Raw is War

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
October 15, 2001

Six days before No Mercy, RAW kicked off from the national capital of Canada -- Ottawa. New World Wrestling Federation Commissioner Mick Foley got things started!

Foley began by saying he came out to set the record straight -- ever since Linda McMahon named him Federation Commissioner, a few of his friends asked him why he would take a job that fed him a steady diet of pain and misery. He recalled how Mr. McMahon ended his last tenure as Federation Commissioner. The truth was that Foley did not come back for Mr. McMahon, and he did not care where he was. He didn't come back for the money or to plug any books (though he did get in a plug about his new book, Halloween Hijinx). He said that he came back for the fans and to listen to the fans, which was why he made the Triple Threat main event match for No Mercy. He concluded by saying why should he be home scratching his butt at home, when he could be scratching his butt right here in Ottawa, Canada.

Suddenly, Canada's own Trish Stratus made her return to RAW! Trish said that the reason Foley came back was because Trish needed a little Commish and Foley needed some Stratusfaction! She also asked who else looked good in lingerie besides Stacy Keibler and Torrie Wilson. Foley incorrectly answered Pat Patterson, before Trish proceeded to disrobe and show off her black one-piece!

Foley then invited her to first come back to his office and get in a cage, and then to his home where she can get in a cage so his kids can poke her with sticks!

Foley then guaranteed the fans more great matches like the Triple Threat, Lingerie Matches and more Stratusfaction, before telling everyone to have a nice day!

Stone Cold Steve Austin addressed the Alliance members in the locker room. He said that he know everyone was concerned with what was going on in his career and that he was cool with the Triple Threat Match at No Mercy. Austin wanted to talk about tonight, and who the Alliance will choose to be Austin's partner. Austin had Debra pass around paper and pencils to vote who should team with Austin, and the Rattlesnake said to vote who they really think deserved to team with Austin. Booker chimed in by saying it'd be an honor to have Austin team with the five-time WCW Champion, and then the voting began!

The APA welcomed WWF Tough Enough Nidia (accompanied by Jackie) to RAW and invited her to join them ringside for their match later that night! Faarooq then saw The Hurricane and Mighty Molly. Hurricane accused the APA of charging citizens for protection before pulling down the APA office with rope tied to the Hurricycle! An angry Bradshaw warned everyone to stand back, because there was an ass-kicking coming!

Led by the Duchess of Dudleyville, Stacy Keibler, the Dudley Boyz took on the Big Show in a Handicap Match

Right off the bat, D-Von and Bubba Ray attacked the Show, but Show rebounded by tossing both Dudleys out of the ring. The Dudleys recovered to administer a double back suplex to Show and soon hit him with the Wassup spot while Stacy distracted referee Mike Chioda. However, Show came back to suplex both Dudley brothers and chokeslammed D-Von! But instead of going for the pin, the Show grabbed a table and threw it into the ring! D-Von was all set to taste wood until Bubba Ray nailed Show with the Federation Tag Team Championship belt while Stacy again distracted Chioda. Show was then covered and the Dudleys earned the win. After the match, Tajiri attacked the Dudleys and was about to experience 3-D through a table, but the Japanese Buzzaw came back with a round house kick to D-Von and spit Bubba Ray with his green mist! That gave Show the opening to put Bubba Ray through the table!

The votes were sealed in a box presented to Austin by Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and William Regal. Before everyone left, Debra gave Austin her vote, but when Austin was left alone, he looked at Debra's vote with disdain and threw it on the ground!

Followed by the Alliance, Stone Cold came to the ring to find out who would be his tag team partner against Kurt Angle and a mystery partner. Stephanie was the first to speak, and she said she was amazed at how gullible the fans really were.

She said that the people cheered like Linda McMahon was the nicest person in the world, but on SmackDown!, she ended someone's livelihood by firing William Regal and took pleasure in it. Steph then said that the Alliance was about warmth, good feelings and positive experiences. Steph's brother, Shane, said that tonight the world would witness not a firing, but a hiring. It was his honor and privilege to announce the Alliance's first commissioner, William Regal!

Regal said that he was proud and privileged to be the new Alliance Commissioner, and he joined the organization because it was the rising force in sports entertainment. Stone Cold then took the mic and thanked Regal for his support, and then said it was time to tally the votes, but not before welcoming Rob Van Dam to the fray. Tommy Dreamer voted for Booker T. Kanyon voted for Rob Van Dam. Chuck Palumbo, Test, Mike Awesome, Raven and Billy Kidman also voted for Booker T, while RVD got just one vote. So Booker T was voted to tag with Stone Cold Steve Austin! A happy Booker thanked Austin and the Alliance for finally getting some respect, and told Austin that he was going to be proud teaming with him tonight.

Austin then approached RVD, who asked why he had a long face and if he deserved to be in the ring with Austin. The Rattlesnake repeated that he got just one vote, and that RVD truly deserved to be a champion, and a shot at The Rock's WCW Championship! Shane and Stephanie didn't seem to agree, however

Austin explained that RVD defeated The Rock, he goes into No Mercy as the WCW Champion and would defend against Chris Jericho. Alliance Commissioner Regal agreed with Austin and ratified the match! Austin then led the fans into an RVD match and told him that he was behind him, yet Jim Ross speculated that the Rattlesnake was trying to manipulate Van Dam out of No Mercy's main event!

The APA and Jackie (with Nidia) were out for revenge against The Hurricane, Lance Storm and Mighty Molly for what Hurricane did to the APA office! Molly tried standing up to Faarooq, but he tagged in Jackie who hammered away on the mighty one! When Jackie went for over, Ivory broke it up and was met with a right hand from Jackie! Bradshaw then proceeded to clean house, and caught Hurricane and turned into a slam. Hurricane then attempted a clothesline, but Bradshaw hit his clothesline from hell to pin the superhero!

Rob Van Dam was getting taped up when Billy Kidman said that what Austin did could turn out better for him, and said that everyone really voted for RVD to team with Austin. Tazz told Kidman that he should Austin a little more respect. Kidman sarcastically asked Tazz if he would run and tattle on him. Tazz then challenged Kidman to a match! RVD told Kidman that Tazz has always been like that.The Coach asked Kurt Angle if he found himself a partner. Angle said that he was weighing his options when the Undertaker chimed in and said that his partner was already chosen.

Angle concurred that Taker would make a great partner and that he was going to talk strategy.

Michael Cole then asked Chris Jericho who he'd rather face at No Mercy. Jericho said that in order to win the big one, he'd have to beat the Great One, so he hoped The Rock would win. Jericho added that he knew he could beat The Rock. Rock then interrupted, and Jericho asked if he could help him with something. Rock said he could never help The Rock and that he knows he could be Jericho. Rock added that this Sunday, Jericho has no idea, and until then, Jericho was told twice to stay out of The Rock's way. Jericho said that this was getting good!

Jericho joined J.R. and Paul Heyman at the announce table for Rock's WCW Title defense against Rob Van Dam. Y2J explained he was there to see first-hand who he would face at No Mercy. Jericho concurred with J.R. that RVD can be easily manipulated, which first Stephanie and now Austin was up to.

Preceded by Van Dam, The Rock entered the ring. Van Dam took the fight to the outside, but Rock fought back with a right hand and rammed Van Dam's head on the announce table. Van Dam, though, returned the favor, threw Rock back into the ring and landed a flying kick directly on Rock's chest. RVD continued to hammer away with his unorthodox offense until he missed a split-legged moonsault. Rock scored with a flying forearm, ducked a roundhouse and nearly pinned RVD after a DDT.

RVD then blocked a Rock Bottom attempt before being caught in a spinebuster.

Van Dam's attempt at Rolling Thunder was then blocked by The Rock, who threw Van Dam outside the ring and repeatedly rammed RVD's head on the announce table. Van Dam recovered and went for a chair, risking disqualification. But in the ring, Rhyno interfered and hit Rock with the Gore! Van Dam then went for the Five Star Frog Splash, but Jericho pushed him off the top rope to force the disqualification, explaining that the outcome of the match was his business. RVD and Rhyno then beat up The Rock, and Y2J respected Rock's wishes to stay out of his business! It took three officials to save The Rock, but not before RVD nailed Rolling Thunder!

An angry Stephanie told Rhyno how upset she was that Chris Jericho foiled his efforts and that Rob Van Dam is still going after the Federation championship, while Y2J still had his shot at the WCW Title at No Mercy! She added that not only was she mad, but that Austin was also angry. She told Rhyno that his job was to beat Jericho and end his career! Rhyno assured her that Jericho would not make it to No Mercy. After he walked away, Stephanie said that he'd better be sure!

Up next was Tazz against WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman. The Red Hook native had the size and strength advantage, but Kidman's quickness gave him an early advantage, and he quickly scored the upset after a face slam!

With his mission clear, WCW U.S.

Champion Rhyno went one-on-one with Chris Jericho. An intense, physical battle was controlled by the man-beast until he missed a splash. Jericho quickened the pace with a couple of takedowns until being caught in a Rhyno belly-to-belly suplex. But Jericho cradled Rhyno by the leg and locked him in the Walls of Jericho. However, Mike Awesome and Raven attacked Jericho by orders of Stephanie! But in came The Rock, who cleared the ring of the Alliance members before Rock Bottoming Jericho!

Live at WWF New York, Diamond Dallas Page said that tonight, D-D-P was in N-Y-C, and that wasn't B-A Double D bad, but G-O Double D good, because the alternative would be stuck in Canada. He then said that like audience in New York, the Canadians were a terrible audience, and he wasn't going to let their negative energy affect his positivity!

Back in Ottawa, Edge took on Federation Light Heavyweight Champion X-Pac in a non-title match. X-Pac had Edge set up for the Bronco Buster, but his showboating cost him when Edge nailed him with a spear. After several near falls, blocked the X-Factor and hit his Impailer to earn the win six days before his Ladder Match against Christian at No Mercy!

J.R. then left his announce position to whisper something to Edge, which caused Edge to suddenly run backstage. When RAW returned from a break, Edge found Christian and told him that the police called to say that their mom was in an accident

Christian asked why he wasn't asked first, but Edge explained that it didn't matter. Suddenly, Hugh Morrus and Chuck Palumbo asked Edge where he was going. It turned out to be a set up as Christian, Morrus and Palumbo attacked Edge. Christian told Edge there indeed was an accident -- when their mother gave birth to Edge 27 years ago! Paul Heyman then proudly announced that despite the fact that the man was mearly a Canadian, he wanted to be the first man to inform everyone that there was a new member of the Alliance -- Christian!

The Undertaker waited outside of Kurt Angle's locker room and asked him to get going. Angle came out wearing a stars and stripes bandana and sunglasses! Taker asked if he was going to take the stuff off before entering the arena.

Taker and Angle then met up with Steve Austin and Booker T for RAW's main event! Taker and Angle immediately went to work on Austin and Booker on the outside. Once back in the ring, Booker got caught in and Angle belly-to-belly suplex, and Undertaker unloaded until Booker met him with an elbow. When Austin tried to show up the Dead Man, Taker grabbed him by the throat, but was double teamed by Austin and Booker.

Booker floored Taker with a scissors kick, but was met with a Taker clothesline following a Spinneroonie. Angle then went to work on the Booker Man until Booker sidestepped Angle to force the Olympian to the outside and a pummeling by the Rattlesnake

After a series of chops, Austin was caught in an Angle sleeper, but escaped with a jaw breaker. When Austin went for the Stunner, Angle locked him in the Ankle Lock, but Booker saved Austin. Angle also refuted a second Austin attempt, before a double clothesline floored the two men.

Angle was able to tag in the Undertaker, who hit whatever moved. When he threw Booker in the corner, he crashed into referee Tim White. Taker nailed Austin with a clothesline that sent him out of the ring, and set up Booker for the Last Ride until Test chop blocked Taker's leg. Angle fought off Test and booker until he was leveled with a Test big boot. While Test and Booker double teamed the Undertaker, Kane fought Test through the crowed, and Taker and Booker soon followed. Back in the ring, Austin hit Angle with the Federation title belt. Referee Charles Robinson came in to make the count, but Angle escaped, and Austin assaulted his own referee.

Angle got a low blow in and Rob Van Dam hit Angle with a Five Star Frog Splash! Alliance referee Nick Patrick then came in to count Angle out and give the win to Austin. The Rattlesnake stared in amazement at RVD as RAW went off the air!