Raw is War

Jonesboro, Arkansas
February 11, 2002

Just six days before No Way Out, an explosive and shocking episode of RAW emanated from the campus of Arkansas State University!

The evil Undertaker rolled to the ring as the show kicked off. Taker acknowledged the massive ovation he received from the crowd. He said he knew the people respected the man who finally shut The Rock's mouth. Amidst a chorus of boos, Taker said that he would expect nothing less from a bunch of hillbillies. He said he didn't expect much from the crowd, because he learned a long time ago not to expect much from people who have no reason to respect themselves.

Taker talked about his actions last Thursday on SmackDown!, when he gave Rock a Tombstone on top of a limousine. He showed footage of Rock's interference in his Hardcore Title match, costing Taker the Hardcore Title to Maven. He said it was an unprovoked attack. Taker said it was one thing not to show him respect, but no one would disrespect him like that -- and he showed the footage of Rock being dropped on his head atop the limo.

Taker said that was what he called an ass-kicking! But he said they were just getting started. He said the beatings would continue until Rock learned the word "respect," and he said he was no Aretha Franklin, and he wouldn't be singing it. He said he would beat respect into Rock's head until Rock sang it to him.

Suddenly, out came World Wrestling Federation co-owner Ric Flair! The Nature Boy said "excuse me," and said he wanted to follow through on what Taker was talking about. Flair said Taker may be the most respected wrestler of all time, both in and out of the ring. Flair said if he was saying it, then everyone else believed it too. Flair said the fans respected Taker too. But last Thursday, said Flair, Taker had lost all the respect. Flair said Taker had caused Rock a serious neck injury and nearly ended his career.

Taker asked who Flair was to say he didn't respect him. He asked who in the hell Flair was. Flair answered that he was Ric Flair, the co-owner of the company. Taker said that when the real owner gives him the word, he would bust his ass. Flair said that until that happened, he had some bad news for Taker. First, this Sunday at No Way Out, Rock will be there live and in person, and he promised he would bring everything he has for the Dead Man. Second, he told Taker that tonight in this very ring, Taker would go one-on-one with Stone Cold Steve Austin!

An advertisement then aired for the nWo, announcing their appearance at No Way Out this Sunday.

In a non-title bout, Edge went up against Undisputed World Wrestling Federation Champion Chris Jericho. Edge's ribs were taped up, the result of a brutal attack by William Regal on SmackDown! Edge attacked Y2J before the opening bell, taking it right to the champion. But Jericho battled back, and soon took the offensive against Edge. As the crowd chanted "Jericho sucks," Edge caught Y2J with some of his signature moves, but couldn't keep Jericho down for the count. Y2J missed a Lionsault, and Edge then missed a spear. Jericho went for the Walls of Jericho, but Edge reversed into a forward roll for a two-count. Edge went for the Edge-ecution, but Jericho suplexed Edge, and then went to the outside and grabbed one of his title belts. As he came into the ring, Edge speared him, but Y2J kicked out of the pinfall attempt! Y2J then hit Edge in the ribs with the title, and hit the Breakdown to score the pin.

Backstage, Michael Cole caught up with Mr. McMahon, asking what brought him to Arkansas. Vince said he was fond of hogs and swine. He also said he wanted to take care of business, and because he wanted to witness one last episode of RAW before the nWo arrived in the World Wrestling Federation this Sunday at No Way Out. He said there was a perfect storm brewing. Cole then asked if Vince would walk Stephanie down the aisle tonight, and Vince said maybe.

Triple H watched footage in his locker room from last Thursday's SmackDown!, of Kurt Angle knocking him right onto his pregnant wife, who was apparently OK after the hit. Stephanie entered his locker room. and begged him not to go after Kurt Angle, saying the baby was fine, and she was OK, and she wanted it to be a perfect night. She made The Game promise there would be no fights on RAW, and he promised. He just said he had something he had to take care of, and he said he wouldn't break his promise.

Next up, Goldust had his world premiere, competing in his first one-on-one match since returning to the World Wrestling Federation. His opponent was Rikishi, who was also the first man he battled last month in the Royal Rumble. Rikishi soon went for the Banzai Drop, but the Bizarre One got his knees up. As Goldust continued to go to work on Rikishi, Rob Van Dam ran down to the ring and attacked Goldust, ending the bout in a disqualification! The two superstars battled it out, with Rikishi helping RVD to floor the Bizarre One and knock him from the ring!

Triple H walked backstage, and ran into Arn Anderson, who wished him well. Arn said a package had showed up for The Game on Flair's desk, and he passed it on to Triple H.

Coach interviewed Stone Cold Steve Austin, asking about his match with Taker tonight on RAW. Austin cut Coach off, Austin said when he rolled into town he was nervous because he found out this was a dry county. The Rattlesnake said he'd taken Debra to the liquor store and loaded up on alcohol because he wasn't just going to sit around -- he was going to drink all night long. Austin said he was excited about wrestling the Undertaker. He said he would open a can of whoopass. He said he and the fans would disrespect all over the Dead Man's ass. Austin then said that at No Way Out, the Undisputed Championship would come his way, and that was the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so! What?

Backstage, a minister and a chorus rehearsed for the wedding.

Accompanied by several of his lady friends, the Godfather headed to the ring, set to take on Kurt Angle. The Olympic hero attacked the Godfather as Godfather was helping his lady friends leave the ring. It didn't take long for Angle to wrench Godfather in the ankle lock, earning the win via submission. Kurt even held onto the maneuver after the bout, clearly sending a message to Triple H just six days before their match this Sunday at No Way Out.

After the bout, Angle grabbed a microphone and addressed The Game. He said tonight was supposed to be Triple H's special night. He said that was fine, although he thought Stephanie could do much better. He said he wanted to make a vow of his own. He said, "I, Kurt Angle, hereby take this match at No Way Out to kick your butt, to make you tap, to take your WrestleMania title shot, and to go on to become Undisputed Champion, in sickness and in health, as long as we shall live."

Stephanie was getting ready backstage with several hairdressers, and Triple H entered the locker room, throwing the package onto the couch. He asked for a moment alone with his wife, and said he had something he'd been wanting to give Stephanie for a while. He handed her a small box, with a diamond ring inside. Stephanie was amazed by it. He put it on her finger, and said he'd been wanting her to have something like that for a long time. Stephanie said she loved it, and couldn't stop looking at it.

Next up, it was time for a slobberknocker, as Stone Cold Steve Austin took on the Undertaker. But as Austin walked to the ring, he was attacked from behind by Chris Jericho! Y2J laid into Austin on the entranceway, leaving the Rattlesnake lying before referees could pull the Undisputed Champion off his soon-to-be challenger. The crowd chanted for Austin as Taker walked out to the entranceway and dragged his opponent towards the ring, officially starting the bout.

Although Taker dominated in the early going, Austin would not stay down. The two superstars battled back and forth, and outside the ring, Austin tossed Taker into the steel steps. Taker rallied back, tossing Austin over the security wall to the concrete floor. Back in the ring, Taker gained the advantage, and soon went for a chokeslam. He then thought better of it, and set up Austin for a Tombstone! But Stone Cold battled out of it, and nailed Taker with a Stone Cold Stunner! Suddenly, out of nowhere, Chris Jericho again ran in to assault Stone Cold, ending the bout in a disqualification! Jericho went to hit Austin with a title belt, but Stone Cold nailed a spinebuster. But Taker knocked Austin down, and Jericho then walloped Austin with the title belt. Y2J then grabbed Austin's cooler and downed a Steveweiser, even cracking Austin in the head with the beer can on several occasions. Jericho downed a couple more Steveweisers to celebrate his actions, spitting the beer on Austin and pouring it on the Texas Rattlesnake.

Footage was shown from during the break, of Chris Jericho fleeing the arena in a limo.

Accompanied by Test, Booker T took on Tazz, who was seconded by Spike Dudley. Tazz downed Booker with a series of suplexes, but Booker rallied back with a scissors kick and a spineroonie! Booker went for the Book End, but Tazz reversed it into the Tazzmission. Test looked like he was going to interfere, and so Spike tried to tell the ref. That allowed Test to superkick Tazz, giving Booker the easy pinfall. After the bout, Test also brutalized Spike.

At WWF New York, the Dudley Boyz stood atop a table, and said that Stacy Keibler embarrassed Torrie Wilson last Thursday on SmackDown!, and she would further embarrass her in the Bikini Match on RAW. Bubba Ray wanted to know why the Dudley Boyz haven't yet been granted a Tag Team Championship match at No Way Out. He said Tazz & Spike need not worry about Test and Booker; they should instead worry about the Dudleys.

In a Bikini Match, Stacy Keibler took on Torrie Wilson. Both ladies looked absolutely stunning in their teeny bikinis. The two exchanges pinfall combinations, even rolling over referee Jack Doan at one point! Moments later, Stacy rolled up Torrie for the pinfall!

Stephanie stared at her ring backstage, saying it was time for her to get dressed. She seemed disappointed because it seemed her dad would not be walking her down the aisle. Triple H said the night wasn't about her father -- it was about the two of them and their baby. The two then shared a passionate kiss, and Stephanie left to get dressed.

Backstage, Mr. Perfect played some chess with the 1999 National Amateur Chess Champion. Before long, Perfect had checkmated the guy and defeated him for the victory -- but not before a little cheating! Perfect called the kid a loser, and said he was absolutely perfect!

Next up, Rob Van Dam took on Christian. Christian attacked RVD while Van Dam was still posing in the ring, wasting no time. Christian was looking to end his recent losing streak at the expense of RVD. RVD soon scored a near-fall off a breath-taking moonsault. Christian maintained the advantage for much of the bout, but RVD got himself right back in the bout using his kicks and aerial maneuvers. RVD hit a forward roll and moonsault for two, and then hit a heel kick and Rolling Thunder. As he went for ROlling Thunder, Christian got his knees up and rolled RVD up for two. Christian hit a front slam for two, and threw a temper tantrum when the ref told him it wasn't a pinfall! As Christian threw his tantrum, RVD hit him with the Five-Star Frog Splash out of nowhere for the pinfall!

As RVD left the ring, Goldust appeared on the TitanTron and congratulated him on his victory. GOldust said it was that kind of athleticism that had everyone talking about RVD, when they should be talking about him. He said that No Way Out would be the feature presentation, when the two meet face-to-face.

Triple H was drinking some champagne backstage, and Arn Anderson walked in and told him that his mother-in-law, Linda McMahon, had been trying to reach him, and he really needed to give her a call. The Game said he would call her right away.

Moments later, The Game was talking to Linda on the phone, saying how sorry he was she couldn't be there. She said she was sorry too. But she said she had something important to tell him. She said she'd sent him the package that Arn had given him earlier in the day. She said she didn't know who had sent it to her, but she had seen it, and she had passed it along to him. Hunter played the tape, and saw that the man who had pretended to be Stephanie's doctor last week on SmackDown! was actually an actor. The Game couldn't believe what he was seeing, and Linda said she was so sorry, and that Stephanie had been lying -- she's not pregnant! Hunter said it was unbelievable. Linda said she was truly sorry, and Hunter said he was sorry too -- he was real sorry.

Stephanie was showing off her wedding dress backstage, bragging about her baby and about how big the night was. As she talked, Vince McMahon walked up to her and told the other people to go away. Vince told Stephanie that she looked nice, and she returned the compliment. Vince said he would never forget that Stephanie tried to put him out of business or that she said she wanted him to die. But he said that down deep, she was a McMahon and she was daddy's little girl, so he would walk her down the aisle tonight. Stephanie was thrilled, hugging her father. Suddenly, Howard Finkel ran up to Vince, saying he needed to tell Vince something, and it was an emergency. Vince screamed at Howard, saying he was reuniting with his daughter and didn't want to be bothered. In fact, Vince said, he didn't want anyone to approach him until he walked his baby girl down the aisle!

Next up, it was time for Triple and Stephanie to renew their wedding vows. Clad in a tuxedo, Triple H was first to the ring, where a makeshift altar was set up, surrounded by flowers. The Game looked deep in thought as he headed to the ring, and he soon had a smile on his face. After The Game was in the ring, the sounds of "Here Comes the Bride" played in the arena, and Vince McMahon walked Stephanie down the aisle to a chorus of boos.

The minister began the ceremony, with the crowd chanting "What?" after each of the minister's sayings! In fact, Vince asked for some respect during the solemn ceremony! A couple then got onto the stage and sang "When you came into my life" for Triple H and Stephanie, as is the World Wrestling Federation tradition. Stephanie was clearly beaming the entire time.

The minister said that Triple H and Stephanie had written vows to each other, and Stephanie was first. Stephanie said she took Hunter as her husband again, in front of the world, because she wanted to share how she felt about him since the moment she laid eyes on him. She said his smile lit up her heart, his touch made her feel safe, and his words gave her encouragement. She said he was the only one who ever really heard her, and she felt they were destined to be together. She closed by saying, "I love you!"

Now it was Hunter's turn. The Game said that Stephanie's speech was beautiful, and he was overwhelmed. He said he too wanted to tell her how he felt about her. He said they'd been together for more than two years, and they'd had their ups and downs, but despite all of that, last week when she said he would be a father, it was the greatest moment of his life. He said that since that day, he had looked at her in a different way -- not just as his loving wife, but as the mother of his child. He said that when your wife is pregnant, you love her more.

He said standing here tonight, he saw her in a different light again. He said tonight he saw her not just as his loving wife or the mother of his child, but he saw her for what she truly was -- a no-good lying bitch! He screamed at her, asking how she could do this to him! He asked why she had lied, accusing her of hiring an actor to play a doctor, and then faking a picture of their unborn child. Hunter said he had done some pretty bad things, but even he would not go so low. He said she disgusted him, and she cared about nothing but herself, and she never cared about him. He said she didn't have to worry about "us" any longer, because as of this moment, their marriage was over! He said they were through!

Vince got in The Game's face, pushing him away -- causing Triple H to knock Mr. McMahon to the ground! He then destroyed the altar, and gave Vince a Pedigree! Stephanie got right in The Game's face, and he snapped, shoving her to the ground! He ripped the wedding ring off his finer and threw it down onto his soon-to-be ex-wife! Stephanie screamed at Triple H as RAW went off the air!