Raw is War

Cleveland, Ohio
March 25, 2001

The most historic night in the history of sports-entertainment began as RAW kicked off live from the Gund Arena in Cleveland!

Vince McMahon kicked off the show by telling the crowd that he has purchased WCW, his own competiton! He said he had the ability to tell everyone what his purchase of WCW meant to everyone involved - and one man would make history tonight, and that man was Vince McMahon! Mr. McMahon said that Jeff Jarrett might spell his name J-E-F-F, but after tonight, it might be spelled G-O-N-E! Mr. McMahon said a special simul-cast between RAW and Nitro would take place later!

Kurt Angle came out to the ring and he said that it was simply amazing. He said people were just giddy over the big news - and that news was that Kurt Angle still did not have a WrestleMania opponent! Angle said it was unbelieveable that the Gobbledy Gooker had an opponent at WrestleMania, but Kurt Angle did not. He said that even if he didn't have an opponent, he was still the best wrestler in the world, and that he would continue to complain until he had an opponent

At that, Chris Benoit came out to the stage and said he had both good news and bad news. They were both the same - the fact that Benoit also had no opponent at WrestleMania, just like Kurt! Benoit said he was annoyed about the fact that Angle said he was the best ever, and if given the chance, then Benoit could make Angle tap out! Kurt then accepted Benoit's WrestleMania challenge, and said that there was no way he would ever tap out to "that stupid Crossface thing!" Kurt promised that he could make Benoit squeal! After the threat, the two men started tossing punches at each other, which led to Benoit locking Angle in the crossface! Edge and Christian ran out and took out Benoit, saving their friend!

In his dressing room, Vince McMahon watched both WCW and the WWF on television as he spoke to someone on the phone. He told that person that they, and Triple H, should take it easy on their vacation! Vince added that later, Stone Cold and The Rock would be facing Kane and Undertaker later!

As Debra arrived, Michael Cole asked her if Stone Cold and Rock could co-exist later. Debra simply replied by saying that she didn't want to talk about that.

In a one-on-one lumberjack match, Tazz took on Val Venis, with the APA, with Jackie, and the remaining members of the Right to Censor serving as the lumberjacks. The match ended quickly with Tazz pinning Val for the win.

In his dressing room, Mr. McMahon wished Commissioner Regal good luck in his WrestleMania warm-up match. After Regal left the room, Vince promised Trish a very interesting night!

In that WrestleMania warm-up match, Commissioner Regal took on Crash, the Federation's Light Heavyweight Champion. Before the match began, Regal told Crash he didn't challenge him, he challenged a different mamber of the Holly family - Molly! After Regal locked Crash in the Regal Stretch, Doink the Clown attacked Regal! Doink then locked Regal in the Walls of Jericho! After Regal retreated, Doink revealed himself to be Chris Jericho!

As Vince McMahon continued to watch WCW with Trish Stratus, he told her how at one time, Goldust, aka Dustin Rhodes, wanted to get breast implants at one time. As Vince laughed at the absurdity, Vince noticed Trish's ample gifts.

After the commissioner made his way to the back, Coach asked him about Chris Jericho's clowning around, and Regal replied that Jericho was now competing in a match against Big Show later!

As Kurt Angle sat in his locker room, Edge and Christian said that Team ECK would live again! Edge and Christian would team up with Angle against Benoit and the Hardys later! As Kurt Angle stated that he was not tapping out to Benoit earlier, Christian and Edge said that they had something for Kurt. As Christian went to go get it, Kurt continued to say that he was not tapping earlier. Christian then brought in Rhyno and introduced him to Kurt. Rhyno said he would do anything for Angle, since he was friends with his buddies!

Mr. McMahon said that it was time to go address the WCW fans, but before he did, Vince asked Trish for a little luck. Trish gave Vince a kiss, and he replied by saying, "That was a lot of luck!"

Mr. McMahon began by saying that the broadcast was not only being seen on TNN, but also TNT! He said that only one man could make that happen! Vince said that the deal was not exactly final, but in effect, Time Warner was begging Vince to buy WCW, but with one small stipulation - that Vince would sign the final contract at WrestleMania when Ted Turner hand-delivers the contract! Mr. McMahon said that he bought up the competiton all on his own! It was his effort, and his money. "How do you beat a billionaire?" Vince asked. "You become one yourself!" Vince said he was going to have Turner sit at WrestleMania and watch him beat his son Shane, just like he did to WCW!

Vince then wondered what he could do with WCW - he could put it on the shelf and watch all the videotapes at night, or he could make it into a huge business like the World Wrestling Federation. Mr. McMahon said he had a choice - he could have even been in Cleveland gloating, like he was, or he could have gone to Panama and given every WCW star a piece of his mind. Vince then promised that WCW was going on the shelf and it would be buried forever!

At that, Shane McMahon's music began playing! As Vince prepared for Shane to walk down to the ring, Shane revealed that he was in Panama City at WCW Nitro! Shane walked out to the WCW ring and told Vince that his ego has gotten the best of him again! Shane said that the WCW deal was finalized, and that the contract was signed with a McMahon name, but the name was Shane McMahon! Shane promised that WCW would kick Vince's ass just like Shane would do to Vince at WrestleMania!

Back in his dressing room, Mr. McMahon screamed at his lawyers for letting Shane take WCW out of his grasp.

In six-man tag action, the Hardy Boyz teamed up with Chris Benoit against Christian, Edge and Kurt Angle. The six men took turns beating on each other until Benoit tried to lock Angle in the Crossface. Christian helped out his friend, but Benoit locked Christian in the crossface instead! Christian tapped out, giving the win to the Hardys and Benoit! After the match, Rhyno speared both Matt Hardy and Lita!

Kevin Kelly interviewed Undertaker and Kane, asking Taker how he felt about Triple H taking the night off. Undertaker replied by saying the Game could hide behind all the people he wanted to, but he couldn't hide from Taker at WrestleMania! Taker promised that Rock and Austin might have trouble getting to WrestleMania if they don't get on the same page later!

In a non-title matchup, Test took on X-Pac, with Eddie Guerrero inserted as the special guest referee. With the match between Test and Eddie at WrestleMania just six days away, Guerrero seemed reluctant to make any counts for Test. Finally, Test became frustrated with Eddie, and he leveled the referee! X-Pac took the win after Guerrero recovered and counted the fall. After the match, Eddie assaulted Test, leaving him lying in the ring!

As Stone Cold Steve Austin got some coffee, Michael Cole asked him about his match later. Austin just walked away.

As RAW came back from break, Mick Foley walked out to the ring! After a rousing ovation, Mick said that it was nice that the fans remembered who he was. Foley said that it was not to promote his new book, which hits stores in May. He was actually in Cleveland because he thought WrestleMania wouldn't be right without Foley involved! Mick said that he was getting involved in one of the biggest matches at WrestleMania, but before Mick could finish, Vince walked out to the stage and told Mick that he was trespassing!

Mick said that he hated to disagree with Vince, but he knew he could be a part of WreslteMania, because he remembered an interesting bit if history. Foley recalled his days as commissioner, and the day Vince fired him. Foley said that on December 5, 2000, before he was fired, he had an important business meeting with Linda McMahon! Foley then showed a home video of his meeting with Linda, where Foley signed a huge stack of documents! Mick said that the most important document was the one that said Foley could be the special guest referee for any match of his choice at WrestleMania! And the match Mick would officiate would be the Street Fight between Vince and Shane!

Back in his dressing room, Mr. McMahon reflected with frustration his long, disappionting night.

In a match made earlier by Commissioner William Regal, Chris Jericho took on the Big Show. At one point in the match, Kane came to the ring and took out the Big Show, but William Regal came out and hit Jericho! Big Show made the cover for the win! After the match, Kane smacked Big Show with a steel chair! Raven tried to take out Kane, but Kane flattened the Hardcore Champion with a massive chokeslam!

As The Rock was walking through the back, he asked stopped to talk to someone. He told that person that he had been walking around all night looking for Stone Cold's locker room, and he asked for directions. After finding out where Austin's locker room was, The Rock continued on his way.

In an interview live from WWF New York, the Dudley Boyz said that Spike was hurt, but he would be better. They went on to say that they would take the TLC 2 match to new levels, and the Tag Team Titles would go back to Dudleyville!

The Rock, having found Stone Cold's locker room, and told Austin that if he did't mess with The Rock, he wouldn't mess with Austin! Austin replied by saying that once the match was over, all bets were off. The Rock simply said, "Understood."

In a huge tag team matchup, Undertaker and Kane met up against Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock! The match began with Kane attacking The Rock from behind. Soon, Undertaker joined the battle, and the Brahma Bull was struggling and looking for the tag. Eventually, Rock made his way to his corner and tagged in the Rattlesnake. While Austin battled Taker, The Rock made his way over to Kane and those two battled on the outside of the ring. In the ring, Austin went down and Taker was standing over him. Taker grabbed Stone Cold by the throat and hit him with a chokeslam! Just as Taker was about to go for the Last Ride on Austin, Triple H ran out to the ring and hit the Dead Man with a steel chair! Stone Cold got the pin on a fallen Taker! Undertaker climbed out of the ring and started after the Game as Stone Cold celebrated in the ring! While the celebration continued, The Rock snuck up on Austin from behind Austin!The Rock then hit Austin with a Stone Cold Stunner and poured a beer over Austin as RAW went off the air!