It was the people that made The Rock. Speaking of the people, The Rock said that when you mess with The Rock on SmackDown!, you mess with the people. The Rock said that Penn State has a saying. He screamed, "We are," and the crowd shouted back, "Penn State!"

But The Rock said that tonight there would be a different saying at PSU and arenas across the nation. The Rock told one side of the arena to scream, "You are" while the other side responded, "An asshole!" The crowd roared this for several moments while Mr. McMahon stormed off. The Rock finished things off and the cameras went to break with Ric Flair readying his first pick.

The Nature Boy came out following the break and said that despite his personal differences, he was picking man who is the cornerstone of the Federation. With that, Flair picked the Undertaker! All eyes backstage fell on the American Bad Ass, who threw a chair against the wall and stormed out of the room.

In his war room, Vince threw up his hands in disgust after seeing the pick. Kurt Angle walked in and said his feelings were hurt that Angle hadn't been picked first. Vince said that he threw Flair a swerve and Flair had tossed one right back. Take stormed in and asked what Vince was going to do about Flair drafting the Dead Man. Vince promised to make things right. Taker said that this is one time that Vince had better keep his word.

Before more picks were announced, a tag team match took place with Edge and DDP taking on Christian and Booker T. Booker and Edge started the action. Booker nailed a kick to Edge's face when Christian distracted his brother. Christian tagged in and suffered a stiff spinebuster from Edge. Booker and DDP entered the ring. DDP landed the Diamond Cutter soon after but the pinfall was broken up by Christian. Then, while Edge and Christian brawled outside the ring, Booker nailed a scissors kick and covered DDP for the 1-2-3!

Backstage, Angle read off a list of his accomplishments from a press kit before Vince cut him off. Vince asked if Flair would pick the nWo next. Angle worried that he might be picked next because Flair didn't want the poison that is the nWo. Vince agreed and made Angle the third overall pick of the draft. Angle exulted but reiterated that he should have been picked first.

Flair came back out to make his second pick of the night. He said that he would work diligently to bring Stone Cold to RAW.

The Nature Boy went on to pick the collective unit of the nWo!

Vince couldn't believe what he was seeing on the television back in his office. He exploded in a rage and said that Flair would not get Austin. He promised to sign him somehow. Angle implored Vince to calm down. Angle said that to throw Flair off his game, Vince should choose someone who hasn't been around for a while, but who would come back bigger and stronger than ever. Vince smiled and selected his third pick of the night: Chris Benoit!
The nWo confronted their new boss in his war room. X-Pac said that Mr. McMahon brought them in and that's who they work for. Flair said otherwise, but Nash said X-Pac was right. Arn Anderson came in and said Flair needed to make his next pick and Flair asked the nWo to leave. They refused, saying nobody orders them around. Flair simply said he would have his next pick come in and deal with them. Flair's pick: Kane! The nWo heard this and quickly shuffled out of the room.

Before Mr. McMahon could make the seventh pick of the draft, Trish took on Ivory in the ring. Ivory took control by pulling Trish off the mat by the hair and slamming her down. Soon after though, Trish hit a modified hurracanrana off the top rope and followed with a bulldog to claim the win!

Backstage, the superstars talked about the developments so far. Mr. McMahon came out to the chorus started by The Rock earlier in the night.

Vince needed to shout over the roaring crowd and announced that he chose Hollywood Hulk Hogan!

Ric Flair announced the eighth pick of the draft following commercial. Flair selected Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam! Vince was ticked because he wanted RVD for SmackDown!. Vince said he wanted the IC Title to be on SmackDown!. Kurt said that he would get the title that night by defeating RVD!

Backstage, The Rock and Hollywood Hogan stumbled into each other. Hogan said that the people made The Rock, but they also made Hogan. The Rock agreed. Hogan said that since they were both headed to SmackDown!, the two should join up and take on the entire nWo! The Rock agreed to go out with a bang!

Vince came out and chose with the ninth pick of the draft, the Tag Team Champions Billy and Chuck along with their stylist, Rico!

Following a break, Hogan and The Rock came down to the ring and faced the trio of X-Pac, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Hogan started things off with X-Pac and immediately threw the nWo member over the top rope and out of the ring! Scott Hall stepped in and was taken down by Hogan. Hall flicked his toothpick into Hogan's face and tagged in Nash. Nash overpowered Hogan then tagged in X-Pac. Scott Hall entered soon after and was clotheslined to the canvas. Nash and Rock tagged in and the People's Champion cleaned house by knocking X-Pac to the mat below and Rock Bottoming Nash!

Things started to go downhill from there, however, as the nWo came together and ganged up on Rock and Hogan. Suddenly, the place exploded as Kane arrived on the scene and helped even the score. He put an exclamation point on the action with a vicious chokeslam to Scott Hall! The nWo claimed victory due to the interference, but Hogan, The Rock and Kane stood tall in the ring when all was said and done.

Backstage, the Federation co-owners came face to face in Flair's war room as Vince angrily lashed out at Flair. Vince wanted to know what was going on in Flair's mind. Flair said he didn't need to tell Vince anything. With that, he selected Booker T as his next pick. Vince fired back that he was selecting Edge! Flair then picked Big Show and Vince responded by taking Rikishi! Flair said he hoped to see Rikishi stick his big ass in Vince's face again! Vince steamed and shoved Flair to the ground before leaving. Arn Anderson had to restrain Flair form attacking Vince.

Team Xtreme arrived at the ring for Jeff Hardy's singles match against Billy, who was accompanied by Chuck and Rico. Jeff took down Billy early with a hurricane DDT and went for the Swanton Bomb. But Chuck managed to distract Jeff long enough for Billy to recover and avoid the move. It went for not, though, as Jeff hit the finisher moments later and won the match!

The next pick of the draft was Ric Flair's. He chose half the most dominating tag team in Federation history: Bubba Ray Dudley.

In retaliation, Flair chose D-Von! The Dudleys steamed in the locker room then hugged before wishing each other luck and walking out.

The European Championship went on the line next with Rikishi taking on William Regal. Before the match even started, Brock Lesnar appeared out of nowhere and manhandled Rikishi! Lesnar tossed the massive Rikishi around like a piece of paper then stood with his arms raised as manager Paul Heyman beamed beside him! Rikishi was so decimated that the match could not take place.

At WWF New York, Federation Women's Champion said she was still waiting to see where the divas ended up. She said that regardless, she would be appearing on both shows.

Lesnar's display impressed Vince who came down and chose the massive young superstar. Flair came out, however, and pointed out that it is not Vince's pick. Vince offered to give Flair the next two picks, but Flair refused and chose Brock Lesnar! Vince said that since Flair chose a young man with a ton of strength and potential, he would do the same, so he chose the World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry!

Flair's turn came up next and he chose William Regal, who was shown to be less than happy about his fate from his backstage position. With Vince's final pick of the night, he chose the Hardcore Champion, Maven. Flair decided that his final selection of the night would be Lita!

Vince scoffed at Flair's final pick and accused the co-owner of making the decision based on his own personal affection for Lita. Flair responded by saying that the people at PSU had gotten it right all night with their chant, which soon began louder than ever!

Kurt Angle tried to bring the Intercontinental Championship to SmackDown! next when he took on Rob Van Dam. The match got off to a fast and furious start. Angle slowed the pace down with several German suplexes to RVD. RVD managed to counter this though and managed to hit the Rolling Thunder. RVD continued to impress by dropping Angle with a high kick then mounting the turnbuckle! But Angle managed to get out of the ring before the big damage can be done. When they reentered the ring, Angle shoved the red, who took a tough fall to the canvas. Angle then caught RVD in the ankle lock, but the ref called for the bell and disqualified Angle! Suddenly, Edge dashed to the ring and beat on Angle! Referees streamed to the ring to break up the melee!

Backstage, Michael Cole caught up with Stephanie who was preparing for her shot at the Federation Championship. She said that she wasn't worried about not being on TV after the night because she would claim the title and end up on both RAW and SmackDown!

The Undisputed Championship match came up next as Stephanie McMahon entered the ring first followed by Chris Jericho and the champion, Triple H.

Under the rules of the match, all three competed in the ring at the same time. The first to score a pinfall or submission wins the match.

The Game and Y2J clashed first, with Triple H tossing Jericho from the ring. Triple H grabbed Stephanie and attempted to Pedigree her, but Jericho pulled her out of the ring at the last second. Soon after, everyone reentered the ring and Jericho ended up being catapulted into Stephanie in the corner. Stephanie, in turn, collapsed head first onto Y2J's groin!

Jericho and Stephanie teamed up on The Game from there. They each took turns hitting The Game's weak quad. But Triple H managed to kick Y2J away and into Stephanie. Stephanie slapped Y2J across the face and the two exchanged heated words. Soon after, the two came to blows again as Jericho locked Steph in the Walls of Jericho! She nearly tapped out, but Hunter avoided that by knocking Y2J to the outside. He then tried to Pedigree Steph, but Y2J broke things up.

Moments later, Y2J and Triple H each grabbed a championship belt and clocked eeach other with it! Stephanie saw the opportunity and covered the listless Triple H, who somehow kicked out! Steph then covered Jericho but Y2J also avoided the pinfall! Shortly after, Triple H decked his ex with a stiff clothesline, but Y2J put The Game in the Walls of Jericho! The Game hollered in pain until Steph climbed on Jericho's back to force him to release the hold.

Triple H hit the Pedigree on Jericho and would have gotten the pin but Steph broke it up! The Game turned to his ex, whipped her off the ropes and planted her with a stiff spinebuster! The champion covered Stephanie and retained his title while forcing Stephanie to leave Federation television! The game knelt beside his ex wife and waved goodbye as the astonished Billion-Dollar Princess stared in bewilderment! As security started to pry Stephanie out of the ring and take her out of the building, The Game closed RAW by leading the crowd in singing, "Na na na na. Na na na na. Hey hey hey, goodbye!"