Raw is War

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
January 29, 2001

Jim Ross announced a Fatal Fourway match to become No. 1 contender as RAW kicked off live from the sold-out Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA! The four men battling for the No. 1 spot: The Rock, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and the Big Show!

World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle made his way to the ring and told the crowd that it was great to be back in his hometown! Angle then said it didn't matter who won the Fatal Fourway match later, because he would always retain his title! Immediately, The Rock came to the stage. The Great One said he came out to show Angle one thing - footage of Kurt Angle in an old pizza commercial! The People's Champion then said that it does matter who is in the Fatal Fourway later, but before The Rock could finish, the Big Show attacked him from behind! As Kurt Angle smiled on, the Big Show pointed at him as if to say, "I'll take your title!"

Before their match against the Dudley Boyz, Edge and Christian came out in street clothes! Christian said that they get to attemt to win the Tag Team titles anytime they want. While all they wanted to do was beat the Dudleyz, Edge said he could not fight because he had food poisoning. So, Christian and Edge introduced the DUdleyz new title challengers - Kaientai! Taka came out and said that, "By the power of Greyskull," they would win because they are evil

Funaki, a man of few words, added "Indeed." As the match began, Christian and Edge joined J.R. and The King at the commentators table. The match nearly ended after Edge speared D-Von and Funaki covered him for a 2-count. The Dudleyz took the win after pinning Funaki after hitting him with a 3-D!

In Mr. McMahon's office, Vince told Jonathan Coachman that if Rock couldn't compete, they would have to have a Triple Threat match. One way or another, Mr. McMahon said, there would be a No. 1 contender determined by the end of the night. Triple H and Stephanie then stormed in with The Game's attorney, in preparation for the conract signing for Triple H's match against Stone Cold Steve Austin at No Mercy. Triple H then got in Vince's face about how Austin had been driving him crazy. Vince sent the Game away, telling him to cool his jets.

'The One' Billy Gunn told Michael Cole that Chyna was doing good, under the circumstances. So he told her to go out and tour for her book, in order to get her mind off the Right to Censor. Val Venis of the Right to Censor then made his way to the ring for a match against Steve Blackman. After Steven Richards had kicked the Lethal Weapon when the referee was distracted, Val Venis got a near-pinfall. The match ended on a disqualification when Hardcore Holly came out to the ring and discharged a fire extinguisher in the Right to Censor's faces and then knocked everyone out with kendo sticks!

As the Right to Censor ran away, Blackman and Holly stared each other down.

In his dressing room, Vince spoke to someone on his cell phone and told whoever he was talking to that everyone missed them. He was then interrupted by William Regal, who brought Mr. McMahon a hot cup of tea.

In the arena, the ring was covered in carpeting , with a table and nice leather chairs, in preparation for the contract signing between Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Once the contract was signed, their match at No Way Out would be official.

In his locker room, Triple H freaked out on his lawyer, saying he better not get screwed in the contract. The Game then asked Stephanie if he could actually trust Vince. In his locker room, Stone Cold told Michael Cole that he would sign the contract, no matter what it said - in fact, he would be the first to sign it if that's what it took!

Before the contract signing got underway, Mr. McMahon told the crowd that the contract would bind Stone Cold and Triple H to a match, the kind of which was yet-to-be determined. Vince said that both men agreed to a special stipulation - that there would not be an act of aggression to either individual, unless it was in a sanctioned match by the Federation. If The Game attacked Austin, he would be suspended for six months. If Austin attacks Triple H, he loses his WrestleMania title shot. Triple H, Stephanie and their attorney then came out to the ring, followed by Stone Cold Steve Austin. Mr.

McMahon, Triple H and Austin then sat down at the table, and Stone Cold grabbed a few beers for the event! Austin was the first to sign, and before Triple H signed, he passed the contract to Stephanie and his attorney. The Game's attorney then pointed out a line in the contract, and he began to talk to his client. Triple H then appeared to sign the contract while staring a whole through Austin. As Mr. McMahon annonced that it was official, Triple H attacked Stone Cold! Vince told the Game he was suspended for six months, but Triple H countered by saying he never signed the contract! The Game then grabbed the contract from Vince and signed it, telling Austin that since it was now official, Stone Cold couldn't touch him!

During a break, Triple H and Stephanie took off in a limo!

In triple-threat tag team action, the APA, Faarooq and Bradshaw took on the Hardy Boyz and the Goodfather and Bull Buchanan. The winner of the match would face the Dudley Boyz for the Tag Team Title on SmackDown! On the outside of the ring, Lita and Jacqueline brawled until Lita was taken to the back. The Hardy Boyz took the win after Jeff hit Bull with a Swanton Bomb and pinned him.

The Rock told Michael Cole that he would be participating in the Fatal Fourway match, and he promised the Big Show that he would get revenge! In his dressing room, Show just laughed.

In a Hardcore Title match, Crash Holly challenged champion Raven.

The two battled everywhere, and eventually got outside in a small park. When it appeared Raven was about to win, a car drove up and a woman dressed in black with a mask attacked Crash and drove away with Raven!

Tazz aked Chris Benoit if someone was going to prove him wrong or not. Benoit replied by simply saying 'No.'

In singles action, Undertaker faced Haku. Rikishi accompanied Haku to the ring and Kane stood at the Dead Man's side. Undertaker and Haku fought each other with some high-impact moves in an old-fashioned slobberknocker. Undertaker beat Haku after giving him the Last Ride, but then the Dead Man was attacked by both Rikishi and Haku, who used a steel chair to flatten Taker! Rikishi and Haku also laid out Kane, but the two brothers got up and teamed up to run off both Rikishi and Haku. After the match, Undertaker told Haku and Rikishi that he and Kan wanted to face them in a First-Blood match on SmackDown!

Live from WWF New York, Dean Malenko told The King and J.R. that it has been driving him crazy to be apart from Lita.

In a match set up by their earlier confrontation, Lita faced Jacqueline, and Dean Malenko watched on intentsely from WWF New York as Ivory joined King and J.R. on guest commentary. The match ended when both Lita and Jackie both attacked Ivory at the announce table! Ivory quickly ran away.

Kurt Angle joined J.R. and The King at guest commentary for the Fatal Fourway match to determine the No1 contender for his Federation Title. The match began with the Big Show dominating everybody, even chokeslamming The Rock with a monstous demonsration of power. All four men then beat on each other with everything they had in order to get a shot at Kurt Angle's title on SmackDown! Benoit then took his turn beating on The Rock as Jericho tried to take down the Big Show. The Rock took the win after hitting Y2J with a Rock Bottom!