Raw is War

Milwaukee, Wiosconsin
January 15, 2001

With just six days until the Royal Rumble, RAW IS WAR aired live on TNN from Milwaukee, Wisc.!

The Hardy Boyz and Lita brought the sold-out crowd at the Bradley Center to its feet as RAW kicked off! The extreme trio took on Ivory, Steven Richards and Val Venis of the Right to Censor. Soon Ivory and Lita were battling in the ring, when Chyna came down to ringside! As Ivory tried running from Lita, Chyna threw the Women's Champion back in the ring! A shocked Ivory couldn't believe what she was seeing -- and Lita took advantage, hitting the Twist of Fate for the 1-2-3!

After the match, Chyna accepted Ivory's challenge from Sunday Night HEAT -- and the Ninth Wonder of the World will face Ivory for the Women's Championship this Sunday at the Royal Rumble!

Backstage, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley arrived at the arena in a full-length stretch limo.

Moments later, the first couple of the World Wrestling Federation walked to the ring, just six days before Triple H challenges Kurt Angle for the Federation Championship at the Royal Rumble! Triple H claimed that everywhere he went, people told him to kick Stone Cold Steve Austin's ass. He said nothing would make him happier, and that Austin was smart enough to stay away. But the Game promised to leave the Rattlesnake alone on RAW, unless he was provoked by him.

Stephanie said that the man who would maintain order between Triple H and Stone Cold was her father, Vince McMahon.

Mr. McMahon appeared via satellite from 2,000 miles away. He apologized for not being at RAW, but he said he was busy with preparations for the XFL. The chairman then reminded the Game that there would be serious consequences if he and Stone Cold were to clash on RAW -- namely, he would lose his No. 1 contendership for the Royal Rumble! He added that if Austin were to provoke the Game, then Austin would lose his chance to compete in the Royal Rumble match.

Mr. McMahon then made a six-man tag match for RAW, with Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Dudley Boyz against Edge, Christian and World Wrestling Federation Champion Kurt Angle! The chairman then told his daughter that he had a meeting and would have to miss the rest of RAW, but his cell phone was on if she needed anything! Mr. McMahon then left for his meeting.

The Game then re-iterated his claim from SmackDown!, that Kurt Angle was still the Federation Champion because he allowed it. Triple H said that he had never lost his Federation Championship (he lost it at the King of the Ring when Vince McMahon was pinned in a six-man tag match for the title). He promised Angle that he would end his title reign.

Triple H then mocked Angle's title reign -- specifically, Angle's use of his brother Eric at Survivor Series, and Angle's constant efforts at getting disqualified in title matches.

The Game told Angle to bring his family and friends to the Royal Rumble if he wanted to, but it wouldn't make a difference.

Kurt Angle's music then filled the Bradley Center, and surprisingly, the crowd cheered for him! Kurt told Stephanie that he was very disappointed in her -- but she blew it! Angle said that her husband hadn't been Federation Champion since June's King of the Ring. And speaking of games, Angle said that Donkey Kong himself had a better chance at becoming Federation Champion than Triple H. Angle then said that the difference between Triple H and Donkey Kong was that Donkey Kong was the big smelly ape that people actually liked!

Angle then talked about his decision last Thursday on SmackDown! to enlist Trish Stratus to stand in his corner at the Rumble. Trish joined Angle on the stage and told Stephanie and Triple H that there were no hard feelings, but she couldn't say no to Kurt Angle. She said that whether it was Angle or Mr. McMahon, she loved a man on top!

Stephanie said that since the word "no" didn't seem to be in Trish's vocabulary, then Trish shouldn't have a problem with the match she was about to make. Stephanie said that Trish would face Jackie on RAW in a match suitable to Trish's talents -- a spanking match!

After the break, Stephanie and Triple H watched the footage from SmackDown! of the locker room spanking with Trish and Vince on SmackDown!. Triple H suggested that Stephanie's dad might not like the match she made for RAW.

Stephanie told him to concentrate on staying away from Austin, so he wouldn't lose his Federation Championship match at the Rumble. The Game said he would be OK, unless Austin provoked him.

Next up, Raven defended his Hardcore Championship against Test. Hardcore Holly and Steve Blackman both soon made their way to the ring, trying to take advantage of the 24-7 rule! Raven tried to work his way up the ramp, but Test followed. Test soon knocked Raven into the WWF.com sign below the TitanTron! Raven then made his way backstage and again Test followed -- only this time, William Regal attacked Test, allowing Raven to pin Test to retain his title! After the win, Raven fled to a waiting car in the parking lot. After the match, Hardcore Holly and Steve Blackman argued -- and set up a match for later in the evening!

Kevin Kelly then interviewed The Rock about the Royal Rumble, and about his tag team match on RAW, teaming with the Undertaker against Kane and Rikishi. The People's Champion said he wasn't thrilled that the Undertaker was his partner. The Rock said that Monday was a special day for him, since it was the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr. Like Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream, The Rock said it was his dream to win the Royal Rumble and to regain the Federation Championship at WrestleMania X-Seven!

Michael Cole interviewed the Dudley Boyz about teaming with Stone Cold, after he hit them both with steel chairs on SmackDown!

The Dudleyz said that they just wanted to get their hands on Angle, Edge & Christian -- but they would have some words with Stone Cold after the match.

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Triple H told Mr. McMahon that he had spoken to TV star Drew Carey, who wanted to be a part of the Royal Rumble. The couple also told Vince that The Rock was unhappy about teaming with the Undertaker -- so Mr. McMahon changed the match so that it would be Rock and Kane against Undertaker and Rikishi!

As members of the Milwaukee Bucks watch on at ringside, the Great One and the Big Red Machine met Taker and Rikishi! All four men looked understandably reluctant during the bout, just six days before it's every man for himself at the Royal Rumble. In an unbelievable display of strength, Kane soon picked up Rikishi and slammed the 400-pounder to the mat!

The match continued, and it seemed like it was every man for himself six days early! Moments later, Kane chokeslammed his own partner -- The Rock -- and then walked out on him! The Undertaker then picked up the People's Champion and gave him the Last Ride! The Taker then pinned The Rock for the win! The Taker and Kane made eye contact after the match -- and Jim Ross speculated if they had joined forces!

Carrying a ladder, Intercontinental Champion Chris Benoit headed to the ring to talk about his Ladder Match against Chris Jericho at the Royal Rumble. Benoit climbed to the top of the ladder to begin his speech

Out of respect for the history between he and Y2J, Benoit unveiled a video package which he called "The Best of Benoit/Jericho" -- which was nothing more than Y2J's entrance music with footage of Benoit destroying Jericho! As the Wolverine challenged Y2J to prove him wrong, Jericho snuck up from behind and knocked him off the ladder!

As the Dudley Boyz headed to the ring for their six-man tag match, they were attacked from behind by Edge & Christian! The Tag Team Champions crunched Buh Buh Ray's head between a chair and a wall, and gave D-Von the con-chair-to!

Triple H watched on and was very impressed by the attack by Edge & Christian. He then questioned what Austin would do without partners for his six-man tag match -- and Stephanie suggested that they call her father to see what they should do. Triple H didn't seem happy with her suggestion.

Next up, Hardcore Holly took on Steve Blackman. The men wanted to go at it hardcore -- and it was referee Teddy Long suffered the most, as he got beat up every time he tried to get in the middle of the battle! Soon Long got fed up and left, leaving Blackman and Holly alone to beat each other to a pulp!

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Triple H and Stephanie told Vince that the Dudleyz wouldn't be able to team with Austin in the six-man tag. Mr.

McMahon suggested that Austin should be able to ask for partners, but said that if he couldn't find any men to tag with, he would have to face the Federation Champion and the Tag Team Champions on his own! Mr. McMahon then asked how the other superstars were doing -- including Trish! Stephanie said that Trish was fine, and was wearing a brand-SPANKING new outfit! Mr. McMahon said he was sorry he wasn't there to be with the superstars.

In a much-anticipated match by the male fans of the World Wrestling Federation, Trish Stratus faced Jackie in a spanking match! Jackie was dominating Trish until Kurt Angle came to ringside. Angle's distraction helped Trish get the advantage. But Jackie recovered, and Trish tried to run -- only to be nearly stripped of her pants as she fled!

K-Kwik and Too Cool took on Tazz and Kaientai. Scotty was able to hit the Worm on Tazz! But Tazz recovered, and locked the Tazzmission on K-Kwik for the submission win!

Backstage, Kurt Angle checked on Trish's backside, after her spanking match. Trish said all she was worried about was his match at the Rumble. Kurt said he was worried about Trish, and he told her to go back to the hotel to rest up.

In the McMahon/Helmsley locker room, Triple H and Stephanie talked about how Austin had yet to seek tag team partners. Stephanie whispered something to the Game, which he seemed to like. He said that it would be a good way to get Austin to provoke him.

Live from WWF New York, Billy Gunn said he was behind Chyna 100 percent at the Royal Rumble, even though he thought it was too soon for his friend to return to the ring. "The One" also promised to win the Royal Rumble match!

The main event on RAW pitted Kurt Angle, Edge and Christian against Stone Cold Steve Austin. Surprisingly, Stone Cold had a big smile on his face as his three opponents headed to the ring, and we would soon find out why, as the Acolytes headed to the ring to be Austin's partners!

The match soon got out of control, and the APA ran Edge & Christian out of the arena. Austin then superplexed Angle from the top rope, but could only score a 2. Seconds later, Triple H and Stephanie sauntered to the stage. Austin and Angle continued their battle in the ring, and Austin soon stunned Angle to pick up the pinfall!

Stone Cold and the Game stared each other down after the match. Triple H then got in the ring and dared Austin to hit him. The Game got right in Austin's face, screaming at him. But the Rattlesnake just walked away, until Triple H challenged the Rattlesnake's manhood. Austin then returned to the ring, but before he could lay his hands on the Game, Kurt Angle snuck up behind Triple H and gave him a monstrous Olympic slam! Austin then thanked Angle by giving the Federation Champion his second Stunner of the night! Triple H and Angle layed motionless in the ring and the Rattlesnake celebrated as RAW went off the air!