Raw is War

East Ruthersford, New Jersey
February 12, 2001

Two weeks before No Way Out and with many questions to be answered, RAW IS WAR kicked off live from East Rutherford, N.J!

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley entered the ring -- and neither appeared to be in a good mood! The Game complained that like the citizens of New Jersey, he was confused. He tried to comprehend the logic behind the match that would pit Rikishi (representing Stone Cold Steve Austin) against The Rock (representing Triple H), which would determine the stipulations for the Game's match against Austin at No Way Out. Triple H understood why Mr. McMahon would want to keep he and Austin separated, but not why Mr. McMahon would choose The Rock -- the one man Triple H hates as much as Austin -- to represent him. The Game added that his stipulations are "too good for The Rock to screw up and are mind-boggling," and warned that all The Rock had to do was get the job done and not do anything stupid!

With that said, The People's Champion entered the arena. The Rock first questioned Triple H's own intelligence for marrying Stephanie! He then said he could care less about his stipulations because he will face Kurt Angle at No Way Out for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. The Rock guaranteed two things -- that he would become the new Federation Champion and defend the title at WrestleMania! The Rock then walked down the aisle looking for a fight with Triple H until Rikishi entered the ring.

Rikishi was also confused on why Rock would want to start a fight with Triple H when he had the Bad Man to deal with. He added that Austin knows he would never "steer him wrong!" and that the match would be a regular "hit and run!"

Austin then decided to join the party! He told Rikishi that his little jokes did not bother him, but because he represented him, the Rattlesnake said he'd sit ringside and make sure he'd get the job done! And when the match is over, he said he'd hand him a beer, propose a toast and give him a Stone Cold Stunner in the middle of the ring! In response, Triple H said he'd sit at ringside and warned The Rock face to face that he'd better get the job done. The Rock then attacked Triple H, but Rikishi attacked the Great One from behind and took him out with a devastating leg drop. But the Samoan monster didn't stop there, taking out Austin with a savat kick!

In RAW's opening match, Eddie Guerrero's first televised match since returning from injury was a big one with Chris Jericho's Intercontinental Championship up for grabs. Y2J - who put Guerrero out of action a while back -- started out quick, hoping to take advantage of Guerrero's ring rust, but Guerrero answered with some vicious rights and lefts that had the champion on the ropes. After a back suplex, Guerrero looked to end it with his Frog Splash but was met by Jericho, who nailed a suplex off the top rope!

Jericho went for the Lionsault, but Guerrero put his knees up and almost won the match with a roll up! A short time later, Jericho appeared to have the match won with the Walls of Jericho, until X-Pac shocked everyone by returning to RAW and attacking Y2J! After the assault, Jim Ross commented how it was Jericho who put X-Pac out for three months. Apparently, X-Pac had his revenge!

In the parking lot, Vince McMahon stepped outside of his limo -- with Trish Stratus and William Regal! Trish very sweetly thanked Mr. McMahon for the ride!

In the back, Edge & Christian was chatting with Kurt Angle when Michael Cole informed Angle that Essa Rios once again challenged him. Angle said that since he beat him once, Rios should find a tag team partner to face he and a partner of his choosing. Edge & Christian told their friend they were unavailable because they had a match with the Undertaker and Kane later that night with a shot at the Tag Team Championship at stake!

In Rikishi's locker room, Triple H asked the Samoan monster that he lay down for The Rock! Rikishi refused, saying he doesn't lie down for anyone and it was time to look out for himself. It appeared that Triple H was going to nail Rikishi with a toolbox until Haku entered the room. The Game quickly switched gears and wished the big man good luck!

The Hardy Boyz and Lita battled Chris Benoit, Perry Saturn and Terri in a six-person Inter-gender Tag Match. Of course, Lita's presence meant that Dean Malenko was under the Titan Tron observing his object of desire. In the ring, Lita hit Saturn with a hurricanrana and then Terri with the Twist of Fate! A Lita moonsault on a fallen Terri picked up the win for her team, but the celebration was short lived! Saturn hit Lita with a backbreaker. Disgusted, Malenko pushed Saturn away, but then hit Lita with a clothesline!

With a shot at the Dudley Boyz's Tag Team Championship at No Way Out up for grabs, Edge & Christian took on the Undertaker and Kane -- with the Dudleys ringside doing guest commentary! The Dudleys said that it really didn't matter who'd they face at No Way Out.

While the Undertaker got in the faces of the Dudleys, Christian nailed Kane in the head with a chair, but the Big Red Machine kicked out! Edge & Christian then tried a double superplex, but Kane pushed them off the top rope and hit the duo with a double clothesline! Later, Kane tossed Edge on the announce table, leading to a brawl between all three teams, which left the referee no choice but to call for the bell!
In the back, Cole asked Angle whether he found a partner to face Essa Rios and his partner. Angle chose a Continental Airlines Arena employee, until Hardcore Champion Raven offered to be his partner. Angle accepted.

Jonathan Coachmen caught up with "The One" Billy Gunn, who discussed his match with Triple H. Payback and revenge were two of the words he used.

In the back, Mr. McMahon was on the phone and said he'd give his wife, Linda, a Valentine's Day she'd never forget -- and the world would see her on SmackDown! Michael Cole then came in to ask Mr. McMahon about the unsettled Tag Team Title picture. He told Cole that -- in the interest of fairness -- the Dudley Boyz would face both Edge & Christian, and the Undertaker and Kane, in a Triple Threat Match at No Way Out for the World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Championship.

In the ring it was time for the Billy Gunn - Triple H Grudge Match. "The One" went on the immediate offensive looking for revenge for when the Game attacked him on SmackDown! last week. A Triple H facebuster turned the tide of the match to his favor. The Game threw Gunn out of the ring and nearly won the match by countout. Not one to go quietly, "The One" came back with a clothesline and a one-arm slam, and nearly got the win on a few occasions. Gunn went for the Fame Ass-er, but Triple H blocked it, turned it into a slam and finished off "The One" with the Pedigree.

Cole asked Essa Rios if he had chosen his partner. Suddenly the Big Show appeared and asked Essa if Angle “fell for it.” Rios said yes, prompting a positive reaction from Show.

X-Pac entered the ring for a match against Scotty 2 Hotty, who quickly put X-Pac in position for the WORM! X-Pac, though, kicked out and regained control of the match when Scotty missed a moonsault and appeared to injure his knee. With Scotty in pain, X-Pac grabbed the mic and said he was here to kick somebody's ass and he wasn't going to fall for the injury crap, and challenged Grand Master Sexay to match! Grand Master accepted and nearly pinned X-Pac with a powerslam and a bulldog. But X-Pac would defeat Grand Master with the X-Factor. Jericho then came out and attacked X-Pac, looking to avenge X-Pac's actions early on. Jericho hit the Lionsault and had X-Pac where he wanted him, until Justin Credible, who J.R. thought was still with ECW, saved X-Pac! As a shocked crowd looked on in disbelief, Justin Credible nailed Jericho with a steel chair, and he and X-Pac attacked the fallen Intercontinental Champion!

Kevin Kelly looked to get The Rock's thoughts on his match with Rikishi. Rock simply said there's a time for questions, answers and to whip Rikishi's ass all over New Jersey. Meanwhile, Al Snow was seen in the back putting on a Mankind mask!

Snow then entered the arena dressed as Mankind, complete with mask, plaid shirt, tie and Mr. Socko. He explained he was out there in protest, accusing that Mr. McMahon was in the interest of screwing -- screwing Mick Foley! He concluded that even though Mr. McMahon fired Mick Foley, Foley lives through Al Snow, and vowed he would have a sit-down strike until Mr. McMahon discussed Foley's firing with him!

Snow's protest brought out the Federation owner, who chastised Snow for screwing with anyone! Just for the record, Mr. McMahon added that he and Trish were just friends, and warned that either Snow remove himself from the ring, or he would physically remove Snow himself.

Suddenly, William Regal put a stop to any violence, explaining Mr. McMahon was a man of class and to not lower himself to violence. Regal then volunteered to mediate and asked Snow to listen to reason. Regal warned Snow to not “besmirch” Mr. McMahon, for he is a wonderful human being, and that "Miss Stratus" was his girlfriend! While Regal offered to discuss the situation like gentlemen, Mr. McMahon gave Snow a low blow from behind, and both Regal and Mr. McMahon pummeled Snow!

While Mr. McMahon and Regal laughed about what they did to Snow, Stone Cold Steve Austin made his feelings about the McMahon-mandated Rikishi - Rock clash clear! Afterwards, the cameras switched to WWF New York, where The Kat, dressed in provocative attire, danced around a pole -- with the Right to Censor looking on backstage! Mr. Richards told his team to be patient -- for the end result would be for The Kat's own good!

Before their match, Raven was hesitant about the Big Show being Essa Rios' partner. Angle assured his partner that he'd handle Rios, and Raven can handle the Big Show! The match began with Rios and Angle going toe-to-toe. While Angle distracted the Big Show outside of the ring, Raven pinned Rios for the win! Suddenly, that mysterious woman appeared with Raven's weapons in a shopping cart. Both Angle and Raven hammered the Big Show with a variety of weapons -- trash can and fire hydrant included -- but Show recovered and chokeslammed the Hardcore Champion!

The stipulation for the Steve Austin - Triple H collision at No Way Out was about to be decided as Rikishi and The Rock hit the ring. Also, as promised, both the Game and the Rattlesnake took their positions at ringside. When the action was taken to the outside, Rikishi and Triple H came to blows while The Rock recovered. In full control, Rikishi threw The Rock back in the ring, delivered a vicious leg drop and clotheslined The People's Champion in the corner.

Showing his heart, The Rock came back with a clothesline and nearly won the match with a spinebuster. Rikishi came back with a Samoan Drop, but while Stephanie had the referee distracted, Triple H rolled The Rock over Rikishi, and Austin rolled Rikishi over The Rock!

On the outside, Stephanie slapped Austin, while inside, The Rock nailed Rock Bottom to win the match! As a result, Triple H gets to name his stipulation at No Way Out! Afterward, The Rock attacked the Game, but Rikishi came to help his friend. Austin entered the ring, Stunned Rikishi and stared down Triple H nose-to-nose as RAW went off the air!