Raw is War

Atlanta, Georgia
February 5, 2001

Matt Hardy challenged Chris Jericho for his Intercontinental Championship as Raw kicked off live from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia! As the match was about to get underway, Dean Malenko came to the stage to check out Lita, who had accompanied Matt to the ring. The match between Jericho and Matt Hardy was true to the style of the two men: high-impact. Matt nearly took the win after hitting a legdrop on Jericho from the third rope. As the match went on, Dean Malenko slowly made his way closer to the ring - and Lita. Malenko then ran down to the ring and shoved Matt into Lita. As Lita lie in pain on the floor, Malenko tossed Matt back in the ring, where Jericho made the cover to retain his title! After the match, Matt Hardy went after Malenko, but Perry Saturn and Eddie Guerrero came out and attacked Matt! Chris Jericho went to help Matt, but ended up feeling the brunt of the Radicalz attack!

In the back, a pissed-off Rock arrived. Kevin Kelly tried to interview him, but the Great One didn't even acknowledge him, and kept walking out to the ring! He told the crowd that there are some questions that needed to be answered - mostly "Why is Triple H such a horse's ass?" The Rock said that last week, Triple H weasled his way into his match, but in getting involved in the match, he got Stone Cold Steve Austin involved. And since Stone Cold got involved, The Rock was unable to win the World Wrestling Federation Title.

But The Rock said he didn't blame Austin - he blamed the Game! The People's Champion then called Triple H out to the ring so The Rock could whip his candy ass all over Atlanta!

The Brahma Bull's challenge was met - not by Triple H, but rather by Stephanie! Before she could begin speaking, The Rock hurled insults at her, prompting Triple H to come out to his wife's side. The Game told The Rock that he was in the title match last week because Triple H has been beating up The Rock since day one, and, more than The Rock, he earned his shot at the title! Just as the Game was about to enter the ring with The Rock, Kurt Angle's music began playing!

Angle said it was ridiculous that The Rock and Triple H were arguing about who should be No. 1 contender, because neither man could beat him! Kurt said that he was beginning to be bored by Rock and Triple H's constant arguing.

At that, Mr. Vince McMahon came out! As Vince was about to say "In the interest of fairness," The Rock interrupted him and said he'd better get to the point! Then Kurt interrupted and said that he tought Vince was always a fair man. Then Vince could finally speak and said that Triple H would face The Rock, but Triple H would team up with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rock would team up with Kurt Angle!

During the break, Mr. McMahon added the stipulation to the main event that it would be no-disqualification!

In tag team action, Christian and Edge faced the high-flying duo Taka and Funkai!

Before the match, Taka told E&C that Kaientai reeked of evil! Fuanki added, "Indeed." Edge and Christian dominated the matchup, and picked up the win by pinning Taka after a step-plex!

As Stephanie was getting her makeup done, she told the makeup lady about how the hotel maid told her she had found Mrs. McMahon's earring in Vince's hotel room. Stephanie then held up the earring and said it wasn't her mom's earring, and now that she had hard evidence, she was going to go have a little chat with her dad!

As Vince was on the phone talking about the XFL, Stephanie walked into his dressing room and asked him point-blank about Trish Stratus. Vince said that he and Trish were just friends! As Stephanie got in his face, William Regal came in and thanked Vince for letting him use his hotel room! Then Regal saw Stephanie holding the earring, and he took it, saying he would get it back to its rightful owner!

As Stone Cold arrived, Kevin Kelly told him about his match later, and Stone Cold simply said, "We'll see about this."

The Kat then walked into the APA office wearing an overcoat. She said she needed protection from the Right to Censor and she wanted to start a new group - the Right to Nudity! Faarooq and Bradshaw said they'd help her if she had cash or beer, which she didn't. Instead, she removed her jacket, and revealed that she was not wearing a top! The APA then eagerly accepted the job!

In the parking lot, Molly Holly paced.

Michael Cole asked her what she was doing, and she said she was waiting for the woman who has been helping Raven. Molly said that, being a Holly, she was confident she could beat whoever the woman was!

The Dudley Boyz put their Tag Team Titles on the line against Undertaker and Kane. The match was brutal and physical for both teams. Throughout the match, it appeared Taker and Kane would defeat D-Von and Buh Buh and walk out Tag Team Champions. Both teams used every move they could come up with. The Dudleyz hit the "Waassaap" Headbutt, and as they were about to hit Taker with a 3D, the Deadman reversed it and got a near fall! After Taker hit Buh Buh with a chokeslam, Edge and Christian came to the ring with chairs! The duo tried to hit Taker with the con-chair-to as the referee was distracted! Taker ducked and chased off Christian and Edge, and then covered Buh Buh! The referee saw the chairs, however, and refused to make the count, calling for the disqualification!

In Mr. McMahon's dressing room, Trish Stratus wondered what was going on with Stephanie, and Vince just smiled. Then, Stone Cold came into the room! Vince said the match would go on before Austin could say anything. But the Rattlesnake said he actually loved the match! Vince said he wouldn't try to screw Austin. Austin said he didn't think Vince would, because it appeared he was trying to screw someone else! Trish looked shocked as Austin walked away!

The Kat came to the ring flanked by Faarooq and Bradshaw and told the crowd that the Right to Censor was taking away a woman's right to express herself! The Kat went on to say that her new group, the Right to Nudity, would allow people to express themselves however they wanted! The Right to Censor then came to the ring, where the APA did what they were "compensated" to do and attacked them. Steven got in the ring and called the Kat a slut, and upon that, she kissed him on the mouth! As she was about to take off her overcoat, Ivory attacked Kat from behind, and the Kat chased her to the back!

As Molly did push-ups in the parking lot, Raven came up to her and said that the Holly family was more screwed up than his! Molly told him to shut up and asked if his woman was coming or not. Raven said that she was, but he really didn't have a woman. Then he grabbed Molly's cheek and added "I don't have a woman...yet!"

In his dressing room, Vince showed Trish how a center snaps a ball to a quarterback, and Al Snow walked in. Al asked if he was interrupting anything, and Trish said she was leaving. Before she left, Vince handed her her jacket and told her not to leave anything behind! After she left, Al said he was concerned about how Vince had treated his friend Mick Foley while Al was out with his injury. Vince seemed indifferent about Mick Folay, but he said that he did, in fact, care about how Al felt, but he also said he had made a match for Al later!

Seemingly satisfied, Al left to get ready for his match.

A car pulled up in the parking lot and Molly Holly immediately attacked the driver, who was the woman in black that has been helping Raven! Just as Molly was about to pull off the woman's mask, Raven attacked from behind! The woman and Raven then got in the car and sped away!

In an interview recorded earlier, Scotty Too Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay said they knew Rikishi better than anyone, and they would defeat him and Haku. Haku interrupted the interview, speaking his native Tonga language. Rikishi then walked in and said he'd see them later! In the match, Rikishi and Haku brutalized Too Cool at the outset, but the homies came back and nearly took the win after Scotty hit the Worm on Rikishi and Grandmaster hit the Hip-Hop Drop, but Haku interfered in the count! Rikishi eventually took the win after Rikishi hit Sexay with his sit-down splash.

In the back, Kurt Angle searched for The Rock, but he found Essa Rios instead. Kurt congradulated Rios on still being with the company and then asked for directions to The Rock's locker room, directions which Rios provided in Spanish! Kurt finally made it to The Rock's locker room and said that if The Rock could stay on the same page as Kurt, Angle would try and have Vince put him in another No. 1 contender's match! The Rock said that he would do whatever made Kurt happy, because the Great One would eventually take Kurt's title and end his days of being happy!

In a match Mr. McMahon made as a favor to make Al Snow happy, Al faced a mystery opponent. That opponent - Chris Benoit! Al Snow nearly got the win after hitting Benoit with two consecutive moonsaults! Benoit won the match after locking Al into the Crossface!

As Vince enjoyed Al's defeat, Stephanie walked into his dressing room. She said that she thought that Austin would give up his title shot at WrestleMania in order to get the Game suspended for six months! She suggested that the match at No Way Out should have a special stipulation added. Vince said that No Way Out was of no concern and that Stephanie should get back to her husband and just calm down.

Live from WWF New York, Chyna told J.R. that she has been staying positive and coping with her injury by promoting her new book.

In the Game's locker room, Stephanie was trying to calm Triple H down when Stone Cold walked in! Austin offered to shake Triple H's hand, and when he didn't shake it, Austin patted him on the shoulder and told him good luck!

RAW's main event saw Triple H team up with Stone Cold Steve Austin against the team of Kurt Angle and The Rock in a no-disqualification match! Before the match began, there was a suprise when Trish Stratus accompanied Angle to the ring! The Rattlesnake began the match by flattening Angle as much as he could. Austin then tagged in his partner Triple H by smacking him in the faceThe physical nature of the tags would continue throughout the match on both sides of the ring! Once, the Game smacked Austin in the face and told him to go after Angle! Before the match could finish, the Big Show came out to the ring, and since it was a no-DQ match, Show attacked The Rock! When Triple H hit Angle with a Pedigree, Austin distracted the referee, which incited the Game! The Game went to hit the Rattlesnake, but Stone Cold ducked the punch! Kurt Angle then hit Triple H from behind and pinned him for the win! After the match, Austin Stunned Angle and celebrated with a few beers as RAW went off the air!