Raw is War

Greenville, South Carolina
December 18, 2000

An angry Mr. McMahon came to the ring as RAW exploded live from the BI-LO Center in Greenville, S.C.!

The chairman said that his life had changed dramatically since SmackDown! last week. He said that he feared his reaction - the evil smile - may have been misinterpreted. He was actually deeply saddened by the fact that his wife was in the hospital. Vince said that Linda had, in fact, suffered a major nervous breakdown. He said that he would take some of the blame - but that Mick Foley should also be partially blamed, as well as Stephanie. Mr. McMahon said that starting tonight, he would start making things right. But before he did, he wanted to say that Linda, in fact, was the one who should take the blame for her breakdown! Vince said that he instructed his attorneys to stop the divorce proceedings. Then Vince showed some photos of Vince and Linda's past years together.

Immediately, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came out to the ring! She said she came out to tell Vince what she thought of him. She said that after dragging Linda's reputation through the gutter, she could see how sick Vince actually is. Then she called Vince a mean old bastard!

Then Vince said he wanted to finish the story of what happened in the backseat of that famous Chevy Impala. He said that had he not married Linda, Shane would have actually been a bastard!

Kurt Angle came out to the ring and told both McMahon's that he was apalled.

Kurt said then turned to Stephanie that he was ashamed of her! He said that all kids should respect their parents.

After Angle finished telling Stephanie off, Mick Foley angrily came out to the ring, where he took Vince's cane away from him! Mick said that Vince wasn't garbage - but Vince was a lower form of scum! Kurt interrupted Mick and said that Foley was full of it. Angle said that Mick should be the last man to talk about good parenting, since Mick's kids were at ringside for some of his most brutal matches!

Foley told Kurt Angle he had heard enough, and he was going to make Kurt defend his title later on RAW! The opponent would be a man Angle had never faced before - Vince McMahon!

After the announcement, Stephanie left the building in a limo.

Chris Benoit put his Intercontinental Title on the line against Jeff Hardy. Jeff immediatley used his aerial assault against Benoit. However, the Rabid Wolverine used his technical wrestling skills to even up the score. Benoit took the win after locking Jeff in the Crossface.

In the back, Kurt Angle and Vince McMahon talked about their impending match. Vince said that "Vince McMahon, WWF Champion" sounded great. He said that nothing would embarass Foley more than Vince winning the title. Angle nervously walked away.

As Edge and Christian discussed why Balki was a true perfect stranger, Kurt Angle interrupted and begged them to talk to Foley as see if he could cancel the match.

The duo said they would try.

A report was aired about the status of Chyna, who was knocked out by Ivory and Val Venis on last week's RAW. Michael Cole then asked 'The One' Billy Gunn his feelings about the Right to Censor. Billy said that someone in the Right to Censor would be taken out - if it was the last thing he did. 

In Mick Foley and Debra's office, Edge and Christian told the commish that Vince and Kurt's match shouldn't go on. As Mick cracked a few jokes, Edge and Christian demanded to be taken seriously! Foley said fine, and they would have a Tag Team Title match later - against The Rock and Undertaker!

In six-man action, the Dudley Boyz teamed with Billy Gunn to take on Goodfather, Val Venis and Bull Buchanan of the Right to Censor. After Buh Buh called for the table, Val attacked D-Von outside the ring as Ivory hit Buh Buh with a low blow. Val Venis finally took the win after getting Billy Gunn in the fisherman's suplex.

In Vince McMahon's locker room, the chairman told Kurt how much he loved the idea of the upcoming match, and he asked Kurt to lay down for him! Kurt said, with all due respect, he would not do that! Then Kurt flashed his gold medals in Mr. McMahon's face and said he would never get those - or the Federation title!

Edge and Christian put their Tag Team titles on the line against Undertaker and The Rock! The match was hellacious, with Edge and Christian demanding respect and The Rock and Taker wanting a taste of gold.

The battled eventually spilled out of the ring, where Rock punished Edge and Taker pummeled Christian. Eventually, Taker hit Christian with the Last ride, but the referee was distracted. The ref got back in the ring to count as Christian covered Taker, but the Dead Man kicked out! Taker tagged in The Rock, who hit Edge with a spinebuster and a People's Elbow for the pin and the win! Taker and The Rock were crowned Tag Team Champions!

In the Commissioner's office, Vince told Mick Foley that he was going to win the Federation Title! Then Vince slapped Foley and walked away!

In singles action, Chris Jericho took on Perry Saturn, who was accompanied to the ring by Terri. Jericho took the win after locking Saturn in the Walls of Jericho. After the match, Jericho put Terri in the Walls of Jericho, causing Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko to attack Jericho!

Trish Stratus came into Vince McMahon's locker room and told him she really loved a take-charge man! Vince told her that he was a definate take-charge guy!

In the APA office, Faarooq and Bradshaw said they didn't need another a woman backing them up! Then Jacqueline told them to shut up - she would take care of Trish as long as the APA took care of Test and Albert.

In a one-on-one match, William Regal challenged Stone Cold Steve Austin! The match was a physical affair that saw Austin stun Regal and then attempt to hit Regal with his European title!

As the ref looked on, he called for the bell assuming Austin had made contact with Regal! After the match, Austin stunned the ref for good measure!

In the locker room, Kurt Angle asked Edge and Christian what they were going to do for his match later. Edge and Christian just walked away after saying that he only thinks about himself!

T&A and Trish faced off against the APA with Jackie in an intergender six-person tag match. Jackie took the win after hitting Trish with a DDT.

In The Commissioner's office, Kurt Angle told Mick that he did not want to hurt Vince. Mick said that was too bad, because the match would go on. Foley then went out to the ring and said he would be the guest ring announcer! He announced Kurt Angle as a whining, sniviling champion! Then he announced Vince McMahon as an old man whose bank account had more zeros than an Angle family reunion!

The World Wrestling Federation Championship was on the line as Kurt Angle faced Mr. McMahon in the main event on RAW! The match began with both men standing face to face with each other. Then, Vince took down Kurt Angle and scored what would have been two points in amatuer wrestling! Then, Vince and Kurt both assaulted Mick Foley! Foley then came back with some fierce right hands to the heads of both Angle and Vince! Mick then pulled out Mr. Socko and locked it on Vince, but Kurt smacked Mick with a chair!

As the assault continued, Edge and Christian hit the con-chair-to, the double chair-shot to the head!

Then Stephanie ran to the ring holding documents from the board of directors! SHe said that since Linda McMahon had been deemed mentally unstable, the board had handed over control of the company to Vince! Then Stephanie and Vince embraced!

Since Vince had complete and total control, he said his first duty would be to fire Mick Foley! Then Angle smacked a bloody Mick with a steel chair once again!

Before RAW went off the air, Vince added one more thing - he told Mick to have a Merry Christmas!