Raw is War

Grand Rapids, Michigan
August 27, 2001

RAW IS WAR kicked off from Grand Rapids, Mich., with WCW owner Shane McMahon headed to the ring. The Boy Wonder explained how he bought the WCW with his "hard-earned money" not for his amusement or that he was bored, but to buy the most dominant brand in sports-entertainment and to put his father out of business. Shane also said that one of WCW's greatest assets is Booker T, a champ Shane said fans can get behind, unlike the current WCW Champion -- The Rock -- which Shane added stands for everything he despises about the business. Shane then proclaimed that tonight, there would be a new WCW Champion -- Rhyno -- and if Rhyno did not beat him to it, Shane would be happy to lay the smack down on The Rock!

With that, the Great One interrupted Shane to provide a response. The Rock refuted claims that he doesn't care about the history of the WCW and recited the names of past WCW Champions, including the Nature Boy, Ric Flair! The Rock said that he also knew what the WCW has come down too in recent times -- Diamond Dallas Page and Booker T -- and compared the WCW Title to Shane's sister, everyone gets their turn! Rock added that he knew about his match with Rhyno, but that didn't stop him from walking down the ramp, getting inside the people's ring and challenging Shane to a WCW Title Match! In response, Shane told Rock to just bring it!

But once Rock entered the ring, Shane ran out and stood tentatively on the ring steps. But Rhyno attacked Rock from behind! The Rock fought back until he was leveled by a Rhyno gore!

In Stone Cold Steve Austin's locker room, the Rattlesnake complained of a shoulder injury suffered at the hands of Chris Jericho on SmackDown! Then Rob Van Dam and Raven entered to ask Austin to approve a Hardcore Title Match between the two. Austin asked how the two they could be so selfish considering his injury and how the Alliance is supposed to be a team. Raven and Van Dam offered to be Austin's partner, but the Rattlesnake said he'd take on Jericho and Angle on his own! But when proposed that Raven and Van Dam take on Jericho and Angle, Austin seemed to like the idea!

The Undertaker against Albert was RAW's first match. A physical contest was interrupted when X-Pac nailed Taker with a right hook. Taker went to attack X-Pac, but was met by Albert and a belt bash by X-Pac which nearly cost Taker the match. When Albert went for the Baldo Bomb, Taker blocked it, and hit him with a boot and subsequent chokeslam to win the match!

Hurricane Helms spoke with Michael Cole about his obsession with the Green Lantern. Helms corrected Cole by saying that Green Lantern is second behind Stone Cold Steve Austin, and proceeded to tell Cole stories on how the Lantern overcame evil, and that the Hurricane would overcome Matt Hardy and win the European Championship!

In his attempt to be the Federation's newest superhero, Hurricane Helms -- complete with mask and cape -- challenged Matt Hardy for the European Title. Hurricane offered a pre-match handshake, but Hardy went right on the offensive. Hardy controlled the match -- nearly pinning Helms with a legdrop from the second rope -- until Helms reversed a Hardy back suplex from the top rope. Suddenly, Ivory attacked Lita's injured knee with a tire iron, and then hit Hardy in the ribs with it. The attack allowed Helms to finish Hardy and become the new Federation European Champion!

In the back, Michael Cole attempted to track down Kurt Angle for an interview, but instead, an enraged Angle attacked Raven, put him in the Ankle Lock, and told him to give Austin a message -- if he wants to kick his ass so badly, he can be selfish and spoil himself rotten, because RVD will need a new tag team partner later that night!

While a doctor attended to Lita's injured knee, Raven hobbled in seeking medical attention. Austin walked in, and Raven told him what happened. The doctor told Austin that Raven couldn't wrestle, so Shawn Stasiak asked Austin if he could team with Van Dam. Austin reminded Stasiak about his previous missed opportunities, but told him to go do it. Stone Cold then berated Raven on how he couldn't compete with a "Mickey Mouse" injury and that Austin -- injured shoulder and all -- had to go out and take his place.

For good measure, Austin checked to see if Raven's ankle was really broken by punching it!

Elsewhere, Edge was enjoying a soda when Hugh Morrus confronted him. Edge insulted him, and Christian came to his defense by telling Morrus he'd be crazy if he could beat Edge in a title match. Morrus then accepted an Intercontinental Title Match with Edge that night. A bewildered Edge asked Christian what he was doing. Christian said that why "we were the champs."

Up next was a battle of big men as Bradshaw sought revenge out of Test. After a sidewalk slam, Test went for his flying elbow, but missed. The big Texan then hit a powerslam to nearly pin Test. Later, Bradshaw was thrown out of the ring and attacked by Shane McMahon. Faarooq tried to rescue his partner, but was met with a Test clothesline. When Bradshaw chased Shane in the ring, Test nailed him with a big boot to win the match.

Steve Austin complained on how Kurt Angle could attack Raven when Rob Van Dam complemented him on an apparent plan for Austin to team with RVD. Debra loved the idea, but Austin hated it. The Rattlesnake told RVD he'd think about it, asked him to leave and argued with Debra some more.

Elsewhere, Angle poured himself a glass of milk with Shawn Stasiak looking on. Stacy Keibler asked him what he was up to, and told her he had a plan to humiliate the Olympic hero.

Rhyno's shot at the WCW Championship was next as he took on The Rock, whom he leveled with his gore earlier on. Rock attacked Rhyno on the outside, but Rhyno threw him into the ringside barrier and gored him! The man-beast then went to work on Rock's injured ribs but couldn't keep the Great One down as Rock tossed Rhyno over the top rope.

Rhyno fought back with a bear hug, but despite injured ribs, The Rock refused to submit and narrowly avoided passing out from the pain. Rock soon recovered enough to hit a Samoan back drop, but was felled once again with a shoulder to the ribs. Eventually, the People's Champion regained his bearings and dropped Rhyno with a DDT. After a Rock spinebuster, Shane McMahon interfered to distract Rock and leave him open for a Rhyno low blow, but the APA chased Shane away. Rhyno had Rock set up for the gore in the ring, but Rock moved out of the way and hit the Rock Bottom to pin Rhyno and retain the WCW Championship!

Elsewhere, Stacy Keibler asked Shawn Stasiak if his plan to humiliate Kurt Angle would really work. Stasiak told Stacy his plan was beautiful, just like her! He had a bucket of sour milk hidden above an open door, which was supposed to drop on Angle when he entered the room. Stasiak would then beat up Angle so that Austin would be proud of him and pick him to be his partner. Shawn and Stacy then hid, expecting Angle to walk in. But instead, it was Debra -- Austin's wife!

Shawn and Stacy then ran for their lives and eventually left the building!

Debra complained to Austin how someone could do that to her, and that Austin being her husband should stand up for her. Austin asked why he should because he's the champion. All Debra could do is scream in horror!

Edge's Intercontinental Title defense against Hugh Morrus was up next, and Edge's brother, Christian, joined Jim Ross and Paul Heyman ringside. Christian explained that the reason he carries Edge's King of the Ring trophy around is because he's proud and supportive of his brother, amid reports that he's jealous of his brother. Christian soon interfered and clotheslined Morrus off the top rope. Edge hit Morrus with a DDT, but referee Teddy Long saw Christian's interference and disqualified Edge. Christian then made it a point to announce that his brother was still Intercontinental Champion. A disgusted Edge took his belt back as Christian tried to calm him down.

Booker T told Michael Cole that The Rock stole something from him at SummerSlam. Cole then aired footage of Booker Wee from last week, and an interview conducted with the Big Show about his match with Booker later on RAW. The Show would up mocking the Book in the interview as Jonathan Coachman tried hard to hold in a laugh. The Book was so incensed, he said that Show's actions didn't deserve comment, except that "when suckas do that somebody gots to get hurt!"

In the weight room, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley confronted Chris Jericho with some important news -- that no matter what happens in his tag team main event later that night, Y2J is O-U-T and that the initials RVD is in. Jericho said that RVD and Steph make a heck of a couple -- R-V-D and H-O-E.

Booker T then had his chance at the Big Show, who continued to have fun at Booker's expense, even doing the Spin-a-roonie until Booker attacked. Show blocked a Booker sidekick attempt and went to work. Shown went for a powerbowb, but Booker escaped and hit a sidekick on the Show. After a Spin-a-roonie, Booker was caught by the throat, but escaped with a low blow. However, Show grabbed Booker by the throat again and threw him to the outside, where he hit his knee on the steel steps. Once Booker leveled Show with a steel chair, the referee called for the bell, but Booker continued the assault and knocked Show out with the chair.

At WWF New York were Al Snow and the WWF Tough Enough finalists. On September 20 live from WWF New York, one male and one female from the group will be offered guaranteed Federation contracts on the season finale of "WWF Tough Enough," live on MTV.

Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle hit the ring awaiting Rob Van Dam and his partner -- Stone Cold Steve Austin, injured shoulder and all! Or was he? Austin would up introducing RVD's real partner -- Tazz! The match began with Angle and RVD fighting on the inside, and Tazz and Y2J brawling on the outside. The Federation Superstars gained early control with Jericho and Angle going to work on Tazz. Jericho nearly had Van Dam pinned until Tazz broke up the count.

Jericho executed a thunderous superplex from off the top rope and again nearly had Van Dam beat when Tazz stopped the count. Van Dam then leveled Jericho with a guillotine leg drop, and the Alliance members took control of the match until Jericho nailed Tazz with a DDT. However, RVD prevented Jericho from making the tag to Angle, keeping momentum on the side of the Alliance.

When Van Dam when from springboard moonsault, Jericho put his knees up to protect himself and tagged in Angle. Angle took Tazz down with a belly-to-belly suplex, but Tazz knocked Angle down to set him up for RVD's Five Star Frog Splash. Tazz covered Angle, but Angle narrowly escaped. On the outside, Jericho locked RVD in the Walls of Jericho, but was hit from behind by Austin. In the ring, Angle locked Tazz in the Ankle Lock but Austin broke that up too. Tazz then locked Angle in the Tazzmission, but Angle turned it into the Olympic Slam to win the match!Afterward, Austin attacked Angle with the Federation Championship belt, and put Angle's medals around his neck. The Rattlesnake then leveled Angle again with the Federation Title, and walked away with Angle's medals. Angle and Austin exchanged looks of hatred as RAW went off the air!