Raw is War

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
October 1, 2001

One question filled everyone's mind as RAW emanated live from Baton Rouge, Louisiana - where is Stone Cold Steve Austin? Paul Heyman answered that question by saying that Austin would not be in attendance - but he had a fax machine nearby, in case Austin needed to communicate with him.

RAW began with the World Wrestling Federation Champion, Kurt Angle, walking to the ring to a standing ovation! Angle announced to the crowd that Austin was rumored to not be showing up - a rumor that Kurt doubted to validity of. Angle said that he didn't care why Austin wasn't there - whether Austin was embarrassed, ashamed or hung over! The champion said that there was nothing embarrassing about losing to an Olympic gold medallist, because Kurt didn't want to embarrass him - he wanted Austin come out right then and face Angle - but Austin didn't show his face!

Kurt said that was fine, because he had some business to tend to with the Dudley Boyz. But before he could finish, The Rock interrupted him! The Rock grabbed a microphone and said that he didn't care where Stone Cold was, but he did care about the Dudleys. The Rock said that any Dudley Boy could come out and face Kurt and Rock at anytime, and Rock and Angle would whoop their asses all over Louisiana!

Rock's challenge was not met by any member of the Dudley family, but rather WCW Owner Shane McMahon! Shane said that being that Rock was the WCW Champion, Shane could put him in a match - and handicap table match for the WCW Championship against Bubba and D-Von Dudley! Shane added that if Kurt Angle interfered, Shane would strip The Rock of the WCW Championship! Even with all the stipulations Shane had, The Rock still accepted the match!

Kurt Angle added that he finally understood what The Rock meant about strudel - and that Kurt though Shane has no strudel! Shane took exception to Angle's insult and challenged Kurt to the Federation Championship, a match Angle accepted - which prompted Shane to start strolling down to the ring! When Shane entered the ring, D-Von and Bubba Dudley attacked Rock and Angle from behind! Soon, the Dudley got out the hardware and with McMahon's help, put Kurt Angle through a table! The Rock tried to help, but was a victim of a 3D!

When RAW returned from break, Paul Heyman received a fax on his machine and promptly announced to the crowd that it was from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Austin said that he resented everything Angle had said earlier, and that he resented the fact that everyone was out to get him!

In singles action, Spike Dudley challenged The Hurricane for the European Championship. During the match, Mike Awesome tried to interfere, but Spike was able to take him down.

Back in the ring, The Hurricane took down Spike, but Spike countered and tried to hit a Dudley Dogg. His attempt to take down The Hurricane was thwarted by Awesome, and Hurricane was able to pin Spike for the win! After the match, Hurricane revealed his new Hurri-cycle, and his new sidekick - Molly Holly! Molly whooshed in and told Hurricane that they'd better get out of there soon, before Spike got to them! Back in the ring, Spike was dejected, but the Big Show appeared live from WWF New York and told his buddy that he was still with him. Show said that on SmackDown!, he was going to take Spike out on the town for a night he'd never forget! Show added that Thursday would definitely be Show Time!

The WCW Tag Team Champions - Booker T and Test - teamed up with Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam to take on the Undertaker, Kane and Chris Jericho. Before the match began, Paul Heyman received another fax from Stone Cold Steve Austin. Heyman announced that this fax said that Austin recognized that he is the greatest superstar in sports-entertainment, and also congratulated Booker and Test on their recent win. Austin reminded RVD that he needed to recognize that Austin was the leader of the Alliance!

The huge six-man match began with Jericho and Booker T in the ring, but soon, each member of both tag teams was involved in an all-out brawl! Jericho went to hit a Lionsault, but RVD rolled away! When RVD got up, he went to nail Jericho, but hit Booker instead!

Test got up to nail Kane, but Undertaker powerbombed Test! Y2J got in the ring to put Booker in the Walls of Jericho, but RVD flew off the top rope and rolled Jericho up for the win!

In an injury update, Paul Heyman announced that Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley would return in about a week from injuries she suffered at the hands of Chris Jericho.

In the back, Rob Van Dam was confronted by Shane McMahon, who said that RVD shouldn't assume that he is a leader. Van Dam said he didn't need to assume anything, because he's Rob Van Dam!

As Lilian Garcia interviewed Torrie Wilson, Stacy Keibler jumped both women and took them down before officials could separate them!

The Rock put the WCW Championship on the line against both D-Von and Bubba Dudley in a handicap table match! If either Dudley put Rock through a table, then that man would be named WCW Champion! Early on, The Rock and the Dudleys all went for tables, putting the hardware in the ring. Soon, the Dudleys teamed up on The Rock, and D-Von went to nail the champion through a table. The Rock was able to recover and nearly tossed Bubba through a table, but D-Von made a save, and then went to get another table! With two tables set up in the ring, the Dudleys went to hit Rock with a 3D, but Rock was able to fight back. Rock went to put D-Von through a table, but Bubba moved the hardware away! Then, Shane McMahon ran out to the ring and put Rock through a table, but the referee didn't see it!

Another WCW referee, Charles Robinson went to get the belt, but Mike Chiota, a WWF Official knocked, Robinson away, allowing Rock to put Bubba through a table and retain the WCW Championship!

Diamond Dallas Page appeared on the screen and gave everyone a warm hello. He then said that he loved yoga, and started doing a few exercises! Page said that yoga was positive for his mind and positive for his body! Page said that if everyone did, he could make "you like you."

In mixed tag action, Tazz and Stacy Keibler teamed up against Tajiri and Torrie Wilson. The two men went at it as the match began, but soon, the two women tagged in and began to show their stuff. Torrie ripped Stacy's shirt, and then started kicking her, but Stacy was able to reverse the move and even roll up Torrie! Torrie kicked out, but Ivory ran out to the ring and DDT'd her! Stacy was able to cover Torrie for the win!

Paul Heyman received another fax from Stone Cold Steve Austin - and the third fax said that Austin objected to the comments that Jim Ross had made about Austin throughout the night. Austin said that he has not lost his self-respect, and was certainly not a bully. Austin added that he was a sensitive human being!

In Commissioner William Regal's office, Ivory told Regal that she went out in the ring, because she wanted to give the fans more of what they wanted to see - her! As Ivory hit on the commissioner, Lance Storm entered the ring and accused Regal of sexual harassment!

Regal countered that by telling Storm to get ready because Regal was going to teach him a lesson in the ring!

Intercontinental Champion Christian entered the ring and told the crowd that he didn't get it. He didn't understand why he wasn't getting any respect since he won the Intercontinental Championship. Christian said that he was a fighting champion, and no one appreciated it! Christian asked the crowd if they had any idea what it was like to have everyone hate them, and he was then interrupted by X-Pac!

X-Pac told Christian that he felt his pain, and he knows what it's like to get booed all the time. X-Pac said that once he went out on his own, the crowd turned on him! X-Pac told the crowd that they were all losers, and X-Pac and Christian were winners! Before X-Pac could continue, Edge interrupted him!

Edge told X-Pac that he had a few corrections - X-Pac just wanted to make people puke! Edge also told X-Pac that 1998 called and they were sick of him, so he could feel free to join 2001 anytime! Christian interrupted and told Edge that he was pretty cocky for someone who just had his ass handed to him! Edge then decided it was time to ask the people why they hated Christian. As Edge went on about Christian wetting the bed, Albert attacked Edge from behind! Albert chased Edge to the ring, where Christian, X-Pac and Albert attacked him! The APA ran out and saved Edge just as Christian was getting out steel chairs.

In a special challenge match, William Regal faced Lance Storm. Regal ended the bout quickly, forcing Storm to tap out.

In yet another fax sent to Paul Heyman by Stone Cold, Austin announced that he believed that William Regal should attempt to do the right thing and try to entice Austin to return to RAW and SmackDown! By stripping Angle of the WWF Championship! Austin added that if he didn't, Austin said he'd settle by being named the No. 1 contender! Regal went to Paul Heyman and told him that he had a message for Austin - the commissioner then smacked Heyman in the mouth!

In the locker room, Tazz congratulated WWF Tough Enough winner Maven about winning Tough Enough - and then announced that Maven would be competing on SmackDown! Tazz then choked Maven out and told him that Maven would be facing Tazz in the ring on Thursday!

Shane McMahon told Rob Van Dam that even though he didn't want any favors out of RVD during his match Van Dam would be joining Shane at ringside during his match!

The World Wrestling Federation Championship was on the line as WCW Owner Shane McMahon challenged Kurt Angle in the main event of RAW! The match began with Angle chasing Shane outside the ring, but Kurt was cut off by Rob Van Dam. Angle had none of that, and slugged RVD in the mouth. Soon, the match was staged inside the ring, where Shane utilized every offensive move he could think of against the Olympic champion.

As Kurt tried to fight back, Shane countered with a nasty DDT and then climbed to the top rope and nailed Kurt with an elbow!

Shane struggled to make the cover after the elbow, as he hurt himself, and Kurt was able to kick out. Kurt took advantage of Shane's injury and went after the Money with suplex upon suplex. RVD was soon able to distract Kurt Angle, which allowed Shane to knock Angle off the ring apron! After that, RVD nailed Angle with a Frog Splash right onto the floor! As the match re-entered the ring, RVD grabbed a steel chair and slid it into the ring. Before the chair could be used, Angle forced Shane to tap out to the Ankle Lock! Shane stared down Angle as RAW went off the air!