Raw is War

Phoenix, Arizona
February 26, 2001

The new World Wrestling Federation Champion, The Rock, came to the ring as RAW kicked off live from the America West Arena in Phoenix! The Great One had a few things he wanted to say. First, he told Kurt Angle that he saw two sides of his personality at No Way Out - a vicious side. And The Rock said he respected that. Then, after the match, Rock saw the other side of Angle's personality - the whining, crying Kurt Angle that the Brahma Bull absolutely hated! The Rock said if Angle wanted to complain, he should come out and complain to The Rock!

At that, Stone Cold Steve Austin came out to the ring! The Rattlesnake said he had a few things he wanted to get off his chest - and then he congratulated The Rock on his win at No Way Out! Then Austin told The Rock that he better stay healthy, and he began to leave! As he ducked under the ropes, The Rock simply said, "Don't leave." The Great One went on to say he had some advice for Austin - "Get ready!" The two men then stared each other down for several seconds!

In the parking area, William Regal paced around, when Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley asked him what he was doing. Regal said he thought that if he talked to Vince, he could get him to postpone the match. Stephanie said there was no reasoning with Vince and that Regal better go get ready for the match! Regal continued to wait in the parking lot.

In the Radicalz locker room, Perry Saturn asked Chris Benoit if Eddie Guerrero knew about the match later. Guerrero then walked in and got in Benoit's face about what happened between them at No Way Out! Guerrero told Benoit he was lucky Eddie didn't take him out right then! Dean Malenko then separated the two men and told them to leave what happened in the ring back in the ring, and to take care of business tonight.

In a tag team match-up, Guerrero and Benoit face Justin Credible and X-Pac. Guerrero and Benoit worked well together, isolating Credible and battering him. Credible tagged in X-Pac, who was also quickly isolated by the two Radicalz. After a few near-pinfalls by men on both teams, it appeared Benoit would take the win after hitting Credible with several suplexes. As Benoit went for his flying headbutt, X-Pac dragged Credible out of the way and rolled up Benoit for the pin! After the match, it seemed as if Benoit was blaming Guerrero for the loss.

A long black limo pulled into the parking area and Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus got out! William Regal went up to Vince and asked him to talk over the match like gentlemen. Vince told Regal that the match was still on!

Jonathan Coachman asked Kurt Angle how he felt about losing the title at No Way Out, and Angle just kept walking by!

In a match for the No. 1 contender spot for the Women's Title, Molly Holly and Lita challenged Ivory. The two women took it to each other in the ring, and Matt Hardy and Crash exchanged words on the outside. As the referee was trying to break up a fight between Matt and Crash, Raven's mystery ninja came to the ring and attacked Molly! Lita then scored the pin for the win!

As Vince and Trish discussed strategy for their match against Stephanie and William Regal later, Kurt Angle demanded a rematch against The Rock, saying he did care if the title was on the line! Vince told Kurt that he would take the request under advisement. Vince and Trish went on to fill a custodian's bucket with mud so they could humiliate Regal later!

Stephanie then came into Vince's office and she asked what would happen if her and her father were in the ring at the same time. Vince said she should know what was going to happen.

William Regal then went to Trish's locker room and she just told him to go to hell!

At WWF New York, Al Snow campaigned to become commissioner of the Federation. He said that one of his objectives was to add more midgets and to take the British presence out of the World Wrestling Federation!

Big Show then walked in to Vince McMahon's locker room and demanded that he get a match against The Rock! Vince said that he had an idea, and that Big Show would face The Rock and Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Hardcore Title match!

In a Tag Team Title match, Haku and Rikishi challenged the Dudley Boyz. Before the match began, Undertaker and Kane came out to the stage and watched on. The match began with both teams punishing each other brutally. Just as it appeared Haku and Rikishi had the titles won, Taker and Kane ran out to the ring and attacked them! After the Dudleyz secured the victory, Taker and Kane flattened them with vicious chokeslams!

Michael Cole asked The Rock about the Hardcore Triple Threat match he was in later. The Rock simply said that it didn't matter!

Vince McMahon and Trish Stratus teamed up to take on William Regal and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley in a mixed tag match! Mr. McMahon and Trish brought to the ring their bucket of goop. Before the match, Vince gave Trish a good-luck kiss! The action began with Stephanie and Trish brawling in the ring. But before long, it was Vince and Stephanie in the ring! As Stephanie went to tag Regal, he walked away from her! Vince then asked for a microphone and told Stephanie that he always gets what he wants! He then told Stephanie that he wants the same thing that William, Stephanie and Trish wanted! Vince told the referee to leave and pulled Trish into the ring! Vince told Regal to go ahead and get what he wanted! William then gave Trish a neckbreaker! After that, Vince told Stephanie to get the bucket! Stephanie smiled as she put the horrible-smelling goop on Trish! Mr. McMahon said that there is only one daddy's little girl, and it was Stephanie! Vince told Trish that she was daddy's little toy and playtime was over! Stephanie then went on to dunk Trish's head in the bucket as Vince and William smiled on! As Michael Cole tried to ask Trish how she was feeling, she just cried and sobbed.

In a Light-Heavyweight Title match, Dean Malenko took on Taka, who was accompanied to the ring by Funaki and a lady, who Taka said was evil! The woman added, "Indeed!" The action was high-flying, and Taka celebrated every move he hit by jumping up and down in the ring! Malenko retained his title, however, after locking Taka in the Texas Cloverleaf.

In an interview he requested, Kurt Angle told Kevin Kelly that all his life he had played by the rules, and the hardcore match later gave Angle a chance to do whatever he wanted, because there were no rules. Angle said that he may not be walking into WrestleMania as the champion, but he would try his damnedest to make sure The Rock wasn't walking, period!

A van pulled in to the parking lot carrying the Right to Censor and their reluctant new member, a sobbing and crying Kat!

Raven challenged Chris Jericho to the Intercontinental Title, but before the match, Raven said that since he had cemented his place as the greatest Hardcore Champion in history, he was expanding the Raven Effect to the Intercontinental Title. Y2J just told "Raisin" to shut the hell up! Raven took control of the match right away in high-paced action, but Jericho soon took over. Then, the ninja that has been helping Raven came to the ring and tried to hit Jericho with a two by four! Molly Holly ran out and held back the woman, causing her to accidentally clobber Raven! After Jericho scored the pin, Molly tried to rip the mask off the women, but she and Raven escaped before her identity could be revealed.

Coach asked Steven why he took Kat against her will. Steven said that "Stacey" was well aware of the implications of the match at No Way Out. As Kat tried to speak, Ivory held her back. Steven then said that he was not worried about the Right to Censor's match against The King and the APA.

Tazz joined J.R. for commentary as Jerry "The King" Lawler, Faarooq and Bradshaw came to the ring to try and settle the score against the Right to Censor's Val Venis, Goodfather and Bull Buchanan. Steven and Ivory also brought Kat to ringside with them. As the match went on, Steven also sat down at the announce table. J.R. and Tazz asked what Seven and the rest of his group had done to Kat, Steven said that they needed to break her down in order to help her. The APA continued to pound on the Right to Censor, and the Kat then went on to choke out Ivory! Steven went to help Ivory and pulled Kat off of her. The Right to Censor took Kat away from the ring, leaving Val Venis in the ring, allowing Lawler to score the win. It was an empty victory for the APA and Lawler, because the Kat was still being held by the Right to Censor.

In a Triple Threat Hardcore Title match, the Big Show defended against Kurt Angle and the World Wrestling Federation Champion, The Rock! Before the match began, all three competitors stared each other down. The men used everything they had to try and take each other down, but they kept getting back up! The fight went outside the ring, where Big Show bounced The Rock's head off the announce table! The Rock then tossed Show into the steel ring steps! As the Big Show lie on the floor, Kurt Angle went after The Great One, trying to make good on his promise to take him out!

Big Show got back in the ring and flattened Rock with a headbutt, and then Angle tried to suplex Big Show! Angle continued to struggle to lift Show, until The Rock came over and helped Angle! The two men gave him a double suplex! Then, Steve Blackman, Hardcore Holly, Albert Billy Gunn and Perry Saturn all came out to attack the Big Show as Angle and Rock fought outside the ring! As Big Show tried to retreat to the back, Essa Rios dove at him off the stage! Show just caught Rios and tossed him like a ragdoll!

In the ring, Albert, Perry Saturn and Angle beat on The Rock. At the same time, seemingly every Federation Superstar, including Essa Rios and Billy Gunn tried to take down Big Show! Show ended up getting the pin on Essa Rios! Back in the ring, Saturn, Albert and Angle continued to beat on The Rock. The Great One tried to fight back, but the three men kept over-powering him! Kurt Angle then locked The Rock in an ankle lock! As Rock screamed in pain, Stone Cold Steve Austin came out and pulled Angle away! Austin then Stunned Angle, and Rock gave Saturn a Rock Bottom! Austin and Rock stared holes through each other as RAW went off the air!