Raw is War

The Pepsi Arena, Albany, New York
March 19, 2001

The Rock paced impatiently in the parking area as RAW kicked off live from the Pepsi Center in Albany, New York, just 13 days from WrestleMania!

The Big Show came to the ring to defend his Hardcore Title against Raven for the opening match on RAW. Raven brought his shopping cart full of hardcore goodies to the ring with him, and he used them liberally through the course of the match. As Show was about to finish off Raven, Kane came out to the ring and started hammering on the Big Show! Kane flattened Big Show by hitting him right between the eyes with the steel ring steps! Kane then hit Big Show with a flying clothesline and Raven pinned Show to pick up the win and the Hardcore Title! After taking the title, Raven hit Kane with a cheap shot! Kane then chased Raven to the back!

Shane McMahon was then shown walking through the back, preparing for his public announcement later in on RAW!

Coach caught up with The Rock, and asked him if he was waiting for Stone Cold Steve Austin, because Austin's flight had been delayed. The Rock said that was convenient, but told Coach to go to the airport and tell the Rattlesnake that The Rock was at the arena...waiting.

Shane McMahon came to the ring for a public announcement. Shane said that it was a great thrill ride to be Vince's son.

He said he grew up watching Vince do what he wanted to do to whomever he wanted to do. And Shane also watched people try, and fail trying, to stop Vince - Stone Cold, The Rock, Mick Foley among them. Shane then asked Vince if he wanted to play, because he was holding a contract, one that would allow Vince and Shane to play at the biggest show in the business! Shane then challenged Vince to a match at WrestleMania, if Vince had the grapefruits!

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley instantly came to the ring upon hearing Shane's challenge. Stephanie said that Vince was doing what he was doing to Linda because he loved them! Stephanie then demanded Shane to rip up the contract! As she continued to beg Shane to change his mind, Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus came out to the stage! Mr. McMahon said that he could only think of one thing - Linda sitting watching Shane in the ring. Vince said he didn't think Linda would be very proud of him. Vince then sent Trish down to the ring to grab the contract so Vince could sign it. Vince walked down to the ring saying he'd never backed down from a challenge in his life, and he signed the contract! Then Vince climbed up in to the ring, as Stephanie tried to keep her father and her brother separated. Before Vince got in the ring, Triple H ran down and attacked Shane from behind! Mr. McMahon told the Game to Pedigree Shane, and Vince told Shane he would never forgive Linda for giving birth to him!

Vince said he would wheel Linda down to the ring at WrestleMania so she could watch Vince beat Shane's ass!

Triple H's beating of Shane continued in the back, where the Game beat Shane across the parking area as Vince screamed on! As Vince told Shane their WrestleMania match would be a street fight, Triple H shoved Shane into a limo, and Vince told the driver to take him home to his mother!

Matt and Jeff Hardy put the Tag Team Titles on the line against the Dudley Boyz, but instead of the Dudley Boyz coming to the stage, Edge and Christian came out! Edge said that the Dudleys weren't there, and challenged the Hardys to put the titles on the line against them! The Hardys accepted and the match was on. While the referee was down, Lita hit Christian with a hurricanrana, but Edge came over and flattened her! Jeff Hardy hit Edge with a moonsault, but Rhino ran into the ring and hit Jeff with a spear! Edge managed to cover Jeff to pick up the win and the Tag Team Titles!

In the parking area of the Pepsi Center, the Undertaker sped in on his motorcycle!

As Edge and Christian celebrated their title win, they told a very excitable Rhino to head back to the hotel.

As Undertaker parked his motorcycle, Commissioner William Regal said he was serving him with a restraining order - a restraining order from Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley!

Undertaker signed the papers, but said that he knew regal had called the police on him last week, and that made him an endangered species!

As Regal made his way back to his office, Triple H asked the commissioner for a match. Regal suggested Chris Jericho, but Triple H said he wanted Test. Regal asked why, and the Game said that he just wanted to help Regal get revenge on Test for taking the European Title from him.

As Big Show vented his frustrations over his loss earlier, Triple H came up to him and suggested to him that the best way to get back at Kane was to go after the Undertaker.

In a one-on-one match, Steven Richards challenged Tazz. During the match, Val Venis tried to interfere when Tazz locked Steven in the Tazzmission! But the match came to an end when The Rock ran out to the ring and cleared it of Val, Steven and Tazz!

Rock said he had something to say to Stone Cold Steve Austin, even if he wasn't there. The Rock said that he wasn't waiting until WreslteMania any more! The People's Champ promised that as soon as Austin got to the arena, he belonged to The Rock!

Coach waited at the airport for Stone Cold Steve Austin's plane to arrive, and as he spoke, D-Von and Buh Buh Dudley came down the escalator, wheeling their luggage! Coach asked them what they were doing, and they said they couldn't talk because someone had changed their travel plans and they had to get to the arena for their title match!

In a match made by Commissioner Regal earlier, Triple H took on Test. As the match went on, the Undertaker came out to the stage. As he walked down the ramp, Big Show came up behind him with a steel chair, but Kane came out and flattened him! Taker then whispered something to Kane, who chased Stephanie out into the crowd! With Stephanie gone from Triple H's side, Undertaker began to make his way toward the ring! Triple H and Taker began throwing thunderous right hands at each other, and as Taker lifted Triple H for a chokeslam, Big Show ran out to the ring, causing Taker to let the Game go! Taker knocked Show off the ring apron as Triple H ran away! Taker gave Test a chokeslam for good measure before leaving the ring!

In the back of the arena, Kane had Stephanie lifted up over his head from a second floor balcony as Undertaker looked on! William Regal ran up and demanded that she get put down. Undertaker said she could go if he and Kane got what they wanted. Regal said he would grant them anything, and he made two WrestleMania matches - Kane got a match against Big Show, and Undertaker will face Triple H!

In tag team action, Too Cool - GrandMaster Sexay and Steve Blackman - took on Justin Credible and X-Pac, who were accompanied to the ring by Albert. Justin Credible got the pin on Sexay after some interference from Albert.

The Dudleys arrived at the arena and found Commissioner Regal.

They said they didn't know what happened, but they were ready for their title shot. Regal said that the match had already taken place and there were new Tag Team Champions! D-Von told Regal to make good on his promise to be fan-friendly and give them their title shot later! The commissioner reluctantly agreed.

In Regal's office, Chris Jericho found the commissioner's tea mug and proceeded to relieve himself in it!

Regal made his way back into his office and Harvey Whippleman stormed in, saying he needed to tell him something before he drank his tea! Regal said he'd had a long day and all he wanted to do was drink some warm tea, and he sent Harvey on his way. After Regal sipped his tea, Regal noted that it was "rather tart."

Ivory came to the ring carrying a cardboard cutout of her WrestleMania opponent, Chyna. She noted that Chyna looked as fake as ever, and was dumb as a board, too! Ivory said she had a document for Chyna to sign that took all liabilities of injury off of Ivory. As Ivory continued to mock Chyna by beating up the cardboard, Chyna returned, entered the ring and flattened Ivory with a DDT! Chyna then signed Ivory's waiver.

As Michael Cole went to interview Commissioner Regal, Regal said that he had been informed of a major travesty. Regal said that things needed to change and that you cannot threaten the owner of this company's daughter, and you cannot soil someone's tea!

Regal made another match for WrestleMania - Regal himself would face Chris Jericho, and later on RAW, Jericho would team with The Rock to take on Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit and Regal!

At the Albany International Airport, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra finally arrived. Coach told Austin that The Rock was waiting for him at the arena. Austin said he had his gear ready and he would find The Rock. He told Coach, "You just got that man's ass whipped!"

In the second Tag Team Title match of the night, Edge and Christian defended their newly won Titles against the Dudley Boyz! As the crowd chanted for tables, Edge inadvertently speared his own brother! The Dudleys hit the "Waasaaap!" on Edge! As the Dudleys went to get the table, Edge knocked the table away! Then, little Spike Dudley ran out to the ring and took out Edge, who was pinned by Buh Buh to give the Tag Titles to the Dudley Boys!

As they prepared for their match, Kurt Angle told Chris Benoit his strategy - have Benoit put on the Crossface to set up Kurt's ankle-lock! Benoit couldn't believe Angle's request.

Eddie Guerrero was shown dining at WWF New York, and it was announced that he challenged Test for the European Title at WrestleMania!

The match began with Chris Jericho taking on William Regal, who quickly tagged out to Chris Benoit. After Y2J tagged in The Rock, the Great One and Benoit took it to each other. Benoit then tagged in Kurt Angle, who still wanted to put The Rock out.

The Brahma Bull was able to escape, however, and he tagged in Jericho. The match continued to go back and forth, with no clear advantage going to either side until The Rock re-entered the ring and dominated the ring, tossing Regal and Angle out of the ring with taking down Benoit! As the action spilled to ringside, Jericho went after Regal. In the ring, The Rock went to hit Angle with the People's Elbow, but Benoit was able to lock on the Crossface and Angle put on his ankle lock! Jericho ran into the ring to save The Rock, and Regal flattened Rock with the title belt, allowing him to get the pin and the win!

After the match, Regal Benoit and Angle all assaluted The Rock, but Stone Cold ran out and flattened Kurt Angle! The Rock got up and nearly beheadded Austin with the Title, and then laid him out with a Rock Bottom! The Rock stared at a fallen Rattlesnake as RAW went off the air!

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